Nov 06, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Move Over, Football — Ohio and Michigan Battle Over Dogman Sightings

For some strange reason, the Daily Star, a British tabloid, decided to run a recent story about a mysterious and mythical U.S. creature commonly known as the Dogman. Cryptid fans often associate it with Wisconsin and the Beast of Bray Road, an alleged Dogman which became famous due to a series of articles and subsequent book by investigator Linda Godfrey. While Wisconsin has many more Dogman sightings, the Bray Road creature gets all of the state publicity, but the one who gets the most nationwide coverage is the Michigan Dogman, due to a series of sightings in that state including one immortalized in a song, The Legend of the Dogman.  Now comes the Daily Star with an interview of Joedy Cook, the founder of the North American Dogman Project (NADP), who reveals he has possession of three recordings of Dogman howls … all from Ohio! Is Dogman on the move or reproducing? Is this the beginning of an interstate Dogman rivalry that could replace the annual Ohio State-Michigan football game?

“The Bellbrook audio we believe is of a Dogman due to the many sightings in that location. The Dayton audio was recorded by the media in a very heavy sighting area, but it could be a possible coyote.”

Joedy Cook is referring to the locations of the eerie howls he shared with the Daily Star (you can here them for yourself here) – Dayton, Bellbrook (15 miles southeast of Dayton) and Cincinnati 54 miles south of Dayton). All are near the Indiana and Kentucky borders and a long way from Michigan. He’s a well-known Dogman, werewolf and Bigfoot expert based in Cincinnati and informed the Daily Star that the creatures can stand upright and measure “up to 9 feet tall and weighing anything between 300-400 lbs.” Needless to say, that size alone makes them dangerous to both man and beast.

“Yes, all these areas have had animal and pets being killed by a large predator along with a massive amount of sightings of a large wolf-like creature on two legs. These things are apex predators.”

The NADP site has a page full of photos of wounds suffered by animals that have been blamed on a Dogman. There are also articles, drawings, photos of footprints and alleged Dogmen, and a map of reported Dogman sightings across the U.S. The map shows Ohio with quite a few sightings across the state – far more than Michigan. In the interest of fairness, another NADP co-founder, David Jones, is from Michigan and has ample opportunities to help his state in this growing rivalry. However, based on the current map of sightings, this year’s game goes to Ohio.

Adding insult to injury, while Michigan finished just ahead of Ohio in a recent tally of Bigfoot sightings, Ohio leads in both the number of recorded Dogman howls AND the number of recorded Bigfoot howls, with two of the best made in northeast and central Ohio. (You can hear them both here.)

Let’s hope this doesn’t make the Ohio State players overconfident in the upcoming game. Maybe a couple of those 9-foot, 400-pound Ohio Dogmen can put on uniforms and sneak in for a few plays.

Go Buckeyes!

Paul Seaburn

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