Jul 27, 2019 I Sequoyah Kennedy

Woman Claims Family of Yowies Left Her Flowers and Macadamia Nuts as Gifts

The bigfoot: what is it? Undiscovered species of hominid? Terrifying trans-dimensional shadow-beast? Good-natured, yet overbearing furry neighbor? Maybe a bit of all three? The stories from those who claim to have encountered bigfoot run the gamut from truly frightening to just plain dumb.  Sometimes the monster appears as a—quite literally—blurry humanoid with glowing red eyes that moves faster than the laws of physics should allow. Sometimes the big oaf leave presents of flowers and macadamia nuts. You just never know.

A woman in Queensland, Australia has recently come forward describing her and her family's long period of dealing with what she claims were a family of yowies (AKA the Australian bigfoot). When her saga began it seemed like that first sort of encounter, the nightmare one, but by the time she moved it had turned into the second. Mr. Rogers would be proud.

Jackie Liversidge was living in Tarzali, Queensland with her son and her niece when says her family had dealings with multiple Yowies over the 11 months they spent living in the region. The first series of encounters was the sort that should make you pack up and leave right then and there, not stick around for almost another year. According to Jackie, the first yowie to visit was tall, muscular, and shadowy with hollow eyes. Jackie says the creature gave her a "strong bad feeling" and she, her son, and her niece took to sleeping in the same room out of fear. Jackie says:

"On one occasion when my niece moved in with me she saw a black silhouette figure standing at her bedroom window from the veranda. She was that terrified she did not move or even yell out to me.


I would sit on the veranda 'til 2am waiting with a large piece of wood that had a screw through it sticking out the other side."

yowie australia leaving gifts 570x570
"Welcome to the neighborhood."

Jackie says that her landlord advised her to call police, which she did. The police offered to do a drive-by inspection of the property, which Jackie refused saying that it was too easy for the yowie to hide in the bush. Which may be true, and it may be she didn't want to be called crazy when the police inevitably found nothing. But still, if the police offer to help hunt a yowie, you say "yes."

Jackie Liversidge says she attempted to record video of the creatures but whenever she pointed the camera at them, the screen would go black. It was only when she, unsuccessfully, tried to placate the yowies with treats did they soften up their approach. She said she left vegetables and meat out for the creatures, but they never took it. Instead, she says, the yowies began leaving things for her.

At first it was just a few macadamia nuts. Then it was a dead rat in the same spot. Which is a weird salad, but sure. Then, Jackie says, the yowies left her a very strange flower in perfect condition:

"Then I found an unusual flower in perfect condition, a mix of pink and purple colour but a metallic colour that I haven't seen before, looked everywhere around the property for the plant. Didn't find one."

famous bigfoot yowie 570x302
That's no salad-eater I've ever seen.

Jackie says she thinks the yowies were leaving behind gifts of what they ate, which is, again, a very weird salad. She says she and her family moved away soon afterwards, as she feared for the children's' safety.

While there's not much to go on here, the unusual flower is an interesting detail. Is it an inter-dimensional flower? It couldn't be from the yowies' home dimension though, it doesn't sound like it was blurry enough.

Sequoyah Kennedy

Sequoyah is a writer, music producer, and poor man's renaissance man based in Providence, Rhode Island. He spends his time researching weird history and thinking about the place where cosmic horror overlaps with disco. You can follow him on Twitter: @shkennedy33.

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