Sep 18, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

NASA Investigates UFO Sighting in Lightning Storm in Spain

“It is an honor to be able to collaborate with some images that could be the appearance of the first UFO in Alicante.”

Alejandro Mollá of Alicante, Spain, SHOULD be honored. It’s not every day that someone who uploads a video of a strange aerial phenomena he recorded during a scary-looking storm on September 14th over Alicante, a southeastern Spain port city on the Mediterranean, gets a call from a government agency that isn't a threat. Mollá sent it to Agencia 6 which posted the video on YouTube and submitted it to the University of Alicante. Whoever looked at it there observed "something weird" in the video. Apparently, someone else did too.

“So there is tension and emotion while analyzing the images in the UA and in the next few hours at NASA.”

Despite the poor Google translation, there no mistaking that NASA is analyzing this UFO as well. Why? The original video can be seen here. The "silver" UFO is tough to spot in in that recording from Mollá’s cell phone, so someone (possibly Agencia 6) added a helpful circle to track it (see that one here). If you don’t care to listen to storm sounds while looking at a storm, another one has the perfunctory musical background (see and here it here).

ufo 4399759 640 640x445
A good UFO sighting doesn't need music.

Can you see why NASA would be interested in this UFO? If you can’t, Agencia 6 provided this handy explanation:

“The only proven study that exists in the annals of NASA on this type of phenomena is that lived and captured in Wisconsin, in the United States. There are divergences on the reasons why this type of phenomenon can occur with hurricanes or large storms , but the only occasion where the relief of a possible spaceship has been captured is the one that these photos of that storm collect, in a short video more than a minute, exactly as today happened in Alicante with the recording of our partner Alejandro Mollá.”

The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) website lists six UFO sightings in Wisconsin in July 2019. Which one is Agencia 6 referring to?

“For ufologist analysts, these ships could approach Earth using the energy that storms give off , taking advantage of it to recharge their “refueling reserves”. Others, on the other hand, assure that, if these ships exist as the photos show, their approach to our planet to analyze the life of the terrestrial is camouflaged between phenomena that make them go unnoticed.”

Ah-ha! There was a UFO reported during a lightning storm in Wales, WI, on July 20th. Here’s the report:

“Seen several fireball/lights throughout a 2 hour span making some odd movements during a lightning show.”

A common theory about UFOs appearing during lightning storms is that they’re stealing power/refueling off of our natural electricity and that clouds provide natural ‘cloud cover’ to hide them. However, they’ obviously don’t do a great job because there’s so many UFO sightings during storms.

Does NASA believe this ‘UFO refueling from lightning’ theory? There are no indications other than the Agencia 6 comment to verify that NASA really did contact anyone in Wisconsin or at the University of Alicante. Perhaps the agency was more interested in the storms themselves. The storm caused severe flooding in Alicante. Yet another product of climate change?

cloud 887465 640 640x426
Sometimes it's just a cloud.

Or is NASA just looking for some nicer places around the world to study UFOs. No offense, Wales, WI, but Lonely Planet says Alicante is a popular tourist city with plenty of fresh seafood and an active nightlife.

“Of all Spain's mainland provincial capitals, Alicante (Valenciano: Alacant) is the most influenced by tourism, thanks to the nearby airport and resorts. Nevertheless it is a dynamic, attractive Spanish city with a castle, old quarter and long waterfront. The eating scene is exciting and the nightlife is absolutely legendary, whether you're chugging pints with the stag parties at 7pm or twirling on the dance floor with the locals seven hours later. On a weekend night it's impossibly busy and buzzy year-round.”

Sounds like chasing UFOs in Alicante is more fun than chasing bulls in Pamplona. But don’t worry … if you’re still interested in the recent UFOs, Agencia 6 is staying on the case, just in case someone at NASA has a response or someone else proves it's something else or a hoax.

“Therefore, given the interest we know this issue will raise, we will keep you informed exclusively here at Agencia6.”

Paul Seaburn

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