Oct 25, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Bigfoot Howl Recorded Deep in a Canadian Forest

Few people are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to see a Bigfoot. Even fewer have heard the infamous Bigfoot howl, much less have the wherewithal to record the audio. As usual, the best place to see or hear Bigfoot is where it’s been seen or heard before. Stargell Blackstar may not have known he was in Bigfoot territory when grouse hunting recently in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, but his hunting reflexes kicked into high gear when he heard a howl and managed to record the audio and had his camera poised if the screamer walked out of the woods. What did the Blackstar family encounter?

“Me, my wife and grandson went grouse hunting about 45km from Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada when we heard these screams, it lasted for around 5 minutes but we only got 3:05 minutes of video and we have 2:15 minutes of it here. happened on October 3, 2019 at 6:50pm CST.”

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Sioux warriors probably spotted from Sioux Lookout

Stargell Blackstar’s description of his video posted on YouTube (listen and view here) tells you everything about his experience with something on his hunting trip. Sioux Lookout is a town in Northwestern Ontario, north and west of Lake Superior. Its name comes legitimately from the Ojibway People who hid on this mountain to watch for Sioux warriors approaching by canoe on the local river. Its reputation as a Bigfoot lookout – and now a listen-out – is also legitimate. In 1998, multiple witnesses reported a bipedal furry creature in the woods. One witness told the Bigfoot Researchers Organization how he knew it wasn’t a bear.

“It was bulky, black creature. I was not struck so much by its height, but its width. The shoulders were very broad and it had a generally thick appearance topped by a small, knobby head. I watched it steadily walk towards the woods. About 10-15 seconds later it entered the woods. As it entered, it walked up a hill and disappeared into the trees. Several things struck me. Rather than ducking under a branch, it swatted the branch over its head with its left arm. It also never turned back in our direction to look at us and walked calmly away from us.”

In 2000, an Ojibway People member reported finding tracks north of Sioux Lookout that were 18 inches long and 6 inches wide. And in 2012, there were multiple reports of encounters with a Bigfoot family around Wunnumin Lake, also north of Sioux Lookout. As is usually the case, no photos, videos or recordings were made of the encounters or footprints and no one reported hearing a howl.

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You can't report it if you don't hear it

For comparison purposes, here is a 2015 recording of an alleged Bigfoot howl in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Cleveland, Ohio, and a 1994 recording from Columbiana County about halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Both are considered by Bigfoot experts to be excellent examples of what they believe Bigfoot sounds like. Do you think they resemble the Sioux Lookout howl? What about Stargell Blackstar and his family?

"Oh my God."

That’s Stargell’s comment. His grandson started crying … what many would-be Bigfoot hunters would probably do when approached by the real thing. Fortunately, Stargell didn’t and we now have another Bigfoot howl to listen to and argue about. Bigfoot? Bear? Moose? Drunk guy? Prankster?

Keep your finger on the camera and record buttons, people!

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