Nov 02, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Triangle UFOs May Be a Secret Triangular Stealth Drone the Air Force is Hiding

Have you seen a triangle UFO lately? If so, you’re not alone ... well, not in the “we are not alone because the aliens are here” sense, but because those triangular crafts have been seen everywhere. Now, the US Air Force may finally have to admit that it’s to blame for at least some of those sightings. A new report in Aviation Week reveals that the RQ-180 spy drone, a mini-me of a stealth bomber, has been flying out of Beale Air Force Base in northern California and other bases for nine years! While the Air Force has declined to comment, Aviation Week stands by its strong evidence that Northrup Grumman’s RQ-180 is up and flying. What should triangle spotters be looking for to determine if they’re seeing a UFO or an RQ-180 – other than the lack of an image on their radar screen?

“Although Aviation Week commissioned an artists’ impression of the aircraft incorporating a cranked-kite wing configuration when it broke the RQ-180 story, industry sources have since said the aircraft differs in detail from the published concept. Additional evidence now suggests the final configuration may be closer to the company’s more familiar flying-wing designs, with a simpler trailing edge similar to that seen in the Air Force’s official rendering of the B-21 Raider. Northrop Grumman originally crafted the same basic trailing edge configuration for the B-2 under the Advanced Tactical Bomber program but changed it to the stronger load-carrying sawtooth design when the Air Force added the low-level penetration role.”

That first artist’s rendition (shown on the cover of the December 9, 2013 issue of Aviation Week shown here) is much cooler and more modern than the Northrup Grumman’s X-47B drone combined with the trailing edge of the B-21 Raider stealth bomber it’s said to be based on. (See an artist's rendition of the RQ-180 here.)

Artist Rendering B21 Bomber Air Force Official 640x320
Artist rendering of the rumored B-21 Stealth Bomber

800px X 47B operating in the Atlantic Test Range modified 640x418
X-47B demonstrator

Fortunately for the secretive Air Force, no confirmed photographs of the RQ-180 have surfaced yet, despite the fact that it’s big (10 meters (33 feet) long with a wingspan of 40 meters (131 feet)) and has apparently been flying since 2010, starting with tests at the Groom Lake testing facility at Area 51 and secretly moving to other bases like Edwards AFB in southern California before ending up at Beale, with secondary operations at Nellis AFB in Nevada and Andersen AFB in Guam and possibly other locations. Now you can see why triangle UFOs have been seen in so many places. During that time, Aviation Week claims to have evidence of secret tests code-named Project Magellan at extremely high latitudes over the geographic North Pole.

Beale AFB is a logical choice for the RQ-180 since it is home to U-2 spy planes (a few are still in operation) and the SR-71 Blackbird (retired in 1999) it was designed to replace. And yet, despite all of the evidence Aviation Week has collected from open sources and insider information that the RQ-180 is housed in Beale hangars, there’s not a confirmed single picture of one anywhere.

You know what that means. Get your cell phones and head on down to Marysville, California, the North Pole, Guam or one of the other places the RQ-180 may be flying and be the first to capture a photo or video.

Paul Seaburn

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