Aug 03, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Two More UFOS Seen Near Area 51

In the quest to storm Area 51 and free the aliens being held there – or at least free the truth about what exactly IS being held there – it appears the aliens are winning. Last week, a video appeared of what the uploader claimed was a UFO speeding across the desert sky near where on September 20th there will either be a storming, a concert, free beer, specially-designed roast beef sandwiches, all of the above or the largest mass jailing in U.S. history. This week, another YouTuber posted more videos of strange glowing objects in the night sky over what he claims is an area near Area 51. Is this a distraction by the military? A clever marketing ploy by the people trying to make a buck on the storming? Are aliens trying to cover up the cover-up? Is this fun or what?

“The UFO's returned again tonight over Area 51, they were only visible for about 20 seconds. I am sorry for the poor quality, I have focused my camera and set it for low light so the video will be better. I know they will return.”

On July 30th, YouTuber Showdaam posted the second of two videos of what he described as UFOs over Area 51. The July 29th video (see it here) shows what looks like a bright and slow-moving round white light. The July 30th video (see it here) looks like two reddish lights close together. These are visible for a short period and then disappeared. In the audio, Showdaam indicates that there were actually a “few days” between the sightings. Kudos to The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, another YouTube site, which managed to contact Showdaam and find out the videos were actually taken in March 2019. If you’re keeping track, that’s a number of months BEFORE the whole Storm Area 51 hoax/event/extravaganza began.

800px Sheep Range from Starvation Flat 3 570x380
Sheep Range (

Another thing you might have noticed in these videos is that they’re over houses. Area 51, as the Air Force and local law enforcement in Rachel, Nevada, are warning stormers, is out in the middle of the desert. Rachel has barely 50 residents and no buildings like these. Hidden Underbelly 2.0 found out that the video was taken near the Sheep Mountain Range, which is north of Las Vegas and close to 100 miles south of Rachel. While Showdaam says "I see these phenomena quite often so I will have my DSLR next time to capture a better quality video," it would be nice if he saw them closer to Area 51 and closer to the time of the Storming.

las vegas 573600 640 570x265
All of the lights are on the ground in Las Vegas and no one ever looks up from the slots anyway

Still, UFOs are UFOs and “close” counts for something … right? It’s entirely possible that what Showdaam has been seeing are military aircraft – after all, Area 51 IS an Air Force base used for testing new and secret aircraft. He’s also promising live coverage of the Storm Area 51 event on September 20th. We already know he has a nose for UFOs. Maybe he’ll see something there too.

Keep that DSLR handy and pointed ABOVE the Stormers!

Paul Seaburn

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