May 09, 2019 I Brett Tingley

Mysterious Lights Seen by Multiple Witnesses Above New Zealand

Something strange is in the skies above New Zealand. Over the last few weeks, multiple eyewitnesses have reported seeing a red or orange glow either in the skies or just on the horizon out at sea. It all began on March 31 when a couple in west Auckland on New Zealand's North Island had what they described as the “craziest experience.” Reddit user ufomystery123 described the experience to the New Zealand subreddit, writing that the experience left the couple terrified:

We were on the beach, my boyfriend and I, and saw two bright orange/red lights far on the other end of the beach. In a matter of seconds, one of the lights started moving at full speed, in a straight line, no more that 200m above the water until directly in front of us. The UFO had changed from having a red light to a bright white light, somewhat like a torch, shining directly at us. We were lying down looking at the stars for a while and then stood up to leave, before realizing there were five surrounding us in different areas of the beach. One of them was flying up and down and another from side to side. The others were just still switching between red and white spotlights. This was when we decided to leave, scared shitless.

Reddit users were characteristically cynical about the description of the events, arguing that the couple likely saw a balloon or some form of LED toy. However, the New Zealand Herald reports that other witnesses have seen similar lights in recent weeks.

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Mysterious lights in the sky are some of the most commonly-reported unidentified aerial phenomena.

Much farther to the south in Dunedin and Oamaru on the South Island, eyewitnesses have described similar lights along the coast. After several reports of a “mysterious red light in the sky” came in early this month, law enforcement and public safety officials were dispatched to the coast to search for stricken boats. Oamaru Police Sergeant Tony Woodbridge says that enough reports came in for police to take the case seriously, although nothing has been found.

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The famous Moeraki Boulders on New Zealand's South Island.

''Through investigation, we've had another resident of Kakanui who was out walking and someone from Hampden Beach who have both seen a bright orange-red light in the sky about the same time,” Woodbridge told reporters. “We've got no reports of anybody missing, so it's a bit of a mystery what was seen, but we've been out and had a good look.''

So what do we have? Multiple eerily similar reports of red lights in the skies above New Zealand, given weeks apart. Could these reports be related? Is this someone having fun with drones, or might there be something more mysterious afoot? For now, with little else to go on, these reports remain a mystery.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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