Nov 01, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

“Flying Saucer” Recorded Over Shopping Mall in Panama

“On October 9, 2019: Jose Angel Castro was on his way to the mall with a companion when they saw the flying saucer 500 meters away. It was a cloudy day, with rain about to fall, at 10:31 am.”

Opening line to a new sci-fi movie? Better. It’s the opening line to a new UFO sighting in Panama – complete with a video. Let the speculations begin!

“Before recording, they confirmed that it was really a UFO - the object had domes in the upper and lower sections, visible to the naked eye. They tried to get the attention of the workers involved in the maintenance of the mall (closest to the object), but their efforts were fruitless because they did not hear them.”

The quotes come to us from Ufologists Pedro Ramirez and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO) by way of the Inexplicata blog. The UFO was spotted by Jose Angel Castro over an unnamed shopping mall in Panama City and he had the presence of mind to record it on his cell phone, along with some workers on top of a mall building to give the images some perspective. Castro goes on to describe the UFO – which he likens to a “flying saucer” -- to Ramírez.

“… you can see at a glance that the object has a dome at the bottom and top of it, it is certainly a UFO sighting, they try to get the attention of workers who They are performing maintenance on the mall, they have it closer!, but it is useless, they can not be heard …”

cloud 2530972 640 640x359
Perspective is so important when recording UFOs.

As the video provided to Ramírez shows (watch it here on his Facebook page), Castro and a second witness clearly saw something. Unfortunately, what it is isn't that clear from the video. While the mall may be 500 meters (1600 feet or five football fields) away, it looks like the UFO is well behind it rather than directly over it, making it difficult to determine its actual size. Also, Castro goes on to describe its “tone” changing from white to silver – not exactly a dramatic difference.

Finally, there’s this.

“It was a cloudy day, with rain about to fall.”

lenticular cloud 2587392 640 640x355
A day like this?

Were Jose Angel Castro and his companion watching a lenticular cloud shaped like a UFO? Sunlight reflecting off of it could explain the tone change, its lack of movement and its fading exit. That would allow him to say as he does that “the video is absolutely authentic” because it is an authentic video of an unidentified aerial phenomena. However, the vagueness and lack of clarity make this resemble a case of magnification imagination and there’s a lot of empty space to fill in between the dots before ufologist Pedro Ramirez should say, as he does anyway: “It's time to believe.”

It’s time to ask more questions and keep looking at the skies with cell phones and cameras ready.

Paul Seaburn

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