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Horrific Livestock Mutilations Continue in India Without Explanation

An unidentified animal is reportedly on the loose in India, mutilating animals in the night without leaving a trace. Is this merely a case of mistaken identity, or could something truly mysterious be lurking in the dark?

Whatever the explanation is, India’s unidentified livestock killer (or killers) seems to remain at large and has not yet quenched its thirst for blood. Last week, the northeastern Indian newspaper The Nagaland Post reported that over 30 chickens were found horrifically mutilated on the night of July 4 in the village of Ringkui in the Manipur Ukhrul district, with another 10 found slaughtered on July 7 and 8.

Nagaland, India

Nagaland borders Myanmar on the far eastern reaches of India.

The details surrounding the incident sound eerily familiar to anyone familiar with livestock mutilations: the animals were mutilated in the night, no evidence of the killer was found, and the chickens’ internal organs were curiously missing. Are these related to the string of similar animal mutilations that has been occurring in rural India over the last few years?

Beginning in late 2017, a series of unexplained animal mutilations began plaguing rural districts of India. The unidentified animal – or perhaps another mystery animal – reportedly injured a dozen people a year later before continuing its killing spree unabated. All manner of animals have been found mutilated under similar circumstances, ranging from ducks, sheep, chickens, and even dogs. So far, a culprit has not been identified.

Mutilated sheep

Animal mutilations take many forms, but there are almost always common elements among cases.

While scientists with the Wildlife Institute of India attempted to calm the public by explaining the mutilations away as simply feral dog attacks, not all are convinced. Animal mutilations have been occurring around the world throughout history, but in recent years have been associated with UFO and UAP phenomena and even the occult. Could these simply be the result of wild animals breaking into livestock enclosures? But then why all the drained blood and missing organs? Why the suspicious lack of evidence in so many cases?