One of the biggest criticisms directed at cryptozoologists looking to prove the existence of Bigfoot is that there just doesn’t seem to be any undeniable physical evidence left behind. Sure we have footprints, eyewitness accounts, and blurry videos, but where are all of the bodies? Surely with a massive creature seen in every state of the Union there must have at some point been some carcass of the animals stumbled across or found, some instance of one of them killed by accident or found rotting away in the wilderness. If Bigfoot exists, then why have we not found a single shred of such evidence despite all of the people traipsing about seeking it out? Well, what if the evidence we are looking for really is out there and we simply haven’t found it yet? What if there are reasons why these bodies have been so hard to locate? There are many possible answers to this conundrum, but here we are going to look at tantalizing cases that show that the bodies of these mysterious giants just might really be out there, and we simply have not found them yet.

One very interesting theory proposed for why we have been unable to locate any dead Bigfoot is that these creatures actually carry away and bury their dead far from where we will ever discover them. There is actually a surprisingly large number of reports claiming to have witnessed just this very thing. According to Bigfoot Evidence, One undated report from an unspecified location somewhere in the Pacific Northwest concerns a hiker who claims to have seen a group of three Bigfoot burying a fourth out in the wilds before placing large rocks and boulders over the grave in some show of respect. The man would return later but be unable to locate the exact site. A similar report has a witness named Ray Crowe claim that in Northern California in the 1960s he had seen four Sasquatch carrying massive bones through the wilderness. In 1992 there was also a report from Estacada, Oregon, near Bagby Hot Springs, of two Bigfoot seen at a riverbed burying another dead comrade under a pile of immense stones. This site would actually be investigated, but by that time a flood had washed the entire area away.

In 2010 there was a report from a witness who says he saw four Bigfoot putting to rest what appeared to be a dead infant of their kind in a hollow tree stump, but the whole thing was aborted when they seemed to realize they were being watched and melted away back into the wilderness along with the corpse. Even more spectacularly, in 2014 a video allegedly surfaced of a park ranger in the High Sierra of California describing a Bigfoot burial he had supposedly witnessed, although the video suspiciously disappeared shortly after, leading to talks of a cover-up. Yet another report tells of a hunter who came across a group of Bigfoot digging a grave for a fallen comrade up in the wilderness of Washington in the 1990s, but when they realized they were being watched they whisked the body away to never be seen again.This is all very curious, suggesting that maybe these creatures have a culture of burying or otherwise disposing of their dead, and perhaps this is why we do not find any dead bodies.

However, there are certainly many supposed reports where people have claimed to have come across the remains of dead Sasquatch. Bigfoot researcher Ray Crowe has compiled a few reports along these lines, and they are incredibly bizarre. In one case a hunter is reported as having stumbled across a dead Bigfoot by a stream outside of Roseburg, Oregon. The man even supposedly poked at the carcass and tried to carry it out with some other hunters but it proved to be too incredibly heavy to budge. The group, realizing the importance of this amazing find, went to get a truck to help with hauling it out, but when they returned it was apparently gone. Upon examining the area there were apparently found many other massive footprints, and it was surmised that a group of the creatures had carried their fallen friend off. Another such case was reported by researcher Perter Byrne, and happened in 1960, in south central British Columbia, Canada. In this case, two fishermen supposedly came across a dead Bigfoot along a remote trail, but as they examined the body they were chased off by rather threatening sounds of crashing in the brush. The fishermen would go back to the site later with wildlife officials but of course the body was gone.

Of course there have been found other remains said to be from Bigfoot. In 1912 it was reported in The New York Times that some men called the Peterson brothers had found at Lake Lawn Farm in southwest Wisconsin 18 skeletons supposedly of individuals measuring 7 to 9 feet tall and with strangely proportioned and shaped skulls. In 1924 two skeletons measuring about 8 feet tall and covered with some patchy red hair were found near Lovelock, Nevada, although what happened to them is anyone’s guess. In 1923 there had also been found various huge, anomalous skulls in the Santa Barbara region of California.

Two giant skeletons were also unearthed near Potosi, Wisconsin during digging for a saw mill, and the remains supposedly measured 7 to 9 feet in height. Researcher John Green reports that there is a case from the Toba River, British Colombia, in which a Bigfoot skeleton was found by some fishermen but it was too heavy to carry. The jawbone of the beast was allegedly hauled away, but no academic institution would have anything to do with it. The couple allegedly kept it in their cabin until a fire burned it and the remains to the ground. The BFRO reports that in 1965 there was a partial Bigfoot skull recovered in the Minarets Region of the Sierra Nevada, California, but although it was said to have odd features it was lost.

In 1972 there was reportedly found a Bigfoot skeleton at Shuswap Lake, British Colombia, measuring 8 feet long. Although it was sent to the Wrexham Museum in Wales it apparently would vanish off the face of the earth. Also in 1972 was the discovery at Antelope Flat, Oregon, in the Ochoco National Forest, of an alleged Bigfoot skull. It would be sent to Portland College for study, but it is not known what happened to it after that. In 1979 a college professor from Canada would take photographs of skull in the wilds of Alberta, Canada, which seemed to be far from human but nothing ever came from it. In 1987, a man in Estacada, Oregon found a supposed Bigfoot skull when he found his dog playing with it, and to make it all eerier there had been numerous reports of shrieking at night in the area around the time it was found. This skull was apparently sent to various institutions for study, including the crime lab and the Regional Primate Center, but no one was able to determine what it was. It was then subsequently lost after passing to the University of California, Berkley.

gigantopithecus skull cast TMF 1b
Replica skulls of the extinct primate gigantopithecus, which is what a Bigfoot skull might look like

Indeed, there have been many large skeletal remains that have been turned over to various institutions only to disappear over the decades, making one wonder if there is some effort being made to hide the evidence for whatever reasons and perhaps these remains are in some storeroom collecting dust. Most spectacular of all are those people who claim to have actually killed Bigfoot themselves, only to have the remains slip through the cracks of history. An early report of this was a report chronicled by researcher Annie Young, in which a group of railroad workers apparently shot and killed a Bigfoot in Fraser Canyon, British Columbia. The body was laid out and examined, but it was purportedly given to the Native tribe of the area and it was buried in an unmarked grave out in the wilderness. According to the BFRO, in 1941 a 17-year-old boy supposedly shot a Sasquatch near Basket Lake, Manitoba, as he was hunting moose, but he left it where it lie because he thought he had accidentally killed a man and he was also hunting out of season.

In the 1960s there was a farmer in the Umpqua National Forest, near Douglas, Oregon, who claimed to have not only shot and killed a Bigfoot, but to have managed somehow to drag it back to his home. He claims he left it outside in order to figure out what to do with it, but during the night a group of Bigfoot would supposedly descend upon the property to haul the carcass away to leave him with nothing. According to the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, also in the 1960s was a report from 1965, in which a man claimed to have shot and killed a Bigfoot in Kitimat, British Colombia. He would claim that as he was trying to drag the body away he would be set upon by a group of the intimidating creatures that seemed dead set against him getting it out of there. As recently as 2000 there was a report from the BFRO of a man in Honobia, Oklahoma, who killed a Bigfoot as it was raiding his property, but another of the creatures would reportedly approach to carry the body off.

Bigfoot have also allegedly been victim to natural catastrophes. One strange report was given by author Thom Powell, who claimed to have seen a Sasquatch severely injured in a mountain fire in Nevada in 1999, after which it had been tended to by military personnel and hurried off. There is also the well-known case of a Bigfoot that was apparently “buried alive” by a mudslide in Toutle, Washington during the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. The property where the incident supposedly happened has since had a giant statue of Bigfoot erected in order to mark the supposed grave, which has become quite the tourist attraction. Is there really a dead Sasquatch buried there, and if so why hasn't anyone tried to dig it up? Who knows?

Of course in the end, no matter how compelling and amazing these cases are, we are still left with no body, with them all conveniently disappearing or "lost" to leave us empty handed. There are a lot of other reasons for why we might not have found Bigfoot bodies, such as the work of scavengers and the elements or the remoteness of the terrain, which is why even the remains of large known animals  are hard to come by. The more conspiratorial minded will tell you they are whisked away by the government, or there is also the idea that Bigfoot aren't even flesh and blood animals at all, but rather interdimesnional interlopers or some sort of thought form, called a "tulpa," willed into existence by the mind. If this were the case then it makes sense that there would be no physical body left behind. Whatever the reason is, the bottom line is that we don't have a body, or really any hard physical evidence, it remains the holy Grail of Bigfoot research, and stories such as we have looked at here serve to fire the imagination and make us wonder.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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