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Haunted Historic House is Now an Airbnb

Welcome to “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”. On today’s edition, we visit a haunted house in Missouri whose owners decided it was too scary to live in themselves so they turned it into a moneymaking Airbnb. Now others can pay for the privilege of possibly getting terrified for a night or more. Is this a great idea or what?

"One of the young ladies staying stated they saw a dark figure on the staircase and another said she saw a similar dark figure on the porch that is on the second level master bedroom. The young man that booked the home said he smelled a strong odor of sulfur, which I’ve been told is a 'demon smell.' I never looked into that to be sure. But it was enough for them to leave. The checked in at 6 p.m. and left a little after midnight."

What fun! Especially since there’s no refund for leaving early due to this Airbnb being too scary for you. Aaron and Erin Clark bought the 109-year-old Hobo Hill House in August 2017. It’s located in the Hobo Hill Historic District in Jefferson City, Missouri, and is one of seven homes built between about 1908 and 1916 in Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Bungalow / American Craftsman, and American Foursquare styles. The 5,000-square-foot Hobo Hill House was a fixer-upper that the Clarks renovated and restored (the renovations won the Historic City of Jefferson's September 2018 Gold Hammer Award) with the intent of living in themselves. What they didn’t intend to do is move out so quickly after moving in. The News Tribune reports what happened:

“My dog acted weird the moment we moved in but thought he was being stubborn. The sounds got worse as we stayed and it graduates to TV’s turning on at full volume, to space heaters turning on by themselves, and of course, my daughter sleepwalking and talking in tongues, the shifty movement almost as though she was possessed. What makes that unique is she would never do this anywhere else. She would stay the night at her grandmother's house and would be fun, but once she came back home she would start back up again."

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It'll be fun!

After seven months of similar paranormal experiences, the Clarks moved out. Now what? While trying to figure out a way to recoup their renovation costs, they contacted the Travel Channel’s “The Dead Files” which included the house in an episode (and confirmed paranormal activities there) that also featured the nearby haunted Missouri State Penitentiary. Ding-ding-ding! Aaron Clark got his moneymaking idea.

"We didn't think it would be right selling to another family knowing what we know. We'll just turn lemons into lemonade, and since the prison is so close and people in Jeff are interested in that sort of thing, we'll just turn it into a short-term Airbnb and people can stay and have experiences."

According to the Airbnb listing, the Hobo Hill House can accommodate up to 10 guests in 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths for the low, low price of $275 per night. That includes all of the comforts of home (air conditioning, TV, towels, etc.) plus free wifi, coffee and snacks. And of course, ghosts. The Clarks themselves have seen “a tall man in a suit and top hat" and others have reported seeing dark figures and shadow people.

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Free wifi and shadow people!

What fun!

For more info, check the Airbnb listing (plenty of pictures) … at your own risk!

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