Oct 31, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Nuclear Activist Warns UFOs May Be Space Force Crafts Build With Secret Military Budgets

Do you think the US Space Command and the proposed US Space Force have secret ‘black’ budgets that are designated for advanced technologies which could already be flying and are being spotted by civilians as UFOs? There’s a good chance that you do. Do you think those mysterious triangular crafts and snake-like UFOs might be some of them? Probably. Are you worried about these secret flying weapons and their potential to take us into (or even start) a space war? At this point, you most likely believe that too. Are you doing anything about it? While you’re still pondering your answer, Bruce Gagnon already is. He’s the co-founder of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, a group promoting an annual Keep Space for Peace Week International Week of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space. While a shorter name would help, it hasn’t stopped Gagnon from spreading the fears that the space wars may have already begun.

"I'm sure they're testing technologies for space warfare that we can't even imagine, that I know for sure."

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online shortly after the latest Keep Space for Peace Week (events were held across the U.S. October 5-12), Gagnon described seeing a photo of one such technology – the Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider, a very long-range, stealth strategic bomber capable of delivering conventional and thermonuclear weapons. Northrup allegedly made the rumored TR-3A Black Manta triangular or flying wing spy plane using funds from a so-called black budget. Photos of the B-21 are not yet known to exist, so whatever Gagnon saw was unauthorized by the Pentagon. Gagnon is a unique combination of war and peace – he served in the Air Force in Vietnam and that’s where he became a peace and anti-nuclear activist.

Artist Rendering B21 Bomber Air Force Official
Artist rendering of the rumored B-21 Stealth Bomber

“But most importantly, the question of the kind of seed we carry from earth into the heavens must be considered by the people of our planet. Are we to allow the U.S., and other nations, to carry the bad seed of warfare, greed, exploitation and environmental contamination into space?”

The noble cause of Gagnon’s Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space is to keep space clean of nuclear power and contamination, keep it free of weapons and stop its exploitation by governments and businesses. One week of protests every year is obviously not enough, so Gagnon is stirring up interests and fears by connecting the recent spate of unexplained UFO sightings – Tic Tacs, snakes, triangles, etc. – with the secretive Space Command and proposed Space Force.

“They're now training people, young people, they have space camps around the United States. They bring them in and get them excited they then move them into the Air Force Academy and are given a heavy indoctrination on warfare and space."

Gagnon also looks at space and military camps for youths as scary and not-so-secretive indoctrination programs recruiting future space warriors under the guise of much-needed science and space education and career guidance.

Far-fetched? Do you trust a peace warrior’s warnings about your own government or that government’s warnings about space warriors being the only way to stop other government from dominating space? Do you trust billionaire rocket builders? Do you trust those who still haven’t figured out nuclear power on Earth to manage it safely in space? Do we really own space? Does anyone? Or does everyone? If it’s everyone, how do we get our voices heard over the fight songs of the space warriors?

runway 2754435 640
Do we really know what is taking off or landing at our bases?

Bruce Gagnon reminds us of another time when similar questions were asked.

“The Columbus mythology is often invoked to describe our "manifest destiny" as it relates to space exploration and colonization. The noble explorer theme is used to cover the more practical notion of profits to be made in regards to space. The Columbus mythology does indeed fit. Only it reminds us that the single mindedness that pursues profits and power in the "New World" will also carry grave implications for centuries to come.”

Grave implications. Again.

It’s easy to poke fun at the Space Force because of the times and manner in which it was announced. But while we’re asked to pay for it, our demands for information and explanations of the Tic Tacs, triangles and secret aircraft go unheeded ... and are sometimes poked fun at as well.

Should Space Force parades go the way of Columbus Day parades before they have a chance to get started?

Paul Seaburn

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