Within the world of ghosts, spirits, and the paranormal there seem to many types of disparate phenomena. We have ghosts, demons, poltergeists, wraiths, Shadow People, spirit attachments, and a hodgepodge of all manner of weirdness, all seeming to have their own permutations and existing as subspecies of the weird. Yet occasionally there are other phenomena that don't seem to really fit into the current categories of the odd, and inhabit their own bizarre realm of the unexplained. Such must certainly be the case with various blob or orb-like entities that seem to appear from time to time, and while rarer than some of the other paranormal phenomena out there they are just as incredibly strange.

In many cases these dark blobs are seen lurking in people’s residences, much like a ghost, but unique and strange enough to possibly be classified as something else. One such witness is Reddit user “RadioactivePandaBear,” who claims that her experience with these entities began when she moved to a new city to live in a house with some friends. It began with her seeing shadows that darted about at all hours in several different areas of the apartment, usually between the hours of dusk and 10PM, and appearing as pitch black, blob-like shapes, ever shifting, although they would occasionally take more humanoid forms. These blobs would get bolder as time went on, sometimes buzzing or fluttering about her like moths around a flame, or approaching her as if curious, and she claims that both of housemates saw them as well. She says of the strange entities:

I've seen my dog react to them so that put to rest for me any consideration the entire phenomena itself is a figment of my imagination. My cats used to chase the smaller cat sized shadow blobs that dart around here. Maybe they still do. But I now largely keep the cats confined to two rooms of the house while we remodel so I have not been keeping track of their reactions lately. I mostly perceive the blobs either peripherally. Sometimes I get to see them almost straight on yet I can't quite seem to focus somehow because they move just fast enough to stay out of the direct center of my vision. My roommate asked me tonight if there is any way to get rid of them. It's strange because I have never had any bad vibes or feelings and I can usually pick up on when something is being aggressive spiritually, but this just feels different, there's no feeling at all, no getting the chills or getting goosebumps, so I'm really not sure what they are.

It is interesting to note how this witness says that there was no negative or insidious feeling emanating from there, because on more occasions than not, these black blob entities are not seen as particularly friendly or innocuous, but rather threatening and sometimes even downright evil. There is also the account by Reddit user “Ignus_Fatuus,” who gives an account from a friend of his, who seems to have been plagued by a strange “black dot” that is roaming about his house, appearing on walls, the ceiling, and even in the bathroom. It is described as ranging in size from a quarter to around the size of a baseball, and as looking like just a sheer black ball, blob, or mist, always producing an unsettling feeling of unease. The witness says of this strange phenomenon:

The first time I saw it I was walking out of my bedroom into the living room. All of my walls are painted white and I don't have anything really on them. I have one painting on the wall next to my front door but that's it, point being that it REALLY stands out when I see it. But usually the minute I notice it it is gone.


Only once have I seen it straight on and that was about three nights ago. I got up early in the morning probably five or six AM to pee, opened my door and went into the bathroom that is right next to my room. I did not turn the light on as there is usually enough light from the street lamps outside my house shining into my room and into the short hallway where the bathroom is. Without lifting the seat I started going and finished up, my eyes were closed the whole time and when I was done I looked down to flush and there it was on the middle left side of my toilet seat. I yelled Fuck! and jumped back now wide awake with my heart pounding but it was gone. This time though, I actually saw it move and it was amazingly fast. It's not an animal, it's not an insect (like roaches or anything). My house is very clean, I don't have bugs, I don't own any pets and I live alone. It's not shiny, but it's not see through and it appears to be perfectly round. I even tried googling to see if maybe anyone else had experienced this or if there was an explanation for it and found nothing.


I have friends who are into the unexplained and some have suggested that I am hallucinating, that it could be high EMF in my house or a gas leak or something but my brother is in construction and couldn't find anything when he came over to check my house. Everything checked out normal. I don't know whether to be afraid or not, I just simply do not know what this thing is. But I have seen it five times for sure and maybe a few other times but like I said sometimes it is out of the corner of my eye so it could be anything. I even went and got my eyes checked and the doctor said I have 20/20 vision. So I am not seeing THOSE KINDS of spots. Whatever this is or these are, they are physically in my house.

On Your Ghost Stories there is a report of a dark blob mass appearing on the ceiling of the witness as she was talking with her sister in their home one evening. She says that as they chatted away they noticed a black shape sort of flowing across the ceiling to congeal in a corner, and which they soon realized was not just a normal shadow. The witness says:

As we were talking I notice this black shape on the ceiling. I actually really did not think anything about it though, until I shifted my eyes up. It started to bother me but I immediately thought that it was the shadow of my fan or tv. So I poked my sister and we both agreed we would find out what the blob thing was. We started moving this quietly as my mom was sleeping next door. I moved the fan, the blob stayed. I moved the Tv. The blob stayed. Basically... we moved everything except for my damn bed. Me and my sister looked at each other and ran in the bed. It was hilarious at the time. But now that I think about it it creeps me out. So after seeing the blob shift towards the other corner, I actually got really scared. I prayed like a damn nun. And so did my sister. Then I couldn't believe it. A white blob showed up and the dark blob disappeared.

Another even more menacing report comes from a Reddit user who says that both he and his wife have seen a bizarre blob-like entity in their bedroom that he feels might have been watching them or even coiled in wait to attack them. It began when he woke up in the middle of the night to see what seemed like a large, amorphous black mass like a cloud, and he explains:

Me and my wife were in bed. Above me, we were practically blanketed by what I would describe as a very dark black cloud / mist. I pointed at it, almost touching it. As I did this, this thing practically jerked away from my hand. It looked like it was forming rolling black clouds and ascending up to the ceiling. I quickly shook up my wife saying, " do you see it do you see it?!?" She woke up and stared at this thing. It went all the way up to ceiling where it dissipated through the ceiling. It looked like it just went straight through it. The whole experience lasted about 25 seconds. I asked my wife what she saw. She described exactly what I had seen. I did not give her any details at all to what I had seen. Again, this thing was very, very dark, it looked like some kind of black cloud formation. It did not look like smoke. We did not smell smoke. Nothing was burning. This thing reacted and moved like it was intelligent. It has been months, and I am terrified to sleep on my own. Whatever it was was watching us sleep. I'm just really fucking creeped out now. Just knowing whatever it was, was not a hallucination. Knowing that it was watching us while we sleep. Not knowing what its capable of. Very unnerving. My sleep is a shit now.

The fact that in these cases so far the entities seem to move and react intelligently suggests that they are not just shadows or some sort of illusion, and it is hard to really tell what this could all mean. In some cases these black blobs appear to behave in a decidedly more menacing way, showing that they may perhaps be malicious and out to do harm. Take the account given by Redditor “HeroaDerpina,” who says she encountered a seemingly quite unfriendly black blob in her home as she was taking care of her kids. She says that she had just put her three kids to bed and was doing some last minute tending to them when she walked into the hall to be greeted by a pitch black blob hanging from the ceiling like some kind of grotesque spider, and she says:

When I walked out of the hallway into the common area, I immediately felt like I wasn't supposed to be in there. I kept going into the kitchen, and for some reason I looked toward the front door. In the entry way, I saw a black blob hanging from the ceiling in the corner. It was definitely not a shadow - I approached it and checked it out for some stupid reason and I could see that it was not flat against the wall like a shadow. It was roundish, almost like a cocoon, but more irregular. I could not see through it at all, but I could see irregularities in the color. It almost looked like it had brown spots, and it seemed to be moving just enough for me to tell that it was moving.


I looked around for anything to explain it away and I couldn't. Now that it's light out, I see even less of an explanation. After I fed the baby and put her back down, I went back into our room and saw that both of our shades were opened. My husband was in the room across the hall from my daughter. I had the door open and would have seen him or my toddler leave. My oldest son's door was closed and it makes a very distinct sound when it opens. We don't have a very big house and sound carries extremely well and I didn't hear a thing. It was eerily silent. I definitely felt like I was being watched and that whatever it was that was hanging on my ceiling did not want me in that room. After all of the experiences I've had, this is the first time I've felt threatened. I'm concerned for my kids.(the three year old is Autistic and has other special needs and can't tell me when something is wrong).

It is rather unsettling that these entities are often sighted in the vicinity of children or babies, as if drawn to them. This can be seen in a report from Above Top Secret, in which a worried father tells of a black blob he spotted apparently harassing his infant son with unknown purposes. He says of his rather disturbing experience:

My son is 13 months and because of teething it happens frequently that he awakes in the middle of the night. I then take him with me on the couch in his room, give him half a bottle of light porridge and try to make him sleep. The day before yesterday I fell asleep with him on the couch and woke up just before 3am, hearing he had a nightmare. I softly gave him a hug and nudged him to wake up. At that moment in the middle of my vision on the back of the sofa I saw a black spot of approx. 10x20 cm leaving my son and going upwards on the back of the couch. After an initial shock I tried to simulate the shadow, but whatever I did the shadows from me were much lighter, not the real black of the spot. The room is very dark because of 2 sets of curtains. Only lightsources are a little nightlight and the light of the babyphone. This event has stayed on my mind since then. What was it?

What was it, indeed. In yet another report, Redditor “u4icksand,” in Seattle, who claims that he was actually rather violently physically assaulted by one of these things on two separate occasions. His report is like something out of a horror film, and describes a very aggressive black blob like a “blurry, limbless rat,” which seemed to have no good intentions towards him and seemed intent on harming him towards some nefarious end. It seemed prone to attacking him as he slept, and his harrowing account reads as follows:

I was asleep this particular night, but was suddenly awakened. When I woke, both of my arms were completely numb, and I could feel an odd thumping sensation on the inside fold of my right elbow. I looked at it, and to my astonishment, there was a dark blob there. I say attack only for lack of a better word. I am not entirely convinced that it was an attack. The action it was performing would be best described as a very blurry, limbless rat trying to headbutt its way into my arm very rapidly. Now, I saw this and thought "what? mind is playing tricks on me." I then took my numb left arm and flopped it onto my numb right arm where it was being accosted by this figment of my imagination. To my horror, it quickly leaped onto my left arm and started its pulsating headbutt attack on the same spot on my left arm. This freaked me out. I shot up out of bed like an excited dracula, immediately on my feet from a laying position.


By this time I had regained some feeling in my arms, and though they were still very tingly, I had a little more use of them. I started swatting the blob on my left arm with my right hand. The damned thing actually dodged, and after a few more swat attempts, it leaped back to my right arm and did its little pulsating headbutt attack on the exact same spot as it was originally. By this time my heart felt like it was going to burst and I was freaking the hell out. I shook my body violently and managed to throw the thing off of me. I lost it in the darkness as it fell, and saw it no more. I spent another half hour or so awake and watchful, but eventually convinced myself it was nothing and went to sleep. The experience became a memory that I never forgot, but never lent much credence to. I figured I was just having some weird nighttime hallucination.


A few months later, I left Seattle, and came to Kansas. I had decided to go to college, but did not want to pay huge money for undergrad. So I was staying with family for about a year until I got my own place. During this year, I had another encounter with a dark blob. The first one, in Seattle, occurred in August. I don't recall the day, just the month. The following August, while staying with family in Kansas, was when the second encounter happened. Again, I was sleeping. I awoke, and immediately realized that something was pulsating at my neck. I knew what it was immediately when I glanced over on my left shoulder and a dark blob was doing the same pulsating headbutt attack at the side of my neck. This blob was significantly larger than the year before. I immediately started swatting at my neck, frantically, and managed to dislodge it. I was able to see it fall onto my bed, as I was already standing upright on it. I even managed to track its movements onto my floor where it ran under some clothes. I tried to follow it further, and lost sight of it. I started searching under my clothes on the floor, but it was gone. That was five yeas ago this August. I have not seen it since.

What was this thing up to? What was it trying to do? Who knows? Not all of these reports of black blob entities are confined to apartments and homes, and there have been a few of these things roaming about in the wild. Reddit user “Calder4” claims to have had just such an encounter as he had been driving home from work, across a rugged route that took him through fields and thick forests. He says that at night it becomes almost impenetrably dark out on that road, with only the faint illumination by the headlights stabbing out into the night to push the utter blackness away. On this evening the drive would be a bit spookier than it usually was, when he had a brush with something he cannot explain. He says of his surreal experience:

On this night, I had left work around 10:30 pm, work had been busy and I was still running off the adrenaline high from the day. It was just past 11:00 pm, and I was passing the off-ramp for the airport, a slight mist was starting which helped the few lights in the area travel farther and light up the sky with a low warm glow. It was while approaching this area that I noticed something abnormal in my line of vision. A large black blob. At first, I thought I must be tired and was seeing black spots like you might see if you sit up to fast or look at a bright light, but I felt alert, and when I blinked it didn't fade, in fact, instead of soft around the edges, it seemed solid, like a three dimensional object, I blinked dumbly for a moment, not understanding what I was seeing, but soon I started to make sense of it.


It was not my eyes... that seems like such an absurd thing to have to say, but it was not my eyes. As I drove closer, it grew clearer... and larger. It was the size of a refrigerator, roughly oblong, not humanoid like I've heard "shadow people" describes as, but more.. well honestly, potato shaped. It hovered nearly 3 feet off the ground and was the darkest shade of black I've ever seen, and yet somehow it still managed to reflect light off of its uneven form. It's "body" was like liquid fabric, rippling and quivering like slow motion Jello.


I observed all this in a matter of moments before I was jarred from a trance-like state by the car in front of me plowing through it. At that moment, I suddenly realized I was also about to drive into it and felt a jerk reaction to swerve, but before I pulled the wheel, it's quivering grew violent and exaggerated until it collapsed in onto itself a moment before the front end of my car had the chance to even touch it. I looked back in my mirror, but saw nothing. I looked around and ahead of me, but saw nothing. I spent the whole ride home praying that whatever it was, it hadn't gotten into the car with me. Every once and awhile I'd be brave and check the back seat, but saw only the shadows that normally accompany me home. I don't know what it was I saw that night, but I often find myself trying to debunk it by recreating the circumstances. I've looked for anything in the area that might explain it, stared into bright lights, etc. but nothing works. I haven't heard too many people describing "black potato-shaped Jello blobs" before, but if you've seen one, let me know what you think it is.

What is this bizarre thing? What are we dealing with in cases like these? The entities seem to display some form of animation and intelligence, but they do not seem to really fit in with the hallmarks of regular ghost sightings or even with the phenomenon known as Shadow People. This seems to be something different, in its own world, almost its own category of phenomenon. One idea is that these could be some sort of demonic entity, or perhaps even some kind of inter-dimensional interloper slipping through the barrier between realities for reasons we cannot fathom. There is also a rather curious idea that they could be beings from the “4th dimension,” and a perhaps even more far out idea that they represent a type of energy parasite, of which one wild hypothesis posted on the site Creepy Hollows says:

These parasitical creatures are very common, but are unlikely to be noticed unless the host is sensitive, or they grow large or numerous. At this point the person's energy becomes compromised and they will most likely display some of the signs listed on the Signs and Symptoms page. In my experience they take many forms, but some are more common than others. Here are some of the regular forms that turn up:


There is a tentacled parasite that threads into the chakras to feed and can reach out with tentacles to pull additional energy from other people around the host. Often people instinctively give the unfortunate host a wide berth because of this, or friends and family notice they feel drained around them.


I see a slug like form that feeds primarily from one or more chakras and can grow huge, eventually draining much of the host's vitality. I have seen this type grow so big it forms a complete a loop right around the person's chakra system going over the crown chakra, down the back, under the base chakra and up the front. People with this size parasite usually experience chronic fatigue.


There is very common jellyfish type parasite that feeds from chakras and a multiple layered 'russian doll' formation that caps off the chakras.


I sometimes see black balls of energy that hang in the aura. If they multiply the person's aura can look a bit like Pigpen from Peanuts cartoon! As well as being generally irritant they can create holes in the aura which will cause the person to leak energy. Auric holes will reduce the natural protective function of the aura and may let more troublesome energies in.

That all seems rather odd, doesn't it? Are these really some sort of energy vampires preying on us? What are these things and what draws them here to us? Are they ghosts, demons, spirits, interdimensional aliens, or something else altogether? Whatever these things may be, black blob and orb entities seem to certainly dwell within their own corner of the world of the paranormal, and definitely deserve some consideration as some of the stranger paranormal phenomena out there.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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