Feb 13, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Fresh Bigfoot Prints in Ireland and a Woman Scarred for Life by a UK Bigfoot

Ireland’s emerald forests are known for their ghosts, leprechauns and other strange and unexplained beings … but Bigfoot? Turns out the country has had a large number of Bigfoot sightings over the years – enough to warrant an Irish Bigfoot Research Organization (IBRO -- but the latest is unusual in that it occurred in one of the largest parks in Europe and the witness also found unusual footprints stretching for a quarter mile. Bigfoot? Escaped ape? Alien big cat wearing Bigfoot slippers? A Big Irishman wearing Bigfoot slippers?

“At first we thought it was a joke but as we continued to walk further on there was footprints for about 1/4 mile. This made us think that maybe this wasn’t a joke. My friend got down and measured his hand to the print and it was quite bigger. We always go on walks here and never seen these type of animal footprints before.”

Dubin Live interviewed the anonymous witness, who saw the footprints on January 20 (you can see them yourself here) and forwarded them to the Irish Bigfoot Research Organization. IBRO responded (and reiterated on its Facebook page) that it knew of no Bigfoot sightings in Dublin (Phoenix Park is an urban park in Dublin with an 11 km perimeter wall enclosing 1,750 acres), but confirmed there have been Bigfoot sightings in the Wicklow Mountains south of Dublin, but “most reports come in from further north." There is also no evidence linking the footprints in the park to those left by vandals in wet cement in Palmerstown in South Dublin. As of this writing, there have been no other reports in Phoenix Park and no explanation for the footprints.

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Bigfoot? Haven't seen him. Have you seen any wolves?

Perhaps IBRO needs to bring Deborah Hatswell of Pendleton, Greater Manchester (assuming Brexit allows sharing Bigfoot experts). She founded British Bigfoot Research after a Bigfoot sighting in a park 40 years ago scarred her for life.

“I saw this as a child, it was the most terrifying event of my entire life and caused me many problems. I searched for people even back then hoping they could explain the event away for me, or give me a reasonable explanation of what I saw and why. That never happened, but people in my town also saw the same thing, in the same park that I saw it. I have traced those witness reports back to the 1960s and the last sighting event being in 2016.”

“This” for Hatswell was something that “looked like an ancient man of some kind, or a hominid, hair covered and impossible.” In a recent interview with The Daily Star, she explains that her research has found many sightings in same park in Manchester where she had her terrifying encounter. While she’s found no one hotbed of Bigfoot sightings in the UK, although Thetford Forest in East Anglia and Cannock Chase in Staffordshire have many, she’s heard reports of creatures in various forms, even invisible.

“And the ones I fear the most, the ‘invisible’ creatures that walk alongside you in the brush, stopping when you stop, or walking as you walk, never seen, but often heard growling or snarling as it shadows you in the woods.”

Hatswell says the latest known sighting in Britain was in December 2019 (not counting the Irish footprints) and she shares her own personal fears as the result of her encounter along with how others have been scarred by theirs – something that’s often overlooked in U.S. Bigfoot reports.

“The Creature reports are not what is important here, it's the people who see them, the effect it has on that person, and the limitations it puts on their life, the constant questions and worry that come with seeing something that ‘does not exist’.”

If you’ve had a Bigfoot encounter, how has it affected your life? Will it affect your travel plans to Ireland and England?

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