Jul 15, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

UFOs Spotted over Concepcion, Chile, Resemble Foo Fighters

Chile has one of the highest concentrations of large telescope observatories in the world, mostly in the Atacama Desert in the northern part. It could be due to the dry air, its isolation from city lights or its 330 clear nights per year on average. Those conditions could also be why Chile also has such a large number of UFO sightings. It could also be due to its multitude of mines, where ‘alien’ ships might conceivably pick up parts or fuel. The city of Concepcion in particular has a place in UFO lore for its ‘tiny alien skeleton’, which for decades fascinated and baffled many before DNA tests proved it to be a human fetus. That’s why a recent UFO sighting in Chile deserves more than a cursory view.

“UFOs, or strange lights captured in Concepción in front of the Catholic university.”

That was the caption on July 6, 2019, under a YouTube video taken the day before by a security camera which showed two unidentified flying objects quickly crossing the sky and changing directions multiple times. (Watch it here.) There are obvious trails behind them, suggesting they could be meteors or skydivers, but their speed and their drastic directional changes seem to negate both of those possibilities. The video was reported by the local media source Pagina 7 (Page 7), which identified the location – over the Catholic University of the Most Holy Conception – and asked local meteorologist Eduardo Sáez for his opinion.

"Indeed, at first sight it is difficult to know what it is. If it were a thermal image, it could be the motor temperature, but I do not know what kind of image it is. For a plane, but if we think of meteorites, of course. But I already say that there is no meteorological phenomenon that generates that kind of light."

Since this is Chile, there are plenty of UFO investigators around, so Pagina 7 then asked local paranormal investigator Hugo Mazuela for his analysis of the video.


"I find it very interesting. I have two theories about it, the first is that they can be objects called 'Foo Fighters' or moving lights, which are a kind of UFO with voluntary movements as we see in the video. Sometimes these UFOs are usually so fast that it is difficult to see them, they are characterized by being alive or not being manned."

Foo Fighters? What about a camera anomaly? These security cameras aren’t high quality, but Pagina 7 says no other anomalies were seen on other footage from it. Yes, there’s one more possibility we haven’t addressed – the ubiquitous drones – but Mazuela says the same thing applies to them as to meteors or skydivers … the movements were too fast and sharp to be a drone, so he’s sticking with Foo Fighters.

No other reports of these UFOs come up in searches, but another one allegedly occurred on July 7, also over Concepcion, that was captured on a cellphone video. (Watch it here.) This sighting looks more like a drone, plane or possibly one of those experimental triangular crafts that keep appearing more frequently. In fact, some comments on the video say this is actually an older sighting from December 2018 of exactly that, but it’s Chile so one should never jump to conclusions.

Chile has been called the best place in the world to see UFOs, and these videos add to that sentiment. While many can be blamed on the military or drones, that doesn’t apply to all. And we haven’t even brought in the fact that Chile has a chain of over 2,000 active and inactive volcanoes (second-longest next to Indonesia) and there have been many UFO sightings near volcanoes that lead to speculation that they may be ports or refueling stations. Or they could just be anomalies.

In any case, Chile deserves all of the attention it gets as a UFO hotspot. Hopefully, the experts there will soon explain the unusual sighting on July 5th over Concepcion.

Paul Seaburn
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