Aug 19, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Another Alleged Angel Spotted Flying Over Brazil

Do angels like soccer, samba and Carnival? One might think that when looking at the number of alleged angel sightings that have occurred in Brazil over the past few years. The latest hit the Internet a few days ago and it’s definitely a video of something bright in the sky that looks like a flying humanoid or creature. As David Letterman used to say, “Is this anything?” (Watch the video here.)

“It looks like light refraction but then again it looks like some type of energy source. It’s even got the harmonious appearance of an angel.”

YouTuber Disclose Screen 'The Grimreefar' posted the video with music and commentary, because that’s what you do when you claim you’ve got a recording of an angel but it looks questionable and you’ve got three minutes to fill. Grimreefar tells us the sighting was in Brazil and was posted on Facebook on July 31, but no one (including this writer) has been able to find the original yet. The shot in the beginning certainly looks like something very large flapping its wings slowly as it moves in and out of the cloud cover.

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Hitting the beach in Brazil?

“Dragon” got the second-most votes. And … well, that’s about it. The clip seems to have been repeated numerous times in the video so it’s difficult to determine how long the ‘angel’ was actually visible. Since it’s bright and moving through a dark clouded sky, many suggest it’s ball lightning – although it’s clearly not a ball. Some say it’s a sun dog, although those halos caused by ice crystals are usually stationary. It could also be sunlight either peeking through or reflecting off of moving clouds. While some say it’s a hoax or CGI, why do all that work to make something that appears so nebulous?

Why not make it look real? Like this one of two angels over Brazil? (Watch the video here.)

That video from 2014 drew a huge amount of attention from believers and skeptics because of its quality … so much so that the makers of Anjos Filmados No Céu! (Angels Filmed In Heaven!) made a second video showing how they did it. While it would be nice if the creator of the 2019 ‘angel’ video revealed its origin, no one is begging for it (maybe praying, but not begging).

Another ‘angel over Brazil’ video appeared in 2017. (Watch it here.) This one attracted attention because it appeared over the famous statue of Jesus overlooking Rio de Janeiro, not because it looking like an angel. In fact, it looked like a shooting star, but this is Brazil so they went with angel.

man 2854030 640
Good-looking ... but realistic?

Why are Brazilians so eager to see angels? Could it be frustration with their economy or politicians? Religion? Is this latest video an angel, sunlight, a weather phenomenon, a UFO, a flying alien … or something else?

Would you say the same thing if you lived in Brazil?

Paul Seaburn

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