Oct 02, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Famous UFO Abductee Recalls Faceless Alien Woman While Under Hypnosis

We’re approaching the anniversary of the October 11, 1973 -- the day Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson alleged they had been abducted by a UFO, and Parker’s latest book about it, “Pascagoula – The Story Continues: New Evidence and New Witnesses,” has just been released, so it almost seems like a publicity stunt that Parker recently underwent his third hypnosis session concerning the event. The first two were in 1973 (just days after the alleged abduction) and in 1993. While all three allowed Parker’s subconscious to confirm what he saw, the last one added a new piece to this puzzling case.

“When she turned around and looked she didn’t have a face this time.”

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According to transcripts of the 2019 hypnosis session published in the new book and previewed by The Daily Star, UFO researcher and author Kathleen Marden hypnotized Parker on September 14 and he revealed some startling new information – when he was 9 he was contacted by a mysterious woman … a woman he’d seen from behind before, so he’d never noticed that she had no face! (Photo of the hypnosis session here.) Still under regressive hypnosis, Parker told Marden he saw the woman again when he was 12 or 13, but time she had a face – or at least a mouth – because she had “very relaxing smile” and “tried to get me to come over.” Fortunately, he didn’t. Unfortunately, the next time he saw her, he had no choice.

“She got me off the table, and, more or less effortlessly picked me up and put me up against the wall over there. And started pushing my head back and wanted to put her finger in my nose for some reason. I don’t know what it is about my nose, but they always wanted to put their finger in my nose. And I started bleeding and I was in a lot of pain. I’ve never felt pain like that. It felt like electricity going all through my body.”

Parker next told Marden that he was fishing alone in a boat in 1993 when he was abducted into a cloud and woke up on a table with the same faceless woman hovering over him. When she was done with this unusual (for an alien abduction) probing, the faceless female flopped the still-bleeding Parker back into the boat. Once home, Parker told his wife the injuries and upset condition he was in were due to “boat trouble.” The interview in The Daily Star reveals no more, so let’s hope the book has the loose ends tied up.

The first loose end would be this new female alien. Those who know the details of the Pascagoula Abduction will recall that Parker and Hickson described their abductors as grey male humanoids about five feet tall with a nose and a slit mouth, but no eyes. They also reported that the aliens landed in a football-shaped craft. Parker’s newly-revealed encounters are with a female alien with no face (although possibly a smiling mouth) in a cloud. However, in later years, Parker has claimed he’s slowly gotten other memories (not under hypnosis) from the 1973 abduction and thinks there may have been a female onboard, and the probing may have been more sexual in nature.

Are all of Parker’s alien contacts somehow connected? That would seem likely, since many others who have had multiple alien contacts over a long time span generally say it’s the same aliens or at least the same alien species each time. You'll just have to read “Pascagoula – The Story Continues: New Evidence and New Witnesses” to find out more.

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