Aug 20, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Hidden Door in Haunted Museum is Finally Opened and its Contents are Shocking

The Haunted Museum in Notthingham, England, should more accurately be called the Haunted Haunted Museum because, while it houses some of the most haunted items in the world, it is also one of the most haunted buildings in the UK. That could explain why owners Steve and Marie Wesson waited more than a year to open a mysterious welded-shut steel door they found hidden behind a plasterboard wall. Welded shut meant it would require special tools to open. Hidden in a haunted former theater meant the Wessons wanted paranormal backup at the opening. When they finally unsealed it with a team of fellow investigates last week, they discovered something completely unexpected.

"During investigations, we've had voice recordings of someone saying 'don't open the door' and 'don't open the door' with a sinister laugh after. It put me off [opening it]."

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Hidden doors are rarely a good thing to find

Marie Wesson told NottinghamshireLive another reason why she and Steve hesitated to open the door, even though they’re experienced paranormal investigators surrounded by their own large collection of haunted items, including an 1844 morgue fridge from an “insane asylum,” a Devil’s Guitar from Iraq used to summon Satan, haunted dolls, a Dybbuk box and a Victorian-era hearse whose handle moved up-and-down by itself – an event caught by a security video camera earlier this year. Steve knew the former theater was haunted when he bought it to move his huge collection out of his house and storage and open up the museum in 2019. In fact, ghost tours of the museum are one of its main attractions. Now it has one more spooky stop on the tour. Except … this one is a little different.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We're paranormal investigators not Satanists so we are going to have to get on it to find out as much as we can about it."

Behind the sealed door, which was in the former theater’s projectionist's emergency exit chute (escape chutes came in handy in case of fire, which were common because of the intense heat generated by the bulbs in the old projection equipment and the highly flammable film), Marie says she and the team found a five-pointed pentagram star made from charcoal, an old teddy bear and a collection of white candles burnt down to stubs. (Photo of Marie and the room here.) After hearing mysterious scraping sounds behind the door, the last thing they expected to find was evidence of devil worshipping. While this definitely adds a new twist to the history of the building (which was also a furniture store before being abandoned for years until the Wessons bought it), Marie thinks there’s still a sinister power in it.

"Since we've opened it, a few people have complained of having headaches. My daughter, who never gets headaches, got a really bad pressure behind her eyes."

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What really went on in the hidden room?

The room will be left as is, covered with a clear plastic window and added to the museum’s haunted tours. Once the shock wears off, Steve and Marie Wesson are expected to continue investigating it and other aspects of the old theater, as will paranormal investigators both professional and amateur.

Is there a connection between the theater’s haunted past (and present) and the evidence of Satanic rituals? There’s only one way to find out … the Haunted Museum & Old Cinema is open Tuesday to Friday 11am until 6pm and Sunday’s 1 pm until 6pm.

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