ESP, altered states, poltergeists, past lives, spontaneous After-Death Communication, and mediumship are a few of the topics explored in a free lecture series starting Saturday, January 18th. International experts in parapsychology will be at your disposal. Attendance won't make you a parapsychologist, but will definitely earn you bragging rights amongst fellow weirdos and a lovely certificate of completion for your wall.

The program is called the ParaMOOC, which is fun to say, but MOOC just means "Massive Open Online Course". These live video-chat lectures are the real deal, so they are very academic (resembling your standard college lecture), but paranormal enthusiasts will still find the content fascinating. Participants  gain access to actual researchers, watch their presentations, ask questions, and discuss topics with other attendees from around the world via live chat.

Presenters include historian Dr. Andreas Sommer, Prof. Christine Simmonds-Moore, recipient of the D. Scott Rogo Award for Parapsychological Literature, and Bryan Williams, Research Director of the Psychical Research Foundation, and a student of the late parapsychologist William Roll.

Enroll or go directly to the course link to join the live sessions.

PARAMOOC SCHEDULE -- All classes start at 12 p.m. EST.

Jan 18 -- Opening Discussion

Jan 19 -- Parapsychology and Psychology: An Introduction

Jan 25 -- Psychoanalysis and the Occult: A Forgotten History

Jan 26 -- William James, Psychical Research, and the American Psychological Association

Feb 1 -- How to Stay Neutral? Clinical Approaches of Distressing Exceptional Experiences

Feb 2 -- What is the Evidence that Alterations of Consciousness Enhance ESP?

Feb 8 -- Anomaly Proneness: Unpacking the Psychic Personality

Feb 9 -- Aftereffects of Spontaneous After-Death Communications

Feb 15 -- The Psychological Dimensions of Recollections of Previous Lives

Feb 16 -- Poltergeists: Unsettled Objects, Unsettled Minds?

Feb 22 -- The Psychology of Mediumship: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives

Feb 23 -- Topic to be announced

Feb 29 -- Closing Discussion

Archives of past ParaMOOC classes can be found in the Parapsychology Foundation's ParaMOOC playlist. Past lecturers include Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dr. Dean Radin, mediumship researcher, Dr. Julie Beischel of the Woodbridge Research Center, and remote-viewing expert, Dr. Ed May.

Allison Jornlin

Allison Jornlin is a researcher, writer, and speaker who has investigated Forteana in the Midwest for more than 20 years. Poltergeists, fae folk, and paranthropology are her favorite topics. She helps plan Hawaii ParaCon, Hawaii’s annual paranormal conference. You can follow Allison on Twitter and Facebook.

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