Mar 01, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Alienstock Festival Returns to Rachel, Nevada, in September

Unlike Woodstock, it looks like the music festival/Area 51 storming event know as Alienstock isn’t waiting 25 years to schedule a sequel. The owner of the Little A'Le'Inn – ground zero for last year’s Alienstock and involved in the other Storm Area 51 events due to its close proximity to the base – announced this week that her establishment will host the 2020 Rachel Alienstock 2.0 event on the weekend of September 10-12. Will the alien-themed music festival have stormin’, strummin’ or just a lot of lawyers exchanging business cards?

“The Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nevada and the ‘Little A’Le’Inn’ restaurant and hotel in Rachel, Nevada served as base camps for the 3,000 festivalgoers who actually attended what became “Alienstock”, a high-spirited festival of space alien enthusiasts featuring various musical acts, food vendors and activities. Lincoln County law enforcement anticipated a crowd of up to 30,000 people last year, and requested emergency funds to handle the expected crowds. As it turned out, the festival went off without a major incident. On the appointed day, September 20th, around 100 people showed up at the back gate of Area 51, chanted, and had fun with the law enforcement officials. A total of six arrests were made at the two Area 51 gates over the four-day event – five for trespassing and one for indecent exposure after a Canadian man urinated on the gate.”

ExoNews nicely sums up the news about the actual Alienstock 2019 event. What began as a Facebook hoax by college student/comedian Matty Roberts to ‘storm Area 51’ quickly grew out of control as two million people expressed interest, the Air Force issued dire warnings, local residents and officials fought back and lawsuits flew faster than UFOs. The end result was the 3,000-person music event in Rachel, a competing event in Las Vegas and the small group storming, with only one woman actually crossing the line – Laura Prater was arrested and charged with trespassing. (At the time, Prater said she would run for president in 2020 as an independent – no formal announcement has been made.) After it was all over, Connie West, owner of the Little A'Le'Inn and co-sponsor, expressed interest in hosting the event again in 2020.

“Alienstock 2019 was a nightmare for the locals and it cost the Lincoln County tax payers over $250,000. We do not want a repeat! WARNING: The Little A'Le'Inn is actively promoting a 2020 event. They do not have an event permit and they are not very likely to be issued one for this year. This is an ILLEGAL event.”

Needles to say, not everyone is as enthusiastic as West. Local residents have put up their own website pledging to stop it. Roberts and his group Hidden Sound LLC are fighting with West over ownership of the name. Permits have not been issued, although local county commissioners have pre-signed a declaration of emergency for around $200,000 from the state of Nevada to help cover the costs of overseeing the alien-themed festival – a move Nevada’s governor is not expected to approve. Three thousand attendees seemed to be a maximum number the festival could handle, letting most attendees not staying at the tiny inn or in nearby cities camp in the inn parking lot or in designated areas.

Area 51 2 570x380
"No Trespassing" sign at Area 51

Alienstock 2020 is still six months away – will the locals or competitors stop it? Will there be alien beer, alien roast beef sandwiches and stripper-mobiles for the breaks between music and UFO lectures? Will anyone try storming Area 51 again? Will they storm the newly-discovered secret tunnels? Will Laura Prater storm again? Will she run for president? Would you vote for this brave woman?

Stay tuned.

Paul Seaburn

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