Jul 20, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Fastwalker UFO Spotted by Drone in Argentina Looks Interesting When Magnified

With the number of UFO sightings on the increase, it’s tough to get excited about those reported by the general public with blurred and often questionable and frustratingly short videos. That’s why sightings by the military or UFOs with very distinct descriptions get more attention in the UFOlogy circles. A good example occurred last week when a UFO investigator in Chile sounded convinced that the orbs declared that UFOs seen crossing the skies and making sharp maneuvers over Concepcion were “Foo fighters.” A similar incident occurred this week when a UFO was recorded by a drone in Argentina and its speed caused some sites to refer to it as a “fastwalker.” Not only that, this UFO holds up fairy well under high magnification … enough to determine it’s not a bug or a bird.

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Did you see that fastwalker?

That “whoosh” you just heard was the sound of ufologists’ ears perking up. Why? “Fastwalkers” is a term used by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) as shorthand for unidentified aerial phenomena that appear on radar screens moving faster than known Earth aircraft and changing directions at seemingly impossible speeds and angles. In addition, Argentina is known for its frequent UFO sightings and its big UFOlogy community, so sightings are taken more seriously there. Finally, the owner of the video (uploaded on July 14) -- Mariano López – is a drone operator who has seen and recorded UFOs before and believes this is his best sighting. (Watch it here.)

“This is the best UFO filmed from a drone so far, in which you notice several details. It was captured with the drone Dji Phantom in Mar Chiquita, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is located 34 kilometers from the city of Mar del Plata. It was filmed with the Gopro at a resolution of 4K at 30 frames per second.”

The YouTube page also has Lopez’s previous UFO video uploaded on March 23, 2019. (See it here.) That one is less distinct and one could make a case that it’s a very fast bird or an insect close to the drone’s camera. That’s not the case with the more recent video. Lopez has spent more time on this one – adding the mandatory slow-motion and tracking circle. However, what’s most interesting is the magnification starting at about 1:20 in the video. Whatever, this is, it can’t be mistaken for a bird of bug. Could it be another drone? If it was, drone-operator Lopez would probably be trying to buy one rather than speculate on it being a UFO.

Since “Fastwalker” is merely a description, albeit a military one, it’s appropriate for UFO sights like sightings.info to use it. However, it doesn’t go beyond that in trying to identify the object. No one else seems to have seen it and Lopez doesn’t appear to have reported it to the media, the military or any Argentine UFO investigators. That leaves it wide open for speculation and skepticism.

A strange, new drone? Secret military plane? Alien space ship? Camera anomaly? Mutant bird? Something else? What would NORAD say?

Let’s hope Mariano Lopez keeps his drones flying and his keen eyes watching for more Fastwalkers.

Paul Seaburn

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