Sep 25, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Space Station Live Video Feed Picks Up Mysterious Triangular Object

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s …”

It’s yet another mysterious object spotted on the International Space Station’s live video feed which some people seem to be able to scrutinize 24/7 and pick up far more anomalies than NASA does – or at least is willing to admit to seeing before the feed gets mysteriously shut down for various and sundry reasons that seem puzzling and provocative to those looking for UFOs and conspiracies. Those people include someone named “Scott M,” who sent a segment of the live feed to “Your Earth Watchman,” -- MrMBB333 – who posted it on his YouTube channel and expanded/expounded on it. (FYI -- MrMBB333 hosts an interesting site and is a great source for unusual world weather and seismic phenomena in addition to the interesting videos he receives of UFOs, etc.)

"Huge craft spotted hovering about Earth on ISS Live feed. The real McCoy!"

The real McCoy? Really? That well-used axiom most likely originated in Scotland (where an ad referred to the real “McKay”) but the more popular explanation ties it to a Canadian-born African-American inventor and engineer named Elijah McCoy. That McCoy, who became a U.S. citizen and died in Detroit in 1929, held 57 U.S. patents, mostly for lubrication systems in steam engines, but also a couple of interesting ones for a folding ironing board and a lawn sprinkler. However, his lubrication inventions were said to be so good, engineers supposedly made sure they weren’t getting some cheapo knock-off by asking for “the real McCoy.”

Elijah McCoy 570x704
Elijah McCoy - the 'real McCoy'

"This is not a reflection, in fact, this object over here as you'll see reflects light itself [...] It seems to be some sort of large triangular craft."

MrMBB333 magnifies the video of a video (you can watch it here) until the tiny blob looks like … a bigger blob. (It's almost impossible to size objects seen outside the ISS.) To him, it’s triangular, which always leads to suppositions that this is a TR-3B or perhaps some next generation of the craft whose first generation we’re still not quite certain is the explanation for various triangular UFOs seen around the world. MrMBB333 (or perhaps Scott M – it’s not always clear when he’s quoting the person who sent him the video a week ago) identifies three points on the UFO which he’s convinced are not reflections, making them lights on the corners of whatever it is that was recorded on the ISS feed.

Was this what the ISS camera picked up?

As those who have seen videos of ISS feeds before pointed out in the comments, this one did not cut out but had the UFO in its field until it appeared to fly off, leaving just the NASA logo. Other commenters point out correctly that this comes at about the same time as the US Navy confirmed that those three famous “tic-tac” UFOs spotted by pilots and radar operators were real and they should not have been released. And of course, it’s just a few weeks after President Trump officially christened the Space Force.

Those are all interesting dots and fun to connect, but would inventor Elijah McCoy or ‘Scotty’ McKay, given just this video, call the first dot -- the blob in the video -- “the real McCoy”?

Would you?

Paul Seaburn

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