There are perhaps no stranger cases among cryptid or alien reports than what have been described as humanoid insect creatures. I have covered this topic before, but there are many other accounts that seem to really go beyond the bizarre to enter realms that are in no way easy to classify or categorize at all. Here we have reports of encounters of what can only be described as walking giant bugs, and they are every bit as completely off-the-wall as you might imagine.

One place where one might expect to see something odd and beyond the explainable would be out in rural or wilderness areas, but nothing likely could prepare some witnesses for their surreal and outlandish experience of seeing an insectoid humanoid in the wilds. This is exactly what allegedly happened to a witness called “Ricky,” who called in his experience on the show Coast To Coast AM on September 27, 2016. He says that at the time he had been on what was supposed to be a fun, family camping trip at the Sequoia National Forest, located in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California and known for its towering, ancient giant sequoia trees. With its majestic trees lending it an otherworldly ambiance, this place already looks like something from a dream world, but it would get utterly bizarre one evening after everyone had gone to bed and the witness stayed up gazing upon the flickering embers of the bonfire they had made. He explains:

At about 9 o'clock, everyone decides to go to sleep and my friend and I were left staring at the bonfire. I decided it was a good time to listen to music so I went to my sister's forerunner and I was opening the back to grab my Ipod. And as I opened the back door, I heard something come out of the tree. It didn't come out of the tree. It was almost like it was holding on and it fell. And I heard this huge thump. I could feel it. And as I... I had a flashlight on me. I looked over at the tree I heard the fall from and I swear on my life and I swear to God, honest to God, I saw a 6 to 7-foot-tall praying mantis. And as I laid eyes on it, I completely lost breath. I was completely taken aback. It took a step back and it became completely invisible. I could not believe what I saw.


I slammed the door and I ran back to the campfire. I alerted my friend. I woke everyone up and no one would believe me. I was really upset because I knew what I'd seen. So that happened and my friend didn't believe me. He was laughing at me and then all of a sudden I could hear all these things surrounding us and finally when I brought it to my friend's attention, he kinda put his ear to it and he heard it too. Finally, I was patrolling the campground with my flashlight and I could just hear these things surrounding us and I heard like this clicking sound, it was like (makes clicking sound). It was really strange. I was so scared.

What was this creature and how can we reconcile it with anything known to exist in those woods? From researcher Albert Rosales we have another account of a camping encounter, this time from the country of Poland. The witness purportedly had been camping out in the remote wilds of Wielkopolska province, Poland, and had her experience as she was walking through a meadow on her way back to the camping site from a hike. As she approached her tent, her attention was drawn to an odd figure squatting down next to a nearby lake. Not knowing what exactly she was looking at and startled that anyone else would be out there in this isolated place, she approached until she was only 8 meters away, as she did realizing that this was not a human being. She would describe it as looking like a humanoid insect, estimated to be around 5 feet tall and with extremely long thin limbs, gray or beige in color, and possessing oversized black eyes that were very much like those of an insect, and thin, fragile looking wings. The witness also expresses that the creature seemed to be surprised that it had been discovered, and would say:

It gazed at me and I knew that it did not know what it would do. Our encounter had no meaning or aim; it appears to have been a total surprise for both of us.

It is unclear what happened after this, but it is certainly not something that anyone wants to run into out in the middle of nowhere in the woods. Another such bonkers report comes to us from the site Phantoms and Monsters, from a witness who says that he has had multiple encounters with some sort of bizarre insectoid, and was just a boy at the time his first. He claims he had lived with his family in a remote mountain area of the wilderness of Ontario, Canada when one day he looked out the window to see something that would leave an indelible impression on his young mind, and which he can clearly remember to this day. He says of what happened:

We had the windows open in the house as air conditioners were not common in 1968. It was a very hot that night. I shared a room with my brother and sister. I woke up during the night and looked out the window into the backyard and in front of a bush about 8 feet away was a small thin creature with shiny black skin. It looked like a small girl but at the same time it kinda looked like an insect. It was crouched on its legs and was leaning forward with one hand on the ground and was looking at me. It had what looked like thin antennas or like needles sticking out from each side of its head and one on top. That's all I remember and when I told my mom she said it was a dream.

He would have two more sightings of the same creature over the years, each time being told that it was a dream, but he isn't so sure. Was this all in his head or was there something more to it? The witness himself goes on to say that he feels it might have been an alien presence, and this would certainly fit into numerous reports that seem to definitely be linked to the UFO phenomenon. One report of this kind compiled by Albert Rosales comes from the files of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and describes a very weird encounter that purportedly occurred in April of 2016, in the area of Zygi, Cyprus. The witness explains that she had been hanging out with friends in her yard when they saw a UFO, followed by what they assumed to be its occupant, which was of a decidedly insectoid appearance. She says:

My two friends and I had just finished our meal and were out in the garden talking and drinking (not alcohol). One of my friends had gone into the kitchen to refill their glass, whilst me and my other friend remained outside. After a moment of silence, my friend pointed out an unusually bright 'star' moving across the sky, assuming it may have been a comet or something. After a brief moment, I looked up at it again to realize that it was stationary; around 75-100ft above the treeline. I sat there, staring at this 'thing', just in complete shock. Every 15 seconds or so it would lower its altitude, until it was only a couple of feet from the tree tops. The weirdest part about this is that absolutely no noise had been emitted thus far. I tried to get out of my chair to hurry inside, but I felt an overwhelming feeling of paralysis, as did my friend. I turned to her and asked her what was going on, but she looked frozen in fear.


After what felt like hours, something appeared from around the trees underneath the triangular craft. It was a humanoid figure, with a head similar to that of an ant, and skin like a crocodile. It had extremely small eyes in proportion to its head, and long, thin appendages. It walked right up to the fence, before sharply turning and sprinting into the darkness of the trees. After a brief moment of complete fear, dread and anxiousness, the craft moved in a linear path towards the West, before becoming no longer visible. During this time, my friend who had gone to refill her glass watched the entire event through the window. She recalls, although neither me or my other friend do, that the creature had some sort of device in its 'hand', and that it held it up briefly before its disappearance.

Other reports are really hard to classify as one thing or the other, and serve to be just plain odd. From an episode of Coast to Coast AM comes a report on August 16, 2017, from a caller in a small town called Harwood Heights, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. He says that one evening he came home from work at around 1:30 AM and looked out the widow to see something outlandish looking back at him from the darkness. He says of the incident:

I looked out to the window to across the street and I saw a crypto, if you will, a Mothman-type insectoid; small body, unusually large head normal, no red eyes, and it kept staring. I went to make tea, fed the cats, came back, rubbed my eyes to see if I was tired and seeing things and, sure enough, it was there. One important thing, there was no foreboding fear. None whatsoever. That I found interesting. I was shocked as many people that had seen similar things. I went several times. I would say about four to five times, just peering outside, looking at the window and it just stood there. I live in a small town near Chicago. I figured police would do their rounds or someone would see it. You could hear a pin drop. It's a very small community, sure enough, no one was around. It did not faze me to take a picture. I did have a smartphone at the time right but overall no fear and absolutely, you're just there in the shock because you just can't believe what you're seeing. You listen to accounts but you never think you will be in that situation. I went back several times. I was listening to your show that night, peering out every now and then. It just kept standing there.


In the morning I went to see any trace of anything. It was gone, so, yeah. Above all, I would say the strangest thing would be I was not afraid at all and it shocks me to even say that now. Thinking back over the several months and years, I talked to friends, they have an interest in it - I kept thinking it was crouching like a runner would be so it could have been taller as many people claim to it being six or seven feet. It was almost as if definitely the body was much smaller and the head came to a point, almost as if, you know the old cartoons from Mad Magazine Spy Vs Spy, with the nose, if you will, comes into like a parrot's or a bird beak, but there's no beak, so it is very kind of pointed protruding face, if you will, but again, there were no eyes and there were no facial features, but again, in that humanoid design that's where the face would be, of course, so yeah, but the head was much bigger than the body.

The Chicago area has several other strange insectoid reports like this that are really hard to classify. One comes again from the files of Albert Rosales, and describes the experience of a witness who had been sleeping on the sofa at a friend’s house in Chicago, Illinois, when he was suddenly roused from his slumber by a crushing sensation of terror, made even worse when he discovered that he was unable to move. When the paralyzed man glanced around the room in terror, he claims he saw looming by the doorway a 7-foot-tall humanoid entity that looked like “a large praying mantis that was wearing something resembling a black and purple cloak.” This horrifying creature apparently then approached the man and reached out to touch his shoulder with a skeletal hand with long, thin fingers, after which the witness lost consciousness. When he awoke the creature was gone.

Another report from Chicago comes from Phantoms and Monsters, and describes some sort of flying insectoid humanoid at Chicago’s Willis Tower. The witness supposedly outside having a cigarette when he looked up to see a winged humanoid figure ominously crouched up on the tower as if perched there like a gargoyle. Then the creature allegedly moved, unfurled its wings, and leapt off the building to go soaring into the sky. It was then that the witness realized that the creature was very insect-like in form, and Lon Strickler says of the report:

The witness states that the being's outstretched wings were not very large, maybe 6-8 from tip-tip, but were very jagged and insect-like (shaped similar to a moth). The being was also dark green in color and had a body form like that of a mantis. The legs seemed to be human-like and extended beyond the body while flying. He called it a 'human, insect and bird mix'...that seemed to mutate while in flight.

Joining the ranks of all of this bizarreness is an encounter originally published in the October 8, 2017 edition of Strange Magazine, that supposedly occurred back in 1948 at the shipbuilding port city of Bremerton, in the U.S. state of Washington. One day, a young woman named Virginia Staples was just going about her usual daily household chores, carrying a load of laundry down to the washing machines in the basement of her run-down apartment building. It was a mindless chore she had done countless times before, and there would have been no reason for this time to be any different, but it was to prove to lead to a shocking experience, indeed.

The dim basement was described as enormous, its volumous floor constantly covered with a sheen of water that leaked from the walls and was rumored to come from passageways leading to the nearby sea, but although it all had a rather creepy foreboding atmosphere, Virginia was used to working in this dark and dank place. Yet on this day something was not quite right, as she felt an undefinable sense of unease and dread, as if she were being watched from the ample shadows clinging to everything in there. She tried to cast the odd feeling out of her head, chalking it up to nerves, but it would not abate, indeed becoming stronger the longer she lingered there, graduating to sheer terror for no discernible reason. She would say of what happened next:

It was such a creepy feeling I finally turned around and looked toward the back of the basement and froze. I was so scared I can still feel it. I couldn’t move. In one of the huge holes in the basement there stood this thing. It was horrible! I stand five feet tall and this creature was as tall as I was. It had a bright orange colored body and little spidery thin legs and antennae on its head that kept moving back and in and out. That thing started towards me. I backed out of the basement and got up to my apartment and packed up all my things and moved. I was so scared. I moved over to Seattle to my cousin’s. Really no one would really believe this, but as God is my witness it really happened.

She would say that it looked to her almost like a humanoid shrimp, and that for years afterwards she says she had potent, chronic nightmares. The interesting part of this tale, other than the sheer outlandishness of the entity described, is that this was in the basement of an apartment complex, and not even a remote one out in the boondocks. At the time Bremerton was a bustling Naval port city home to around 80,000 people, so it makes no sense at all that there should be this thing, even if there were passageways to the sea. Where did it come from and why didn’t anyone else see it? The strange abomination was only seen this one time and we are left to wonder just what it could have possibly been or whether it ever really happened at all.

That is a recurring message we are left with in cases like these. Did they ever really happen at all? They are so completely and utterly bizarre that we have to at least accept the possibility that they are hallucinations, misidentifications, or straight up lies. But what if they are real? If that is the case, then what are we dealing with here? Are these aliens, interdimensional interlopers, or something else altogether? How do we even know where to begin? Whatever the answers may be, this is a very outlandish and little known area of humanoid encounters that really lodges out into the outer periphery of the odd, and as long as cases like these come in we are left to wonder what they all mean, if anything.

Brent Swancer
Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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