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Police Issue Warning After Crop Circles Appear in Rural England

Police in rural England have issued warnings after several instances of crop circles have appeared throughout the British countryside. In late May, a crop circle appeared in a field near Norridge Wood, Warminster. The crop circle appears as a series of concentric circles ringed by two spheres on the end of each hemisphere. No access to the field was arranged ahead of time, and it’s unknown who - or what - might have made the circle.

A few weeks later, a pair of crop circles appeared in Gloucestershire just 70 miles (110 km) to the north. One of the crop circles appears as a crescent-shaped line dotted with small solid circles, while the other one looks a little like the adorable Star Wars droid BB8. Both crop circles abut a pair of walking paths which offer easy access to the middle of the field. Photos of these latest crop circles were shared to Twitter by the Gloucestershire Constabulary Rural Crime Team who asked if these crop circles are “art, criminal damage, or some stranger goings on?”

CropCircles 640x325
Wiltshire, England is a hub of crop circle activity.

It turns out it’s likely a combination of the first two. While there are some historical anecdotes of unknown geometric formations in fields prior to the 20th century, the modern phenomenon of crop circles took off in the 1960s and ‘70s. During those years, dozens of intricate, massive crop circles began appearing throughout the English countryside, attracting attention from the international media and all manners of paranormal and UFO investigators.

crop circle 570x379
"Muh wheat!"

While many initially believed these crop circles were the work of unknown forces or entities, today it’s widely accepted that these are merely the work of clever humans creating a unique form of art. Not everyone is enthused about this form of expression, though. Like graffiti or other forms of ‘street’ art, crop circles are often decried a form of vandalism that destroys valuable crops.

In the wake of these most recent cases, rural police throughout England are issuing warnings for would-be “vandals” to stay away from crops they have no business flattening. Gloucestershire Chief Inspector Pegler told reporters that crop circles are nothing but a crime that “affects communities, and the livelihoods of people within those communities.” The Gloucestershire Rural Police operates a fleet of drones to catch would-be crop circle makers and catalog instances of crop damage.

Just because crop circles are in most cases the work of quite human ‘vandals’ doesn’t mean that curious occurrences and paranormal phenomena don’t also allegedly accompany the creation of these forms of art; all sorts of claims have been made of crop circles over the years, ranging from claims that they can open portals to other dimensions or planes of existence, or that they may be able to signal and attract extraterrestrial visitors. Is that why Gloucestershire Rural Police are using drones to keep would-be crop circle-makers away, or is this truly all about trespassing and vandalism of crops?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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