The roads and highways of our world can be creepy, scary, even downright terrifying places. These roads lead off into the night off to the horizon, concealing any weirdness or danger that lies out past the feeble light thrown ahead by the headlights. It almost sometimes seems that we are at the whim of the road, and whatever it decides to throw at us. It is perhaps no surprise that there are plenty of paranormal experiences reported from these darkened roads that meander off into the unknown, and here we go well off the beaten path, to take a look at some accounts of insidious demons and evil spirits terrorizing people in the exotic land of India.

A very spooky and mysterious report was given on the site Quora by a man named Prashant Kumar, who says that in 2004 his uncle and aunt were on their way home from attending the wedding of a relative in Andhra Pradesh. Kumar describes driving this particular treacherous highway at night as “similar to jumping from a cliff intentionally,” citing the lack of any streetlights and the many harrowing sharp turns and perilous potholes and canals dotting the area. It was so dangerous at the time and they had been riding a motorcycle, so the aunt and uncle ended up taking a more roundabout route over another highway and this is where they would allegedly come across something very strange indeed. He says of what happened:

My uncle saw a man, as pale as a chalk, as slender as a stick and as featureless as a mannequin. This does not scare him, but made him curious of what that thing was doing at that instance. The creature was 100m apart, and as the bike approached towards it, the creature looked at my uncle face to face. The creature was very tall, to an extent that human cannot be considered according to that biology. Since it was behind a bush or a small tree, he could be seen somewhat lurking inside them. It had fangs (I don't know how did he saw that, but his face was terrible).


Suddenly the bike started to lose control, and was about to fall. My uncle decided to stop his bike, and regain the balance. But my aunt knew what my uncle saw, and told him to carry on until we reach the home. My uncle after a slow to fast transition, finally crossed the spot and reached home. He fell ill for days and days, and as he owns a small factory for small scale business (he lost many contracts for the next few months). He asked my aunt, “Did you saw that thing, that night?"


My aunt nodded at first, and then said that he saw a “Bekoda” (a Demon, in the local language). Which is a shapeshifter and often looks for a innocent and scared one to possess. The demon usually has a scary face, unusual body features and ability to change its pace to chase the victim. She said that when they crossed their bike towards that spot, she saw the entity still present them with a weird smile. The entity crossed the road within less than a second to other side, with my aunt confirming the identity of the creature. The demon was the most menacing creature that one could encounter, but they were lucky enough not to stop at that very spot.

Was this really this Bekoda demon that the aunt spoke of? Just what was that otherworldly figure and where did it come from? What would have happened if they had stopped? Who Knows? A similar report was given by a student at Lakshmi Narain College of Technology by the name of Abhas Sen, who was with a friend at the time of their brush with the paranormal. Again the witnesses were riding a motorbike, on their way home from the town of Bhopal, a route he claims stretched around 210 km through rough, dark and rural road. The night was gloomy and very cold, and they were shivering as they took the road through a stand of forested area and ran across something from out of a nightmare. The witness, who was riding on the back of the bike, says:

After some time as I was sitting behind, I saw an old man standing on the road in the middle of nowhere wearing a white Kurta, due to its white colour we could see it clearly. I told my friend that someone is standing and he replied that he can see that too. Its freaky that he was standing there but we ignored him and kept going. When we were about to reach him, he just vanished like air, and at the point where he was standing we felt much warm for a few sec in such a cold night with full moon. It shook us but my friend didn't stop the bike and we went on. I looked behind and I saw a white shadow again standing lifeless looking at us. 15 to 20 minutes later we again saw that white guy standing in the middle of the road and this time looking at us, and again vanished, again we felt such warmth at that point. Now it was too scary for us to handle but we didn’t stop and this time I didn’t look back. I never told about that event to my family. Also stopped travelling at night on bike for sure.

Does this have any relation to the first account? What did this witness see out there? Some other accounts seem to point at these roadside entities as being rather hostile or aggressive. One Aatish Satti claims a friend of his had a run in with a very bizarre and unfriendly pale entity while with his girlfriend along a desolate rural stretch of road on the way from Punjab to Delhi. At around 2AM in the morning the friend decided to try and take a short cut to a nearby highway, meandering through dark wilderness.

That road was not given a good ride to his girlfriend so she said they should take the normal road, he said no just hold on I know where we're going but he didn't. They were in the middle of nowhere, just driving and hoping to get to road he had in mind and once saw, just after few minutes his girlfriend spotted a man jogging at the side of the road. She said oh god, what the hell.


As he (the guy driving) looked at his side, saw the man jogging, THE MAN ( Jogging) looked at him and waved his hand, he said to her he is asking for a lift, she started freaking out, so he without thinking anything hit the acceleration. It was just a fraction they were thinking that they have left That man on the road behind them. They heard a bump sound as someone were punching the window of the car. What they saw was that man who was on the road jogging, was running with the car and punching the glass on the drive side, he tried to speed up but nothing happened, they were going 80km/hr. They were so freaking out, as the man was punching repeatedly and yelling something He kept on pushing to accelerate more, finally after a moment they were able to out run that man.

Ghost? Demon? Some weirdo out in the middle of nowhere who can keep up with a car? It is unclear, but taking this with the other reports it seems like driving on rural roads in India can be rather frightening indeed. In yet another account we have the story from a witness on Your Ghost Stories by a witness who at the time had gone with his cousin to drop his brother off at the train station on a cold winter night. The quiet, rural station was apparently located along a lonely road that gave them a bad vibe, so when the witness and cousin headed back they debated whether to take that same spooky road back or to take a different route. They were discussing this as they made their way back to the parking lot and were interrupted by an old lady asking for food. The two distracted men politely turned her away and thought nothing of it, but this would apparently not be the last they would see of her. The witness explains the terrifying sequence of events:

My cousin told me to take the lonely road this time and I refused to take a chance at that time of night, after he repeatedly told that everything will be fine, hesitantly I agreed as he was with me and believe me that was the worst decision by me and I regret it. Although he was with me I had vague thoughts running in my mind as there was still a chance to change my route. I told him again that it was not safe to take that road, but he persuaded saying it will all be fine. I was kind of calmed by his words and once for all forgot the spooky encounters people had taking that road.


We started off and this time my cousin was driving. Initially quarter a distance did not bother me, as he kept going I prayed all my heart, I noticed the wind growing cold and unbearable, I was so tensed even as leaves rustled on the road due to the wind. To comfort me he had just started a talk about his college and suddenly I pointed at an old lady walking that way, he stopped! I asked him why did he stop? As the lady neared us we were shocked as she was the same old lady who we saw at the parking lot. I was hell scared and furious at the same time and told him to go.


He asked the lady what she was doing at late night on that lonely road?! She asked us back the same thing with a eerie look. She told us that she was going home and it was not safe to travel around at that time. As she talked we observed her neck which had blood stained scratches and felt weird. I told my cousin to move immediately and he accelerated fast, as we moved further I turned back and was shocked! She was not to be seen anywhere and couldn't have disappeared just like that for we had moved away only a few metres far. My heart sank and I told this to my cousin, he drove as fast as he could almost killed me speeding on a hump! For that moment was all to flee as quick as possible. A few kms away again we saw the same old lady going and this time we did not turn towards her and sped our way knowing that something was wrong! We continued going fast and stopped only at a shop near the highway. We were gasping for air in a state of shock for what we had seen.

Finally, we have the extraordinarily bizarre account of another witness on the same site, who calls himself Mohammed Arsh. According to him, he and some friends had been to a wedding in a place called Nanded city, and at 12:30M was on his way back to their hometown in Hyderabad. Along the way they got hopelessly lost, and were directed to a road that neither one of them had ever seen before and which went off through some dense forest into the night. It was already unsettling enough as it was, but this mysterious road would soon apparently turn into a veritable wellspring of high strangeness as they continued on. The witness tells their story as follows:

On one particular point, we noticed a dark glowing thing (or you can call it as a creature). One of my friends was sleeping and all of a sudden a loud moaning voice came across by. Due to which, my friend woke up and started to cry. Again heard people laugh and cry and a different voice which makes you to commit a crime. The guy who was crying, pissed his pants. Started shouting on him and asked what did he exactly saw. He pointed his finger somewhere inside the jungle. When we saw it, it scared the shit out of us. It was a tall creature on huge flames and dancing across the streets. We were completely scared and didn't know what to do. We started driving as fast as possible and we found police nearby. We stopped the vehicle and asked for the route. We thought of informing the incident to the police, but had a feeling that if we do so then they might think we are stupid.


Finally, we found the main road and we thought we were safe. Open the maps on our phone and entered our location. Started again and the person who was driving was feeling sleepy. Asked my best friend to drive. We both sat on the front seat and started our journey. We found a board which states " If you find any unusual creatures, please don't turn back or react to them. Beware of supernatural activities". I saw that board and didn't utter a word. If I would've informed it to the person who was driving, he would have been dead by that. After a particular distance, we found a guy who was standing on the corner of the road and his head was facing down with white long hair. He was just wearing his inner wears. The moment we crossed him, we saw that the person had NO LEGS from the mirrors on the car. He gave us a look that we could never forget. IT STILL HAUNTS ME UNTIL TODAY AND CAN NEVER FORGET THAT LOOK.

What kind of incredibly bizarre little corner of the strange did these men find themselves in? It is all so bizarre as to be almost absurd, and it just further illustrates that India has some damn scary roads to drive at night. It is unsure of whether these are demons or ghosts, or just scary tales conjured up from the imagination, but they definitely seem to be quite terrifying and very odd accounts at the very least. It certainly gives one something to think about the next time you are out driving along some darkened rural road in India, the trees flickering by and not knowing what will bloom up into the illumination of your headlights.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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