Feb 21, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Another Bigfoot Howl Reportedly Recorded in Ohio

“At 2:43 February 9th 2020, I was inside my house feeding my dog and me and my dog were both curious to as what we were hearing outside. I ran outside as fast as I could to try to understand what it was, but I couldn’t understand what I was hearing because I’ve never heard anything like this before near the woods at my house.”

That might be true if you live somewhere other than Ohio, but Bigfoot fans know that what are considered to be the top two best audio recordings of a Bigfoot howl were made in the Buckeye state. Could this one (listen to it here) – recorded in Fairfield – be Number 3 … or is it good enough to knock one of the top two down a notch?

“This video is not FAKE. I swear this just happened out of the middle of no where randomly. Caught in Ohio.”

The video was recorded and posted by Preston Riley of Fairfield, Ohio. Fairfield is in the southwest corner of the state, north of Cincinnati, near the Indiana and Kentucky borders, and a long way from the other two howl locations in northeast Ohio (south of Cleveland) and Columbiana County (between Cleveland and Pittsburg). (You can listen to both of those recordings here.) Fairfield is actually closer to Loveland, home of the Loveland Frogman – a legendary four-foot-tall frog-creature reported there first in 1955 and numerous times since. Youtube comments run the gamut from real to the usual human/coyote/dog/fake/other mix. One interesting “other” is a comment that the howl sounds like a bobcat crying. Bobcats are not known to reside in Ohio, but apparently, they’ve been seen in Indiana.

“So in this video I took a walk to explore what was out in the woods - because people wanted me to explore what I heard the other day screaming in the woods- I went and explored and found some stuff I’ve never seen!”

Riley thinks the howl at least qualifies as an “other” since he himself has never heard anything like it. He made a second video about a week after the first where he wanders around the location where he heard the howl to illustrate that it’s a wooded, parklike area that could conceivably be home to a Bigfoot or at least offer a temporary shelter to one. Then again, it offers the same amenities to a coyote, dog or bobcat too.

Ohio is one of the top eight states for Bigfoot sightings (the Buckeye version is often called the Ohio Grassman) and hosts one of the biggest annual Bigfoot conferences. It’s also this writer’s home state, so Buckeye recordings, sightings and reports are always of personal interest. That being said, I have no idea what this howl might be.

After you listen to the recording, compare it to the others and read the comments (there don’t seem to be any by the various Bigfoot organizations as of this writing), what do you think?

Paul Seaburn

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