The rockstar of cryptids is by far none other than the legendary Bigfoot, also called the Sasquatch. These hairy, massive man-like beasts have been sighted all over the United States and indeed in one form or other all over the world, and have remained a compelling mystery that continues to elude us. By far the most common description of these creatures is that of a hulking brute of a thing, standing upwards of 8 to 10 feet tall and covered with shaggy brown hair or fur, and this is perhaps the image most firmly etched into the public consciousness of these beasts. Yet, there are reports out there intermingled with these that seem to point to these monsters exhibiting a good amount of variety. There have been reported black Bigfoot, reddish Bigfoot, and grey as well, but perhaps the rarest of all are those accounts that describe Bigfoot that are a stark white in coloration. This latter is of special interest here, very rare and very odd, and here we will look at a selection of accounts of the elusive white Bigfoot

Probably the most well known series of sightings concerning what appears to have been an albino Bigfoot began back in 1970, in the wilds of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Mostly referred to as simply “The Pennsylvanian White Bigfoot,” the creature of creatures were first seen by a witness named Annette B., who saw one in the forest and described it as being about 7 feet tall, with matted, dirty white hair all over it. She would say of the creature:

Its eyes were dark and spaced far apart. Its [white] hair covered the lower half of its face. There was pinkish skin around the eyes and forehead. It looked like its hair was a little longer on its head and hanging over its forehead like bangs.

Whatever it was stayed dormant for a while until 1973, when two young girls spotted an 8-foot tall beast with shaggy white fur and glowing red eyes in Beaver County. This report is particularly odd and surreal, as the creature was described as holding some sort of glowing orb in its massive hand. When the frightened girls told their father about it, he allegedly went out looking for it, but could find no trace. Even more bizarrely, a pari of white Bigfoot-like creatures would be seen later that same year near Uniontown, this time in conjunction with a UFO hovering over the pasture they were in. A local woman claimed to have shot at the creatures with a shotgun, but that it had had no effect.

In 2008, there were reports of the white Bigfoot rummaging about the rural area of Carbondale, Pennsylvania, and there were numerous other reports of seeing the creature in the same area at around this time, and at around this time there were also some reports of what appeared to be a smaller, juvenile version of the creature as well. The beast was in particular said to roam about an old abandoned mine reclamation site in the vicinity, and these sightings would continue on until as recently as 2010, when a local man took some much discussed footage of the thing in his backyard. The footage in question has been widely criticized as being a hoax, with researcher Scott Carpenter saying of it:

In my opinion this is a hoax. Some thought went into this to make it look realistic and believable. The person put on white make up, then put on some sort of white jacket. On the head a white mesh material was used that fit very tight. Using a flash light with a video camera was the perfect way to cover any flaws and only showing the subject from the waist up. Since no mask was used facial expressions and reaction to the light would be look very natural. Jerking the flash light also made the subject appear like it moved very fast.

Regardless, the footage has managed to be much discussed, and you can see it here. What was this thing? Was it an albino Bigfoot, a hoax, or something else? What was the White Bigfoot of Pennsylvania? Other states have had their own accounts of what seem to be white Bigfoot as well. One account comes from the state of West Virginia, and was given by a woman known as “Melissa,” who says at the time she had been driving down an isolated country road with her husband one evening. The night was dark and quiet, just the shadows of trees and flickering lanes lines floating past outside, but then out of the night ahead there bloomed the form of something crouching on the road, brought out of the dark by the approaching headlights. She says of her bizarre encounter:

About 50 yards ahead of us was something in the road. It was on all fours and was snow white. It was bigger than a dog, way bigger. As we got closer it turned and looked our way. Its mouth opened and it stood up on two legs and began running across the road and up through the woods. I never said a thing. All I could do was sit there, stunned. A few minutes later Joe asked if I had seen what he had seen. Unable to answer him, I began to cry.

Another West Virginia report comes from an area called Baker’s Ridge, and involves a college student who was watching a house for a family out on vacation. The atmosphere would have been quite spooky already, as the house was situated in the middle of nowhere in the woods, surrounded by trees in the day, an impenetrable blackness at night, and a sense of foreboding at all hours, but it would get even scarier still. One evening amongst the cacophony of the forest night outside she heard some loud banging sounds, which sounded like someone or something rummaging around on the back porch.

Thinking it was some animal like a raccoon she went to shoo it off, but peering through the window revealed two glowing red eyes peering right back, framed within a dark shape around 5 feet in height. The mystery animal then ran at the house on two legs and began banging on the windows and walls as it let forth a furious howl. As it loomed past the thin pane of glass separating them, the witness could see that it was covered in long, scraggly white hair and had remarkably human-like hands. After some time of lurking right outside the window the thing slinked off into the night and shortly after she could hear it enthusiastically ransacking the garbage pails a bit further from the house, before disappearing. When she inspected the area under the perceived safety of daylight, she discovered that whatever it was had left behind footprints, muddy, human-like handprints streaked all over the windows, and garbage and other miscellaneous objects strewn about all over the place, with the garbage cans themselves crushed and twisted with great force.

In 2005 there was an interesting report on the site Sasquatch Chronicles. The witness is a woman in Lonedell, Missouri, who says that she had been visiting her parents along with her 4-year-old son at the time. On this day she was sitting out on the porch of the rural property along with her son and her parents’ dog in mid afternoon in broad daylight. As she leisurely looked over the quaint scenery she says she noticed what appeared to be a large man making his way through the field nearby, which began to draw nearer to the trailer where they had been staying. The dog was apparently not happy with this, as it began to bark uncontrollably, and the woman was unsettled enough that she took her son inside. She could see at this point that whatever it was was not human, and she says of what happened next:

The thing (for lack of a known word to call what it was that I saw)was walking, on two legs, aimlessly, not in a hurry and I could not find a reason as to why it came into the yard as it was just looking around aimlessly and leisurely walking. There was a wooden fence, mostly for decoration and only about 20 feet long, that the thing walked next to. My mother had some decorations (can’t remember what) hanging on the fence that the thing seemed to look at.
The dog barking did not startle the creature, it just kept walking.


I was absolutely astounded by what I was seeing; if not for the fact that the dog was seeing it too, I would have wondered if my eyes and/or brain was playing tricks on me. I decided to be brave and opened the screen door just enough to stick my head outside. That’s when the thing looked at me, met my gaze. I just stood there, half afraid of it’s reaction and it’s next move but more curious than anything. My heart was racing. I held my son up to look at it also, still indoors. After it looked at me and yet showed no fear I had more time to study it and I was racking my brain to identify what it was that I was seeing.


Here is the best description I can give…It was between 4-6 feet tall, walking on two legs, covered from head to toe in very long white hair. It’s face was mostly covered in white hair as well, except for it’s eyes and maybe it’s mouth. It did not have the snout like a dog, it’s shape and build was that of a human’s. I even compared it to a bear in my head, but their were not enough similarities. This thing was not very animalistic in behavior–the way it walked and looked at me were more typical of human behaviors. Yet, the way it wandered and seemed oblivious to the man-made things around it (cars, the trailer, even the fence) was more like the characteristics of an animal. I did not get the feeling that it was aggressive or wanting to cause harm. Yet, because of the size and animalistic nature of it, I knew that it was strong and could hurt me, my son, or the dog.


It began to walk around the side of the garage, out of my sight, but closer towards the end of the trailer that had the bedroom my mom was napping in. I ran down into the bedroom and began frantically looking out the windows searching to see where it had gone. i woke my mother up in my tizzy and quickly told her what I had seen and I wanted her to look. She was still half-asleep and slow to process what I was saying. I did not see where it went from there. I could not locate it through the windows and I was much too afraid to go outside and look.

From the state of Alabama we have a report from the Alabama Bigfoot Society, which allegedly occurred in 2013 in the area of Blount County, in central northern Alabama. The account was given by the son of a woman who had just purchased a new home in the a wooded portion of the area and moved in with her family. One day the family was out cleaning and doing yard work when the woman’s son came running up to say that there was a “giant creature” in a ditch out back. The report goes on to say:

At first he thought it was a large man with a white hood over his head and it severely frightened the young boy. They all went around the house to see if it was someone who intended to do harm. But the creature was well gone by now. Her son says the creature was in a ditch and that he and the thing caught each others attention at about the same time! They made eye contact for a few moments. He says they looked at each other eye to eye! But that it made no sound nor did it make any threatening move toward him. It simply walked slowly off into the dense forest. As it walked away he could then tell it was covered entirely with long solid white hair. The long hair fell over its face and he could make out no other features than its eyes. He told them where the creature stood and how far up its head was according to the bushes and trees. They estimated it to be about 9 feet tall. This was the only time he has seen the albino Sasquatch.

Another report from 2013 comes from Mahoning County, in the state of Ohio, and was reported on Cryptozoology News. The witness claims that he was getting his hunting gear out of his truck when he spotted a 4-foot-tall apelike creature with striking white hair, which he says ran away as he tried to track it with the scope of his hunting rifle. He says:

There was this white fuzzy thing standing on two legs. It was looking at me. It fled. Couldn’t wrap my head around what the hell I just saw. My hands kept shaking and didn’t feel right putting a rifle up at something I didn’t understand. I would get within 40 yards or so. It would back up. Then flee. Then popped out a third time. Got weird feeling of cat and mouse. Animals don’t act like this. It was playing with me. I felt I was being lured into something. With creature still in sight I turned and went home.

Was this perhaps a juvenile albino Bigfoot? In 2014 there was a rather bizarre report from the state of Kansas, which was reported in the Christian County Headliner News. In March of that year, a woman was driving along with her daughter on Highway 61 in McPherson County, when they saw something they could not explain. The report reads:

There was a farmer tilling a field on the right side of the highway, possibly trying to create a barrier to stop a brush and timber fire that was burning out of control by a period of dry weather. The area was under an open burning ban at the time. Suddenly a large bipedal creature covered with white hair ran out into the road from the direction of the fire, possibly to get out of its path. The daughter screamed, and the driver caught a glimpse of the Bigfoot as she passed it, so close its body filled the window. She estimated that it was about 8 feet tall and the hair was “spiked” as if treated with gel. She is a cosmetologist. One impressive feature was the large black eyes, which stood out in her mind due to their size and contrast with the white hair on its face. It was actually on all fours when first seen, then stood up and ran several steps in an erect position and finally returned to its previous quadrupedal locomotion as it crossed the ditch and disappeared into the darkness.

The detail of the “spiked” hair is particularly odd about this case, and one wonders what significance that has, if any. We also have an unusual report from the state of Vermont, where in 2014 there was a sighting made in the vicinity of the town of Shaftsbury. Cryptozoology News reported that the 20-year-old witness had been out walking his dog when the creature in question came lumbering out of the woods to cross the road right in front of him. The man explains:

There was an awful smell in the air. My dog kept barking. That’s when I thought that something wasn't right. The odor got more intense. I couldn't believe it, I see what looks like a guy in a white costume or something, running across the road, towards the woods, but he -- or it -- was in no hurry.

Finally, in the same year was another report from the area of Litchfield, Maine, where a construction worker claims to have seen a white Bigfoot on Christmas Eve as he was taking his dog for a walk. The day is described as being foggy, and suddenly his dog began to get agitated for no apparent reason, which is right about when the beast would make its appearance. The witness would say of the encounter thusly:

It moved fast and like a human. It was fat, huge, and it had white long hair everywhere. Looked like a white Bigfoot or something, no kidding. I never thought I'd get to see something like this. I’ve always laughed at all these Bigfoot nuts, I had my reasons. Now I guess I'm the crazy one here. Unless it was a very good hoax played on me, that could be, but I tell you again, it ain't easy for a man to make those kind of moves. That didn't look human to me.

With such reports we get a rare glimpse into another variety or spin on the typical Bigfoot phenomena, and it seems to almost give more weight to these as living, breathing creatures in that they display this variety. But what are they exactly? Are they albino individuals, a subspecies, or what? Are they even real in any sense at all? One researcher by the name of Sam Uptegrove has said of his thoughts on the matter:

They do not appear to be albino individuals, since, to my knowledge, the red eye coloration that is so typical of such creatures has never been reported. It has also been suggested that they are older specimens who have gone through the same change in hair color that humans do, but if so, they get around nimbly enough to make us older folks green with envy. I guess we would then be reported as leprechauns. It seems to me that the most likely explanation is that Bigfoot, like humans, are simply prone to variation in hair color and the possibilities include a limited number of white-haired individuals.

Albinos, anomalously colored, or otherwise, reports of white Bigfoot have a certain allure to them. These are the rare of the rare, possible strange instances of unique individuals among a race of creatures that are already elusive enough, and the white Bigfoot have an almost mythical quality to them. It poses an interesting question as to just what variety of  physical differences we could expect to see with such creatures, and although Bigfoot are far from confirmed to exist, it adds a layer to the mystery of what these mystery beasts are all about.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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