Oct 15, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Thailand’s Area 51 is Home to Cooperating ETs from Two Different Planets

In today’s edition of “As the Paranormal Turns Normal,” CNN and Vice – two reputable (send your negative comments to them) mainstream media sources – recently promoted Thailand’s Area 51 as a popular and fun tourist attraction. And there’s no need to storm it because its aliens and UFOs are openly discussed and often encountered. Should you start checking the flight schedule to Bangkok? Let’s find out.

“A hilltop in central Thailand is attracting UFO seekers who believe extraterrestrials hover above a huge Buddha statue, send telepathic communiques, walk across nearby sugarcane fields and use a crocodile-infested lake as a portal from their planets -- Pluto and Loku.


It's all happening three hours by road or rail north from Bangkok in Nakhon Sawan -- which translates to "City of Heaven."”

If CNN’s description of Khao Kala hill, the alien-attracting base of the giant Buddha statue near Nakhon Sawan sounds familiar, it’s because that was the site of Thailand’s own Area 51 ‘storming’ in August 2019 … only this one involved the local police storming two meetings of the UFO Kao Kala group who discuss their sightings and encounters with each other and interested parties. While the authorities said they were just making sure the capacity of the room wasn’t exceeded and the visitors didn’t trample the park grounds. That seems reasonable … except there are a lot of people in the area who object to these UFO and alien believers, especially since they link their sightings to Buddhist meditations and philosophies.

“The aliens are described as slender, little, silvery humanoids. Illustrations depict them standing upright on two legs with two arms and a bulbous bald head with a pointy face topped with a single antenna. Huge, glossy, almond-shaped black eyes gaze above a thin nose and miniature mouth. Believers say silvery spaceships appear festooned with colorful lights or resemble the domed, circular, retro-UFOs seen in low-budget 1950s movies.”

alien 1627004 640 640x373
If we can get along, why can't they?

Since CNN Travel is promoting Khao Kala hill as a vacation spot for UFO enthusiasts, it deemphasized the controversies and instead described the aliens, who witnesses say are from Pluto and Loku, a planet orbiting another star in the Milky Way galaxy. Wassana Chuensamnaun, daughter of the first person to encounter the aliens, says both groups can take on physical forms but there’s no guarantee visitors will meet them. However, they may hear from them telepathically – Wassana claims that the Plutonians are looking for a few humans who will survive an upcoming nuclear holocaust and can contact the aliens to come help with the cleanup. (Why not help prevent it? Asking for a friend.)

This might be a good place for Buddhists to visit, since Wassana says the Plutonians think he was "the greatest human mind" and often talk to her about karma, reincarnation and other Buddhist interests. This connection to the religion may also save the UFO Kao Kala group from future raids and complaints by suspicious locals.

buddha 1550588 640 640x480
Welcome aliens!

The Vice article points out that there are weekend bus tours to the site and plenty of baggy t-shirts plastered with garish alien designs” and other souvenirs and alien-themed food items for sale there. Now THAT sounds more like the other Area 51, especially during the recent storming events. However, that site still doesn’t have alien and UFO encounters – real or telepathic – while Khao Kala hill claims to have them, plus a group that will help visitors attempt to contact the Plutonians and Lokucians (Lokunatics?) themselves.

Which one sounds like a trip worthy of your hard-earned vacation days? Whichever you choose, it’s just another of the growing signs that the paranormal is becoming the normal.

Paul Seaburn

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