Jul 27, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Newly Discovered Baltic Sea Anomaly Causes Compass to “Go Berserk”

The so-called Baltic Sea anomaly (now known as Anomaly 1 for obvious reasons) – a large disc-shaped object on the floor of the Baltic Sea with alleged mysterious powers to interfere with electronic equipment that many attributed to it being an alien craft but is most likely a natural rock formation – apparently has a companion with its own alleged superpower to make compasses go “berserk.” At least that’s what Peter Lindberg, the Swedish explorer who found Anomaly 1, said about what his team discovered on a recent trip to get a better sonar reading of the original and instead found a new Anomaly 2.

millenium falcon 1627322 640 640x341
Some said Anomaly 1 looked like the Millennium Falcon

“It was very difficult to understand where the ROV were because of the terrible visibility and because the compass that went berserk. The compass was living its own life and the tether was snagged all the time.”

Peter Lindberg recently shared on The Ocean Explorer Facebook group page (the Ocean X Team Official Discussion Group) the details of his team’s return to the site of Anomaly 1 on June 8, 2019. He described it as a “low-budget expedition” to do more research on Anomaly 2 – an object that a previous side scan sonar image showed to look like “a big slab or monolith.” Lindberg admits that the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) he was using was not suited for the murky Baltic Sea bottom (“it was equipped with the cheapest sonar there is on the market”), but this was “low budget” so the team made do. After its compass went “berserk” (as did the compass on the ROV which discovered Anomaly 1), he somehow moved it closer to Anomaly 2 anyway.

“Suddenly some very straight lines appeared on the sonar screen. The ROV was piloted against them and when we came close enough, a perfect rectangle appeared on the sonar screen.”

Based on the sonar data, Lindberg estimated the rectangle to measure 13 meters by 25 meters (42.5 ft. by 82 ft.), although he admits it could be longer. This was not the “big slab or monolith” he thought it was. (Images and videos can be seen here in the Comments of the Ocean X Facebook page.) So, what was it?

“I don’t say it is; but it looked like low ”stone walls” sticking up through the sediment.”

But wait … there’s more. Later analysis of the sonar image showed this:

“The rectangle is actually located between the two objects that are visible on the side scan sonar image, but we did not realize that when we were still at site.”

At that point, the low-budget expedition ended due to running low on fuel. By using the terms “rectangle” and “walls,” Lindberg implies that Anomaly 2 is not a natural formation, even though most geologists believe Anomaly 1 is a rock and not a UFO. What about the “berserk” compass? As in the previous expedition, the electronic interference appears to be anecdotal and can be attributed to the adverse conditions or equipment malfunctions.

sea 79606 640 640x372
If only they had a bigger budget

“Is the rectangle made by the nature or by someone!? That is something we need to find out!”

Yes, Ocean X is admittedly a shipwreck salvaging team of treasure hunters and it needs investments, rich partners and curious tourists to stay in business and purchase better equipment for solving the mystery of these Baltic Sea anomalies. For profit or not, they’re all we’ve got right now. If you don’t like their theories, go get your own boat and ROVs and join the hunt!

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