Jun 14, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Worm UFO Over California is Not the First of its Kind

A video of a worm-like UFO that appeared over a California desert at night is worming its way around the Internet and generating plenty of speculation as to what it is. What it isn’t is the first instance of a worm-shaped UFO, although the fact that this one appeared at night makes it unusual and more difficult to identify, classify or debunk.

“At around 9:17pm while driving on highway 62 we saw a long strip of light in the sky. We were able to drive up to it and get under it. It appeared to be about 6 feet long and did not seem to make any noise. We witness it for over 30 minutes and multiple other cars stopped and came over to watch. At times it was very still even though it was windy and would climb straight up in the sky.”

Cody Kennedy says he was searching the ground for rattlesnakes to record on video for his YouTube channel (Crazy Cody's Creatures) when he and his friends accidentally looked up and saw a long, illuminated worm-like object in the sky over Twentynine Palms. If that name sounds familiar to you paranormal and UFO buffs, it’s the home of the main entrance and headquarters of the Joshua Tree National Park (a place that has had many UFO sightings and paranormal encounters) and a gateway to the Mojave Desert. Skeptics will also point out it’s home to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), the largest United States Marine Corps base. Now that we’ve planted those seeds, what does Cody think he and his friends saw? (You can watch the video for yourself here.)

“I am not sure if this was a light bar on a kite or a drone. There are power lines around where it was in the sky so if it was a kite it would seem dangerous to fly it at night in that area. It started to move away from us and climb quickly so we tried to get a better shot of it from another street and it appeared to come straight down in the middle of open desert and turn off. Other people that stopped to look and myself went out into the desert to try and find it but were unsuccessful.”

kite 1367186 640 640x426
Was it a kite?

The UFO looks most like a lighted air sock or balloon twisting in the wind as it’s dragged by a drone, but the darkness hides any more details and no one seems to have found its remains. In daylight, there have been many sightings of worm-like UFOs. Robert Bingham of Los Angeles, who has reported many UFOs, saw a 20-foot-tall “worm-shaped ship” in 2000. While he had no photo or video evidence, a video of a “UFO worm and orb” over Mexico in 2009 (see the video here) show the more classic balloon-like or floating garbage baggish object of many similar UFO sightings. That’s even more clear in photos of a worm UFO over Washington DC in 2009 (see them here).

wind sock 1412066 640 640x414
Was it an air sock pulled by a drone?

Balloons? Bags? Kites? Secret Marine tests? Alien ships? Something else? The discussions and heated debates about worm-like UFO sightings shows the importance of video and photographic evidence. Cody Kennedy was already out looking to make videos of animals so he had his phone or camera ready. He also kept recording for 10 minutes – an usually long period of time in the UFO witnessing world. That gives time to possibly determine size, altitude, speed, location, perspective and other details that help move the needle from “unidentified” to “identified.”

Sure, it looks like a balloon or an air sock, making it easy to laugh about. But think for a moment … it wasn’t that long ago many people laughed at the idea of flying Tic Tacs.

Keep an open mind, keep a phone handy and keep looking!

Paul Seaburn

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