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Japanese Ghost-Detecting Stone Available on Amazon

Have you ever wished you could go ghost hunting with a device that’s inexpensive, reliable and able to give some extra light in dark places? If you agree with Meat Loaf that two-out-of-three ain’t bad then you’ll like the Baketan Reiseki – a so-called “ghost stone” that illuminates itself when it detects out-of-the-ordinary paranormal activity and changes colors depending on the intensity of the spiritual presence. It’s actually available on Amazon and comes from a company that also makes UFO and aura detectors. Should ghost hunters be looking for work in another field?

“"Baketan" is an ultra-small ghost detector. It was developed to detect ghosts that exist in space with special sensors, and not only to find ghosts, but also has a barrier mode for when you encounter bad ghosts.”

A recent story from Sora News 24 about a ghost hunt in Chillingham Castle in northern England made reference to one of the ghost hunters bringing along a Baketan Reiseki that he bought on amazon to test in a real situation. This medieval castle has been featured on Most Haunted and Scariest Places on Earth, so the stone-shaped cracked quartz detector should definitely pick up something. The marketing blurb says it lights up green when it’s searching the area for spirits, changes to blue when it begins to detect spirits, and flashes red while beeping when it’s sure it has a ghost in its area.

A beeping rock?

Credit: SolidAlliance

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Baketan Reiseki (‘obake’ means ‘ghost’, ‘tan’ means ‘to search’, ‘rei’ means spirits’ and ‘seki’ means ‘stone’ – your Japanese lesson for today (no charge)) is a battery-operated device that is the latest version of the origina occult detector developed in 2005 by SolidAlliance, which claims to have sold over 200,000 units in Japan. The Baketan Reiseki came out in October 2018 and SolidAlliance claims to have sold 10,000 of them already.

What about the “barrier mode”?

According to the marketing info, pressing and holding the device’s button for five seconds activates the so-called “barrier mode” which “eliminates the deviation of randomness forcibly.” The literature doesn’t say what size of a safe zone the Baketan Reiseki creates.

Does it work?

Good question. The tester at Chillingham Castle said his stone turned blue in the castle’s garden and again in the torture room, but was green everywhere else. While the torture room is where prisoners were tortured and executed and has had ghost sightings in it, the device never turned red, flashed, beeped or did anything else not listed in the instructions. The tester was disappointed but will try again on another ghost hunt.

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Credit: Amazon

Is the Baketan Reiseki really a ghost-detecting ghost stone?

The best way to answer that is to note that SolidAlliance is described as a “gadget” company and Amazon listing says “This product is a toy.”

Isn’t that how many skeptics refer to the various devices used by ghost hunters, UFO hunters and other paranormal investigators?

Good point. The Ouija board was called a toy when it first came out and look how terrified some people are of them now. For what it’s worth, the Baketan Reiseki gets a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon. And, for $30, it’s probably one of the least expensive products advertised as a ghost detector. The green light looks bright enough to illuminate a way to the door in a dark room. If you already bought one, Meat Loaf would probably tell you:

Now don't be sad
'Cause two out of three ain't bad

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