Jun 20, 2019 I Brett Tingley

Missing Helicopter Found Crashed on UFO Hot Spot Catalina Island

Strange coincidences surrounding recent To the Stars Academy (TTSA) and Navy disclosures keep adding up - although coincidences are often just that: a remarkable concurrence of events without any causal connection. Or at least any obvious connection.

For those of us who have been watching the long-awaited History Channel and TTSA series Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation know that the show has mainly rehashed and repackaged accounts that have been in circulation for some time. Still, it’s been interesting to see these individuals on screen after reading about them endlessly for the past two years. While the show's contributions to ufology are still being debated, one of the more interesting revelations the series has presented so far has been its focus on a pair of islands just off the west coast of California and Baja California: Guadalupe Island and Catalina Island.

1355px Santa Catalina NASA EO 640x510
Santa Catalina Island, more commonly referred to as simply Catalina Island.

Guadalupe Island is home to a tiny Mexican military installation called Campamento Militar Isla Guadalupe featuring a 1,200-metre-long (3,900 ft) runway. Other than that, the island boasts less than 150 permanent residents, most of whom only live on the island during fishing season.

Catalina Island, meanwhile, has for years been considered somewhat of a UFO (and USO) hot spot due to the numerous sightings that have occurred on or around the island throughout its history. The waters surrounding the island are also the site of unusually large craters and several gravitational and magnetic anomalies believed to be the result of volcanic and seismic activity along fault lines. During World War Two, the U.S. Maritime Service U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army Signal Corp, the Office of Strategic Services, and the U.S. Navy all either conducted training or operated facilities on the island. Today, Catalina Island boasts UFO tour companies to capitalize on the tiny island’s somewhat storied history. 

According to the testimony of USS Nimitz radar operator Gary Voorhis, the infamous Tic-Tac UFOs were first detected in the vicinity of Catalina Island and later disappeared while heading south near Guadalupe Island. The significance of these islands to the developing Navy UFO story, if any, remains unknown. Now, just two weeks after Unidentified aired episodes featuring Luis Elizondo traveling to and around the island, a strange and unsolved aircraft crash has been reported on Catalina Island.

Avalon Catalina photo D Ramey Logan 640x447
The resort town of Avalon on the island has long been a popular getaway for residents of Southern California.

According to local news reports, a helicopter that had been missing for over 20 hours was suddenly discovered on the island by Coast Guard and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department personnel. Footage taken from nearby waters shows the wreckage of the helicopter lying atop a hill still smoldering. The pilot was found dead at the scene. How could a helicopter go missing for 20 hours on a populated island?

Details are still scarce, and both the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are conducting an investigation. The pilot was known to take recreational flights around the island, so it’s likely this was just an unfortunate accident. Still, it’s strange to see Catalina Island pop up in the news for an unexplained aircraft crash so shortly after the island was featured by To the Stars Academy as a UFO hot spot. Was this crash due to a mechanical failure or pilot error, and is the timing pure coincidence? Most likely, if not almost certainly. Or, perhaps far at the other end of the plausibility spectrum, could the unidentified aerial phenomena reported on the island for decades have anything to do with the crash? What about those magnetic anomalies? 

Let’s see what the FAA and NTSB say.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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