Sep 20, 2019 I Jocelyne LeBlanc

Large Penis Statue Found That Was Used In Ancient Sacrificial Fertility Rituals

Archaeologists have accidentally uncovered a large stone penis that could have been used for sacrificial fertility rituals in Rollsbo, Sweden. The archaeologists found the bizarre stone statue while they were investigating a site designated for construction.

The phallic statue stands at almost two feet tall (52 centimeters long) and has been linked to a fertility cult from the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age was a time period after the Stone Age and before the Iron Age. The Bronze Age occurred from approximately 3200 BC to 600 BC.

Excavating 570x380
They found the bizarre statue while excavating a construction site.

Archaeologist Gisela Ängeby explained to the Göteborgs-Posten how they found the stone phallus, “When we excavated the rocks, we saw something that deviated from everything else. It was on the ground but had been raised in this past.”

She said that while archaeologists are very careful to label something a phallus, that seemed to be exactly what it was, “There was a 52 cm-long stone shaped like a penis,” she stated. She went on to say that she couldn’t believe it when she saw it, but after she showed her colleagues pictures of the stone, there was no doubt that it was indeed penis-shaped.

There were two burnt bones that were found next to the phallic stone, and while they are believed to have come from animals, it’s highly unlikely that it was used as a burial ground as there were very few bones that were recovered from the site. Archaeologists do believe, however, that animals were perhaps slaughtered as part of the fertility rituals.

Fertility 570x428
The phallic statue was probably used in sacrificial fertility rituals.

Some experts say that the phallic shape of the stone could have occurred naturally and that the carved design had occurred at a later date. “It is partially weather and then carved. And that’s how the shape has been reinforced,” Ängeby explained, adding one final thought, “But just the way it is designed is a little special.” Yes, it’s definitely a special type of stone, as it’s not every day that people uncover a penis-shaped statue. You can check out the pictures of the stone phallic statue here.

Jocelyne LeBlanc

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