Dec 03, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Russian Media Shows Video of Alleged Female Bigfoot Running

“She has a breast, this is a female!”

That’s not the kind of comment one hears on U.S. mainstream media news programs but things are obviously different in Russia, where GRTK.TV covered an expedition to the Republic state of Bashkortostan in southwestern Russia after Bigfoot experts could not explain a video they received from the area showing what looked to them like a female Bigfoot. While the U.S. is becoming more skeptical of political news out of Russia, should it listen to its Bigfoot news?

“This, I think, is the second such case in the world. So convincing. Because it is clear that this creature is running. Moreover, when we studied the freeze frames, I saw there at one turn a bulge - this is a woman’s chest. Do you understand? This is a female.”

GRTK.TV followed Igor Burtsev, head of the Moscow office of the International Center for Homology, to the Birsky District in northern Bashkortostan (also known as Bashkiria) to investigate what it calls an “amazing and even shocking” video allegedly taken in 2016 by three girls and a young man driving a Zhiguli (a famous and awful car built by the Soviet Union, more commonly known as the Lada). This was an old car (the last one was built in 2014 so it was probably smoking and lurching) and the passengers sounded pretty scared by what the claimed was chasing them. (You can see the video here.) (If the video is blocked, you can see a photo here.)

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“Lesha, close the window! He's coming! He's running! AAAAA aaaaaaa!”

According to GRTK.TV (article has video which may be blocked), Burtsev has over 50 years of experience studying Bigfoot, Yeti and other cryptids of Russia. As he points out, the creature in this video caught his eye because it was running and that “bulge” which he believed was a breast belonging to a female Bigfoot, not a male in need of a man-bra. After viewing the spot where the video was allegedly taken, , Burtsev and his team ventured into the nearby woods where they claim to have found recent evidence of a Bigfoot.

“When we went to the forest, we saw broken branches. Yesterday we were there. And completely fresh creases. In local terms, this is shurale, and in Russian it is called the goblin, and in scientific terms it is hominoid. Well, before, the yetis, the Bigfoot were very actively called, but these are all the names of the same creature.”

The Shurale is a creature in Bashkir and Tatar folklore. It’s referred to as a forest spirit but believed to be a shapeshifter which can have a humanoid body with long fingers, glowing eyes, a horn on its forehead and a woolly body and is known to wear its shoes on backwards. Rumored to be a trickster, loggers blame the Shurale for missing tools and it’s rumored to kill its victims by tickling them to death. The only way to escape a Shurale is to turn your clothes inside out and wear your shoes backwards.

shurale 570x428
Statue of a Shurale

Based on the fast-movement shown in the video, what the people in the Zhiguli saw was not hobbled by shoes on the wrong feet. So, what was it?

“There is nothing, this is mythology. Well and also, you know, very often there is such a disease called delirium tremens. That only with her they do not see! There is direct virtual reality!”

You’ve got to love Google translate for comments like this one by Anatoly Yakovlev, an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and General Biology at Bashkir State University, who is implying that these alleged Bigfoot witnesses were drunk (delirium tremens is shaking and visions caused by alcohol withdrawal) or hallucinating. Burtsev disagrees. He saw the evidence in the forest and talked to a guide who claimed to have seen something similar on nearby Mount Iremel. Burstev tells the reporter he believes there’s a Bigfoot living in a city park in Ufa, the capital city of Bashkortostan, and he plans to come back and find it and the running female too.

“They are everywhere! You just need to look carefully around when you go into the forest!”

Would this have made the news in the U.S.? Based on the number of Bigfoot sightings reported, they’re everywhere here as well but, like UFO sightings, are rarely reported by the mainstream media. That and a lack of folklore (Indigenous Native Americans had plenty of folklore about this continent, but then the Europeans arrived) causes much more skepticism here.

Perhaps Igor Burtsev could be persuaded to visit Washington state someday.

Paul Seaburn

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