Jun 20, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

French Crop Circle Draws Crowds and Couples Joining the “Crop Circle Club”

There are plenty of people who believe crop circles are made by humans. There are plenty of crop circles that are so large and complex that even skeptics wonder if there’s something more going on in those fields. It turns out that in one field of crops circles in France – there is. A farmer went out to check on the beautiful circles he found covering two adjoining wheat fields and discovered a nude middle-aged couple who had just completed their application for admission into the “Crop Circle Club.” If you don’t know what that means, this may change the way you look at (or in) crops circles forever.

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If you build it, they will come.

"At the beginning, from the ground, I could not see what it was, I went to Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg (castle on top of the plain) to take height, and there I discovered part of the land.I saw a work of geometric circles in 30 ares of field that are three hectares in Saint-Hippolyte. It is not ugly to see, it is very beautiful, but I can not be happy having lost part of my wheat crop.”

On June 12, Thomas Jehl got a call from a neighbor in Saint-Hippolyte, a commune (township) in northeastern France near the German border. The neighbor was letting him know that two of his wheat fields were now partially and geometrically covered with a series of crop circles measuring over 200 meters (656 feet) from end-to-end. (See the photos here and here.) He was obviously flattered to be flattened in a wheat sense, but had no idea what else he was in for, other than losing some of his crop to the circles and their mysterious makers.

"It would really surprise me if I could do something about it. It's a shame, because this time it had been a great season for wheat."

Jehl didn’t report the cercles de culture (cultural circles – the French term for crop circles) to the police because he’s not really sure if they can find the culprits.

“It is true that the wheat is not broken, as if something had come from above and cracked it, but I do not believe that it is the work of someone who is not an inhabitant of the Earth. Then I saw nothing, so I can not know.I do not even know when it was done, it was between this weekend and Wednesday, I guess.”

News of the artistic cercles de culture (the top figure has 5 circles aligned and an outer ring; the second figure has 19 aligned circles and a ring around the central group) spread quickly and by the weekend there were cars from France and Germany lined up to take in the sight. According to the news source L'Alsace, the spectators included a middle-aged couple Jehl stumbled upon in flagrante delicto … and in nothing else.

“The case even takes a crisp turn when we learn that the farmer would have fallen Friday night on a couple who was getting dressed, in the middle of ears of wheat. No doubt the two forty-year-olds wanted to profit directly and without any form of barrier, supposed positive waves.”

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Is this a crop circle or a roundabout?

While crop circles aren’t generally thought of as aphrodisiacs or fertility aids, other paranormal sites are, including some stone circles and giant ground drawings like the Cerne Abbas (Cerne Giant) in Dorset, England, which is 180 feet tall and has a 20-foot penis (that may be a clue). The current crop circle crop in Europe is up to four this year,with two each in France and the UK. While this is the first one to host a couple joining the Crop Circle Club (like the Mile High Club, only a mile lower), this could be a new hidden compensation for farmers or a new category of amateur porn video.

On the other hand … what if the circle really WAS made by aliens? Are they entertained, mortified … or both?

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