Jan 31, 2020 I Sequoyah Kennedy

CCTV Footage Shows Paranormal Activity in Haunted Antiques Store

What happens when you turn a 19th-century funeral parlor into an antiques store? Ghost stuff. That's what happens. At least, events that are commonly attributed to ghosts—picture frames thrown off the walls, glass breaking on its own, heavy items toppling from the highest shelf—plagued the Barnsley Antiques Centre in South Yorkshire, UK since the store's opening in 2014.

Daniel Parker, 42, who owns Barnsley Antiques Centre, says he's witnessed bizarre and unexplained events in the store since opening it six years ago, both while the store was occupied as well as when reviewing the CCTV footage. You can check out a collection of clips from the haunted antiques store here.

The building the store is in was once a funeral parlor in the 1800s. Apparently there is an old graveyard in the area as well. Both of these things do a great job building the spookiness of the location. Parker says he's usually a skeptic (which is what everyone who ends up in the news for ghost stuff says) but the sheer volume of strange occurrences may have made him a believer:

"The number of weird incidents that have happened here over the years is absolutely bizarre. I'm naturally skeptical about paranormal activity and all that but seeing the things I've seen has forced me to think twice."

Another sort of natural skeptic might say that a bunch of faked ghost footage is a perfect way to attract customers to an otherwise tough sort of business. But, that's also pretty cynical.  Parker says:

"I'll just be stood at the till and things will start dropping off the shelves, which would be fine if it happened a few times but it's all the time. People who know about this kind of thing think there are ghosts, spirits and all sorts in the shop—it's all very strange."

If you take a look at the footage, it seems like the real deal. At least, as close to the real deal as you can get. In one clip, a picture frame is thrown off the wall next to a bunch of elderly customers. In another, a glass case shatters with no one near it.

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Why do ghosts hate picture frames so much, anyway?

The antique game is hard enough already, it's doubtful that someone would start breaking their own merchandise to fake ghosts for a few thousand people (at the time of this writing) on Youtube. With the case of the cabinet, Daniel Parker says that the CCTV recorded that while the store was closed for electrical repairs. According to Parker, the electrician was the first to survey the damage:

"The guy rang me up and said there was smashed glass all over the floor. I couldn't explain how it had got there so I went in and had a look at the CCTV, that's when I saw the cabinet explode. It's the strangest thing I have ever seen, what could possibly have happened?"

The Barnsley Antiques Centre has a boatload of these types of clips on their Youtube channel. In this bizarre clip, you can see what looks like a layer of fog rushing over the floor in an empty room. It's very strange.

halloween 4451903 640 570x379
Or perhaps the ghosts are trying to drive Daniel out of business. Everyone knows ghosts hate the free market.

Daniel Parker has called in the "experts," though. One alleged medium got Daniels permission to spend the night in the shop and see what was what. According to that medium, the store is haunted by the ghosts of two kids, which explains their rambunctiousness.

Another visitor who claimed to be sensitive to spirits felt the presence of an old man who had fallen on hard times.

Daniel says he doesn't necessarily believe either:

"I'm inclined to say that none of that is true but to be honest I have no other explanation for what has been happening.

Before opening up I was a complete non-believer but now I'm half and half, maybe all the talk about ghosts and ghouls is right, who knows?"

Now I'm just imagining the store completely smashed to pieces and Daniel Parker standing on the pile of rubble saying "I might be leaning more towards the ghosts and ghouls, now, but I really can't say." Which is actually a completely admirable position to take.

Sequoyah Kennedy

Sequoyah is a writer, music producer, and poor man's renaissance man based in Providence, Rhode Island. He spends his time researching weird history and thinking about the place where cosmic horror overlaps with disco. You can follow him on Twitter: @shkennedy33.

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