Apr 24, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

U.S. Presidential Candidate Addresses Questions About Extraterrestrial Invasion

If you’re worried about invasions from outer space (or from inside the Earth or from another dimension), you may want to listen to what U.S. presidential candidate Seth Moulton (another one?) has to say about how he would handle the situation if he was sitting in the Oval Office. Will this become one of the defining questions of the 2020 presidential campaign?

"If you were president during an alien invasion, what would your strategy be?"

On the day he announced his run for the Democratic presidential nomination, Seth Moulton, U.S. Representative for Massachusetts's 6th congressional district, was hit with that tough question by a Buzzfeed reporter (home of today’s hard-hitting news). While there were a few chuckles and tongues pressed to cheeks, Moulton called upon his background as a star running back for Harvard and a Marine veteran who served in the early days of the Iraq War and attacked the question straight on.

"I would not build a wall between here and Mars. I would not do that. No, you got to start — and this is serious, guys — you got to start with diplomacy. You always have to start with diplomacy."

Seth Moulton
Seth Moulton

That sounds like a response that would appeal to a lot of voters, but would it appeal to extraterrestrials? And, if this were a movie, would it entice you to stay or head for the popcorn stand?

"I'd serve a beer and a burger, and then if the meeting goes well, that’s all good. If the meeting starts to not go so well, I'd say, 'By the way, that burger — that’s the last aliens who visited.'"

Another response that would appeal to a lot of voters … although not necessarily the same ones. As far as movie scripts go, this might confuse some who aren’t sure if they’re watching a sequel to “Independence Day” or “Spaceballs.”

fantasy 2328442 640 640x362
I packed you a lunch ... don't take anything from strangers.

While this line of questioning could start a trend – especially with calls for UFO disclosure, increased SETI activity, the Space Force, etc. – another presidential candidate has already made government disclose of ETs part of his platform. Andrew D. Basiago announced in his “Andy 2016 – A Time for Truth” presidential campaign that he was prepared to discuss his time travel activities, visits to Mars and other similar questions, but was never invited to the primary debates … which was disappointing since Hillary Clinton also mentioned opening the UFO files if she were elected. In the final debates, the two candidates could have been asked what they thought of Ronald Reagan’s take on an alien invasion during an address to the United Nations.

“Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

What would Moulton think? He may get to debate the point with Andrew Basiago since the chrononaut is running again. What do the other candidates on the ever-increasing list think? This could make a great party game as well as a town hall meeting icebreaker.

Before they agree with “burger and beer” Moulton and his flippant remark to an ET, they may want to watch the Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man” one more time.

Rod Serling would have made a great president.

Rod Serling 1959 640x804
Rod Serling looking very presidential

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