Jun 15, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Another Loch Ness Sighting of a Creature With a “Head and Neck”

"We have been to Loch Ness many times, but never seen the monster before. But I always like to look at the loch - I can't imagine how many pairs of eyes are on that loch at any one time. But I have spent periods looking at the water, because you never know.”

You never know … especially when you’re driving by the Loch Ness. In what is fast becoming a record-breaking year for sightings, a couple on vacation and enjoying the view got the holiday picture and video of a lifetime … and put themselves in the running for the annual Loch Ness Monster photo contest and cash prize offered by the Inverness Courier.

"But at around 1.30pm just after we had lunch, my husband was driving and I was in the passenger seat gazing out at the loch. Then I suddenly saw something and I said to Ian 'there's something down there.”

Ian Davison, being the good husband that his is, had just finished a nice vacation lunch with his wife, Gloria, and was driving to their next vacation stop when he obediently pulled over to the side of the road to observe what his wife saw (rather than telling her it was just her imagination and hitting the gas so he could make good time). What she saw she also captured on video for their friends, the world and especially Gary Campbell of the Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register to see. (You can see it for yourself here.)

lake monster
No, this isn't it.

"He turned around and we got out of the car and there it was. We were very excited. It was about 300 metres away and definitely black. It seemed to have a neck and head. I could definitely see its back and it was a fair size. It disappeared after a minute beneath the water. I had hoped there was something (Nessie) in the loch - you always want to believe in something. All I can say is that we saw something we cannot explain. But it was animate and it was definitely not a seal."

The Davisons were driving by Urquhart Bay, which is a prime Nessie spotting area as attested by the presence of the 24/7 Nessie closed-circuit TV camera – where a man in Ireland with plenty of time on his hands and a comfortable chair to sit in has already seen something in the waters twice this year. Let’s hope contest officials give actual on-site spotters preference.

"This is our seventh sighting of the year and these are all very credible sightings. It is clearly Loch Ness and clearly unexplained. In terms of Nessie videos it's also very clear and we still don't know what it is. It all adds to the mystery. But do these latest sightings explain the Loch Ness mystery - No? Do they add to the weight of evidence that there is something happening that is unexplained - yes."

waters 3156452 640 640x426
No, this isn't it either.

Gary Campbell knows on which side of the Loch Ness Monster he needs to be to stay in business, so the photo of what looks like either a small long-necked creature or a big odd-shaped log has been added to the Register and entered in the contest. He logged 13 official sightings in 2018, so this year is on a record-breaking pace. Anyone hoping to see the monster should get to Loch Ness before September when the team that’s searching the waters for unusual DNA promises to release its results, which it recently announced contain a “surprising” discovery.

Local business owners may want to send a thank-you note to the Davisons and a bag of unmarked pounds to the DNA researchers.

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