Nov 25, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Pro Baseball Player Jordy Mercer Photographs What Looks Like Bigfoot

Jordy Joe Mercer
Nickname: The Rook
Born: 8/27/1986 in Taloga, OK
Draft: 2008, Pittsburgh Pirates, Round: 3, Overall Pick: 79
College: Oklahoma State
Debut: 5/29/2012
Positions: Shortstop and Second Baseman
Bats: Right / Throws: Right
Has Seen Bigfoot

Wait … what?

With one tweet on November 20th, Major League Baseball player Jordy Mercer, a former Detroit Tiger and current free agent, made the world of sports and news in general forget his stats and instead buzz about what was photographed not once but twice by a deer cam on his ranch in Oklahoma. The photos (see them magnified here) are dated November 18 and 19 and were taken at about the same time of day (3:41 pm and 2:51 pm respectively). And they show … something covered head-to-toes in hair, apparently walking very upright past the camera. Bigfoot? A bear? A human in a costume? Something else?

The Mercer family ranch where the photos were allegedly taken is a 2,000-acre spread in central western Oklahoma, a state not known for having many Bigfoot sightings. Those that do occur are usually in southeastern Oklahoma in the Piney Woods, an alleged Bigfoot hiding ground stretching from Oklahoma through Texas to Louisiana. The Mercer ranch has been in the family for generations and it's where Jordy spends his off-seasons, which explains why he was there in mid-November checking out the deer cams in anticipation of hunting season.

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Baseball and Bigfoot hunting -- America's pastimes.

Comments on Jordy’s Twitter feed and in stories covering the alleged sighting tend to congregate in three areas: Bigfoot, bear, man in costume. If it’s a Bigfoot, it’s a long way from its normal stomping grounds in southeastern Oklahoma. The same is true for a bear. Black bears once roamed throughout the state but today are confined to the Piney Woods area where Bigfoot also roams. (Coincidence?) The blurry photos, especially the closer one, don’t really look like a bear and the creature is extremely straight-backed and rigid-spined– a position unusual for upright bears (and politicians … but I digress).

That leaves a human in a costume, which the creature in the photo definitely resembles. It might help if it was a video so we could see its gait, or if it was less blurry, but when does that ever happen with Bigfoot photos? A guy in a costume begs the question … why would Jordy Mercer fake a Bigfoot photo? He’s coming off of an injury-shortened season with the Tigers and is now a free agent looking to sign up with another team. Could he be trying to get picked up by the Seattle Mariners … a team located in the heart of Bigfoot country?

Or perhaps he’s hoping to join the Boston Red Sox, where he can team up with another baseball Bigfoot believer – Dustin Pedroia, who says he’s convinced they exist and hunted for them while growing up near the redwood forests of California.

Bigfoot 640x426
Bigfoot bobblehead day?

While Major League Baseball hasn’t made an official statement on Jordy Mercer’s Sasquatch photos or Dustin Pedroia’s Bigfoot beliefs, this could be just the thing to get fans back to the ballparks. Bigfoot bobble-heads. Bigfoot batboys and ball girls. Bigfoot races around the bases. Bigfoot howling “Take me out to the ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch.

Bigfoot and baseball. Someday they could go together like cracker and jack.

Paul Seaburn

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