Within the realm of cryptozoology and the paranormal there are often reports that are so strange as to really catch the attention. Amongs these are the various uncategorizeable humanoid creatures that have been reported roaming the wilds of our planet, and among the weirder of these are aquatic, amphibious entities. Different from the traditional mermaid accounts, these are beings that seem to be very human like in form, yet which are obviously not quite of the world as we know it, seeming to be denizens of the deep. It is all very odd, and here is a selection of phenomenal accounts of aquatic humanoid entities from the gloomy, watery depths below.

In one report from researcher Linda Moulton Howe, in 1968 there was an odd encounter with some sort of aquatic humanoid made by a former U. S. Army Specialist 4, military policeman who at the time had been stationed at the Presidio, in San Francisco, California, as well as at and Fort Baker in Marin County, California. The witness calls himself “David,” and says that at the time of his weird encounter he had been on a patrol of Fort Baker at approximately 1 AM in the morning, not far from the main installation and only about 20 feet from the water’s edge of San Francisco Bay. He had been with a partner, and at some point during their lonely patrol they noticed fleeting movement off in the dark and slowed the vehicle to see what it was, thinking it must be a trespasser. In a way they were right, but this was no human intruder. The witness says:

When I applied the brakes, it lit that thing up. And it was a humanoid form. The only way I can describe it is if you saw the movie, The Creature from the Black Lagoon. It was very, very close to that. Very close. The head was a little bit smaller, but the overall form of it was very close to that creature. And it came out of the water and it stood on the road. And when I put the brakes on, I could see it clearly. And my partner turned around, and he saw it.


It was a humanoid form, but what I could make out of the detail of it, it looked like it wasn't flesh. I could look at it, it kind of looked like, well, it looked like some kind of a lizard skin or something like that. That's what it looked like. But it was a little smoother than that. The color of it was kind of a greenish-brown, dark greenish-brown. And it had broad shoulders, so it looked very healthy. It looked very strong and healthy because it was tall. I would guess that it was about nine feet. It's kind of hard to judge, but definitely not under seven feet. I'd say it was about nine feet tall.


And as we looked at it, the creature stood there for maybe five seconds or at the most ten seconds, and it took off. I could see it just run, but it ran not back into the water, but towards the cliff that was there. There was a sheer cliff there that it ran against and disappeared! We were both a little shaken, to be honest with you. So my partner, we both saw this thing, and we saw it run into the cliff. There's nothing but a cliff there. I can't imagine anybody being able to climb that cliff. It was just like a wall.

Another account from the same time period that also involves military personnel on the beach was related by researcher Scott Corrales at the site Inexplicata, and originates from a report given by a military man stationed at the Caribbean island of Antigua in 1969. On this evening he and a few friends had gone down to Mamora Bay to do some night fishing. As the sun went down they noticed a group of people having a bonfire down the beach and they didn’t think much of this at the time, but then the people around the fire were reported to have been engaged in some sort of ritual, forming an inexplicable circle and even seemingly sacrificing chickens. So far, so strange, but it would get even weirder still when something began to stir out among the moon frosted waves, and the witness says:

We suddenly saw someone come out of the water. We were speechless. It wasn’t a skin diver. It was a person, but a lot taller. Standing over six feet tall, he walked slowly and surely toward the men in the circle.

The beast in question was described as humanoid in general shape, but with an angular, tapered head, webbed hands and feet, and a row of bony protrusions going down its scaly back. As it approached the group doing the ritual, one of them walked right up to it holding a bowl into which the chicken’s blood had been emptied, and the creature took it and began to drink from it. When it had finished the contents of the bowl it silently turned around and headed back towards the water, where it dove in and disappeared into the darkness. The men were thoroughly freaked out by this all by this point, and vacated the area with great haste. What in the world was going on here? Rituals on the beach, chicken sacrifices, and aquatic humanoids? What gives?

Beaches seem to be a good place to catch sightings of odd aquatic humanoids, and another report comes from Reddit user “johnnyturquiose,” who had her experience on the seaside of Brittany, in France in 2012. At the time she had been at a place called called Ile de Groix, which is only accessible by ferry and where she had come with her boyfriend for a quiet vacation. On this evening there was a full moon out, and they went out for a romantic stroll along one of the area’s beaches. The night was calm and the beach bathed in moonlight, a great night to be out staring at the cliffs and the waves, but then something very unusual caught their eye. The witness says:

So we were standing on a cliff, facing the sea, when suddenly, straight ahead of us, we saw a human-shaped figure get out of the water and hurry across the beach. I know, it's nothing scary so far. Except the figure was pitch black, contrasting with the clear sand and was not reflecting any light, like a dark shadow (it's weird cause remember the moon was shining). We first thought it was someone skinny dipping; problem is when you're going out of sea you first swim to the edge of the sea, then you stand up and walk out of the water. This figure gradually went out, all the time standing tall, as if it was walking on the bottom of the ocean. Moreover, my boyfriend and I had been looking at the water for a while and never noticed anyone swimming, as if it was totally immerged for at least ten minutes.


At the sight of that, I felt particularly uncomfortable, not to say really freaked out. So was my boyfriend who is not easily scared. Weirdest part is once the human-shaped figure got out of the water, it headed straight ahead to the foot of the cliff where we were standing, but it wasn't walking or running, it was SLIDING on the sand, like really fast. A pitch black human-shape, with indistinguishable face and features, sliding fast as fuck on the sand, almost gliding, not moving its legs or anything, leaving no trail or footsteps behind. We stared at it silently until it got a few meters away from the foot of the cliff; then, without talking, we decided to get the fuck out of dodge, still with this feeling of dread and fear. We never saw or heard of this creature again, and nothing strange happened during the rest of our vacation. My boyfriend however has witnessed strange things on the island before, but nothing that's related to this story.

On other occasions, these creatures are seen from boats or other vessels, and such is the case of Reddit user who says that back in 1994 he had been riding a rowboat with a small outboard motor, along with his friend and brother along a shipping canal in the U.S. state of Illinois. As they made their way along north towards Lake Michigan, the witness saw something utterly bizarre in the water. The witness says:

On the East shore, about 4’ above the water I spotted a BRIGHT PINK person, totally naked. I have perfect vision and this creepy short (human?) is crouched over and dangling what I thought was a really overblown case of skinny sunburn hand pointing with an appropriately skinny index finger into the water in a swirling (whirlpool or flushing motion). I locked eyes, I took inventory of it, missing its sex, although it was naked. It had no hair, and looked like it was starved with no fat on its body. It was bright, but not to the point that it gave off anything but a pink color. It was all pink and its eyes were dark, it was about 300’ away. When we locked eyes I was already screaming at the other to look. They were slow to act. It calmly dove arms first into the river. It never surfaced. I was in a state of terror. What was it, was it getting something, why was it so calm? I was trying to get the above details out of my mouth. My friend and my brother totally believed me to the point they said turn around let’s get out of here. We hauled the boat out of the water. Into my grandpas pickup truck. I literally peeled out on the rocks scared to death of this 36”-ish (in dove from the squatting position like a calm bullfrog) thing.

An interesting report comes from the site Phantoms and Monsters, and concerns a sighting made by a group of fishermen aboard a trawler in the Caspian Sea territorial waters of Azerbaijan in 2005. The crew say they noticed something swimming out in the water keeping pace with their vessel, and at first thought it was just a school of fish until a humanoid head with spines or hair poking out emerged from the water and arms tipped by webbed hands became visible. The aquatic humanoid kept pace with the trawler for some time before diving down into the depths to never be seen again. Interestingly, many reports of a similar creature came from Iran at this time as well, where the creature was called Runah-Shah, which means, "Master of waters and rivers.” In all of the reports the being is described as having webbed hands and feet, sharp nails, pale yellowish gray skin, bristle-like green hairs or spines, an oversized lipless mouth, lack of discernible ears, and large black eyes.

While people on shore and on boats have had their share of strange sightings, maybe even eerier are those mad by divers. After all, they are up close and personal with these outlandish entities, and to see one bloom out of the murk would be quite a startling sight to see. One such report comes from the book Great Southern Mysteries, by E. Randall Floyd, and concerns a professional scuba diver named Robert Froster. In 1988, Froster was diving near the coast of Florida when he allegedly noticed some strange disturbance in the water in his periphery vision. When he turned to see what it was, he saw a figure dashing through water that had been rendered murky and foggy through the stirring up of sediments.

Whatever it was appeared to be undulating somewhat towards him, and when it got to within 20 yards the diver noticed that the thing had arm-like appendages that seemed to be tipped in talons and were reaching out towards him. As it drew closer still, Froster claimed that he could see that its top half had smooth skin, unmistakable breasts, and a head of flowing hair, while the bottom half was covered in scales. Whatever it was did not seem friendly, and the frightened diver would say of its gaze, “I’ve never seen such evil hate in the eyes of any human or animal before.” He was able to make it to the surface and aboard his vessel without further incident.

In another account from August of 1991, a diver was out in the water near Cape Aya, on the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine, in the Black Sea. He was about 100 meters off of the coast in calm seas under a full moon when he suddenly felt something poking at his shoulder. Turning around to see what it was, there was only the splashing of water all around. Thinking that his friends were playing a practical joke on him, the witness began to swim towards shore thinking nothing of it. That was when he experienced a strong strike to his shoulder, and this time when he turned around he was met with the sight of the face of a woman there in the water, although her eyes were described as being much larger than normal, and even creepier still she seemed to exude a bioluminescence.

The scared witness immediately made his way towards shore with as much vigor as he could muster, and behind him he could hear thrashing in the water, which he forced himself not to look back at, afraid of what he might see. As he drew near to shore, perhaps thinking that he was away from the thing that he had encountered, he felt another powerful jab to his shoulder, and he saw once again the face of the mysterious swimming woman, her eyes black and expressing what he called “disappointment.” The swimmer rushed onto shore screaming, and looking back he could purportedly make out a silvery body splashing on the surface to disappear down into the black depths. Although the terrifying experience was over, he found himself obsessed by what he had seen, even seeing the strange woman in his dreams, and felt compelled to go back several times to the same location but never saw her again.

Also from the Black Sea is an extremely strange report from the summer of 2002, near Odessa, Ukraine. In this account, three Ukrainian divers had headed out to go exploring a weird, crater-like hollow depression on the bottom that they had previously discovered in the area. As they approached the locale, they say they noticed an unusual cube-like structure encrusted with seaweed and shellfish upon the bottom, and they approached to try and pry some of the numerous cockleshells from it. As they did this, they claim that an ominous, resounding voice blared out from all around them, reverberating through the water to command them, “Don’t do that! Don’t do that!” over and over again.

As soon as this mysterious voice echoed out around them, the scenery shimmered and changed, with some sort of ancient ruins suddenly becoming visible to them, complete with classical Greek-style columns. Among these ruins were seen two bizarre humanoid beings, around 2.5 meters in height and just hovering there in the water without any discernible diving suits or breathing equipment, seemingly totally able to breathe underwater. All they wore were tight-fitting bodysuits of some sort, and they were near one of the ruins apparently studying it with some sort of circular object or device of some kind. Having seen enough, the divers made their way to the surface, where the previously calm sea was seen to be roiling and dotted with mysterious green lights glowing and flickering under the surface.

Here have been just a few of the numerous such accounts of aquatic, amphibious humanoids reported over the years. What could such phenomena possibly represent? Is there an offshoot of humanity out there, perhaps related to some aquatic stage of our development? Are these aliens, interdimensional beings, or something else all together? No one really knows, and it is all enough to keep one's eyes glued to the water. you never know what you might find.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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