Nov 13, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Bigfoot Sighting Behind Paranormal Museum in North Carolina

The theme song of the movie “Hustle & Flow” was "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," a title that spawned many “it’s hard out here for a …” variations. Today’s is “It’s Hard Out Here for a Bigfoot Believer” after a woman in Littleton, North Carolina, reported seeing what she believed was a relatively short Bigfoot crossing a road. While that may not be hard to believe, the next part is … she claims her sighting occurred right behind the Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum! Coincidence? Clever promotion? Excellent location selection by the museum's founder? Clever promotion? Something else? Can this be made into another movie theme?

"I saw Bigfoot. It was Bigfoot."

In a video uploaded to YouTube (watch it here), Eboni Curls described to Stephen Barcelo what she’s convinced she saw at about 4:30 pm on November 1 while on her way to the local post office. True believers may find it hard to believe that Eboni didn’t stop to take a picture or video because she wanted to make it to the post office, but anyone who’s missed the cutoff on an important package can relate. Nonetheless, her description to Barcelo was pretty detailed – broad-shouldered, walked upright in the middle of the road, arms reaching below the knees, about 5 1/2 feet tall – and she looked and sounded like she saw something that shook her up.

“There’ve been Bigfoot sightings in that area and that’s a museum there.”

Eboni’s aunt told her what believers already know – there have been a lot of Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina (along with other strange creatures, UFOs and just plain oddities). This is also the state where a Bigfoot statue was recently stolen and recovered. And yes, it’s the home of Stephen Barcelo’s Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum. Opened by the cryptozoologist in 2015, it has casts of Bigfoot prints, other Bigfoot artifacts, a haunted doll, UFO sighting testimonials, ghost hunting information (Barcelo conducts ghost tours) and historical objects from Littleton’s more conventional past.

"I have no reason to lie. I have no reason to bring this attention to myself."

In comments on the video, Eboni Curls admits her story is getting criticism and worse from others. Not from Barcelo, of course. He said in an interview that he believes the local logging industry is driving Bigfoot out of the forest and into more encounters with humans. That’s not why Barcelo, who is also Littleton’s elected commissioner, opened the museum. It’s also his house … his haunted house. After he purchased it six years ago, workers reported seeing shadow people, hearing voices and finding strange black clay marbles (on display at the museum). To a former journalist who’s always been interested in the paranormal, the haunted house and the Bigfoot reports made this the perfect home for a museum and an investigative paranormal reporter who documents as many local sightings as he can. Which is exactly why he immediately got a video account from Eboni Curls.

“This is a small town, no one wants to be labeled as the nut who saw Bigfoot.”

Barcelo knows what Eboni Curls is feeling – it’s hard out here for a Bigfoot believer. However, they both plan to keep looking for whatever Eboni saw on her way to the post office.

To avoid future conflicts of interest, maybe she should only hunt on federal holidays.

Paul Seaburn

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