Feb 17, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Another Plane Saw the Nimitz Tic Tac UFO But Was Forced to Keep Quiet

The so-called Tic Tac UFO encounter off the coast of San Diego in November 2004 by two planes from the USS Nimitz that was only revealed in 2017 when visual footage of the incident and two others was released and confirmed by the Pentagon (and later dismissed) continues to raise more questions than answers. One big question revolves around whether any other planes saw the UFO and why haven’t those pilots come forward. An answer of sorts was given recently by a longtime investigator of the incident.

“The gentlemen I spoke to, I checked his history and he flew the Hawkeye. The reason he declined to appear was because he had to sign a document shortly after the incident telling him not to speak. Even exposing himself and talking to me was complicated for him.”

Nimitz 570x364
The Tic Tac UFO

In an extensive new interview on “The Hidden Truth with Jimmy Breslo” (watch it here) which was reviewed by The Daily Star, David Beaty, an Emmy-Award winning producer and cinematographer, UFO researcher and producer of the UFO documentary film “The Nimitz Encounters,” reveals details of his conversation with an unnamed Navy technician who was on an E-2 Hawkeye plane that took off to support the F-18 jets from the USS Nimitz which had encountered the Tic Tac UFOs after they were picked up on the radar of the USS Princeton. Beaty states that the technician saw the Tic Tac UFO through the window of the E-2 Hawkeye and related that all five members of the plane’s crew witnessed it.

So, why haven’t we heard about this encounter until now?

“It wasn’t really a volunteer process, it was more a ‘sign this and don’t ever talk about what you saw’.”

The witness told Beaty the crew was taken to a secure briefing room different to the normal one after training exercises forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. While it has long been an unwritten understanding among pilots to keep UFO sightings to themselves or face ridicule, discipline and possible discharge, this is one of the few actual reports of forcing witnesses to sign documents.

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USS Nimitz

For those who haven’t heard the details about the Tic Tac UFO encounter and the subsequent controversies and conspiracy theories surrounding it, the interview provides excellent insights as well as this new information, including Beaty’s interview of yet another witness would claimed to see unidentified men board the Princeton and remove all evidence of the incident.

Did the crew member of the E-2 Hawkeye violate the non-disclosure agreement by talking to Beaty, even anonymously? Probably. Will he suffer consequences? Well, there were only five crew members on the plane – it won’t be hard for the Navy or the Pentagon to pressure any or all of them into revealing who it was. Since so much has already been released, will it matter? In these days of revenge and vendettas, what do you think? Will we hear any more about it? It’s a safe wager to say that the Tic Tac UFO isn’t going away.

Stay tuned.

Paul Seaburn

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