Dec 06, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Russian Running Bigfoot Video Update – “They hit the Yeti!”

The story of the running female Bigfoot captured on video and broadcast on Russian media recently just took another bizarre twist. The longtime Russian Bigfoot and cryptid investigator Igor Burtsev, head of the Moscow office of the International Center for Homology, went to the Birsky District in northern Bashkortostan in southwestern Russia to check out the location himself and has now released an updated report (watch it here) on his findings, starting with why the female Bigfoot was running.

“It jumped out of the thicket and ran right into the car, as it were, you know? They hit him.”

That’s right … Burtsev interviewed one or more of the three girls and one man who recorded the video of the running Bigfoot in 2016 (watch it here) and was told that the car – a Soviet-era Zhiguli or Lada, ran into the creature. And then …

“They drove another 200 meters, it found itself there and chased after them.”

Burtev explains to GTRK TV why the creature was running – it was chasing after the people who ran into it with their car. As followers of Bigfoot sightings know, it’s rare to see one of the cryptids running. It’s more rare to hit one with a car. In fact, a collision like that might leave some evidence in the hood. Burtev is way ahead of you on that one.

“We even have some biological materials that we will examine for DNA.”

DNA! If you followed the first report, you may remember one other thing Burstev said about the running Bigfoot.

“She has a breast, this is a female!”

In the update, he refers to the Bigfoot or Yeti as a “him,” which is also how the witnesses described it. It’s difficult to determine from the GTRK article whether Burstev has changed his mind and if so, why. The news report video is in Russian.

“Well, is there a shurale in Bashkiria? Do we have a lot of them? Yes, yes! And meetings with them are not completely excluded.”

shurale 570x428
Statue of a Shurale

Being the Russian cryptid expert that he is, Burtev points out in the update what he also alluded to in his original interview – that the creature could have been a shapeshifting shurale of Russian folklore. The video is not clear enough to show a forehead horn (which the shurale is said to have) or shoes on the wrong feet (which they’re known to do).

The GRTK article again quotes skeptic Anatoly Yakovlev, an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and General Biology at Bashkir State University, who says “there is no evidence.” However, that was before Burtev revealed he has biological materials, which could have come from the car or from his investigative expedition into the nearby forest where the Bigfoot ran.

Burtev says he’ll be going back to Bashkortostan to continue his hunt for Bigfoot. We’ll continue to follow his story.

Paul Seaburn

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