Jan 03, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Arizona UFOs: Mysterious Light Returns to Mesa and a Cigar UFO Hovers Over Phoenix

While the mainstream media has noticed the mysterious giant drones flying in formation in fleets of up to 30 continue to fly over parts of Colorado and Nevada, Arizona ended 2019 with a couple of UFO incidents which can’t be easily dismissed as drones – including one that seems to have returned to the same spot over Mesa to be witnessed and recorded by the same shocked couple on New Year’s Eve. Do aliens celebrate the annual circumnavigation of the Sun too?

“We are the couple who filmed the UFO over Mesa, Arizona, on Dec 8th 2019. We couldn’t believe it! It was the same exact craft, or object we saw from Dec 8th 2019! It behaved and maneuvered dropping the orbs or objects just like the last time we saw it. But this time it did something new we didn’t see the last time.”

As many UFO witnesses will attest, once you see one you can’t stop looking for them. Most never see another -- Mesa residents Kerri Burnett and Doug Maier were lucky (or perhaps chosen?) to see the same UFO they witnessed on December 8, 2019. Doug posted his first video on Facebook and the sighting was reported on by many media outlets, with one ABC reporter following up unsuccessfully with the FAA. nearby Luke Air Force Base and the Army National Guard. On New Year’s Eve, just before midnight as fireworks began to blast, Maier and Burnett saw it again and recorded another video (watch it here) along with a shocking new twist.

“This time it did something new, and it was pretty scary as I almost shit a brick. It let off a super bright glow also possibly a second object or craft. It lit up and glowed aggressively, it was no firework. The clock had just hit midnight taking us into 2020, so there were fireworks. Watch for yourself.”

science fiction 1545307 640
How many more before the authorities admit something is happening?

Maier told me it was the same craft in the same area as the last one. He compiled both his and Burnett’s videos (proving it wasn’t a camera anomaly) into one and added a daytime view of the same area to show it was not a light from a tower. He concluded it with this reaction:

“When that thing took off or disappeared, it got really bright and BAM! Gone. This was a little frightening compared to the last time. Happy 2020!! Watch those skies.”

Good advice from a couple who can’t explain the bright orb they’ve now seen twice in the same location – and no one else seems to be able to (or willing to) explain it either. Are they too busy in Colorado chasing easier-to-explain drones? Or perhaps they’re in Phoenix watching a video of a cigar-shaped UFO over Sky Harbor International Airport on December 28th (does that date sound familiar?).

The Phoenix cigar UFO was reported to MUFON with a video that was uploaded to YouTube by Disclose Screen 'The Grimreefar', a popular channel for UFO videos. While the cigar UFO seems motionless for many minutes, there’s something familiar about that location and date that many commenters picked up on, like this one:

John Moore
It's the Goodyear Blimp, in town for the Fiesta Bowl. You can see it on the radar archives.

The Playstation Fiesta Bowl was played on December 28th (full disclosure – this writer is a fan of Ohio State and watch the game) and the Goodyear blimp was indeed hovering over it just 20 miles from the airport.

airship 2421847 640
A different blimp photo -- can you see it?

OK, that one was easy. Doug Maier and Kerri Burnett’s Mesa glowing orb isn’t. Will the FAA and military officials ignore this one too? Will any other witnesses come forward with more videos? Remember what Doug said:

“Watch those skies.”

Paul Seaburn

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