Feb 22, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Nimitz Commander Says It’s His Ship’s Duty to Defend Us From UFOs

Will Smith’s Independence Day character, Captain Steven Hiller, may have retired from the Marines, but one military man is still committed to fighting UFOs and UAPs, whether they’re carrying invading aliens or not. This is definitely a military man to be reckoned with because he’s the new commander of the USS Nimitz, which received fame of the third kind when it was revealed that pilots from the carrier had encountered what is now known as a Tic Tac UFO in 2004. Does Captain Max Clark have secret information … and who will play him in the movie?

“Capt. Max Clark was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1992 with a B.S. in Physics. He holds a M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College. He was designated a Naval Aviator in November 1994. Captain Clark assumed command of USS Nimitz (CVN 68) Aug.1, 2019.”

As the website of the USS Nimitiz points out, Captain Max Clark is well-suited for a UFO encounter than Captain Steven Hiller, having both pilot experience and an insider’s view, having been on the staff of U.S. Joint Forces Command and worked as a Washington DC and Congressional Liaison Officer. So, it should come as no surprise to him that all anyone wants to know about is UFOs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. That was the case when Captain Clark gave an exclusive interview onboard the ship to The Daily Mail, and he was surprisingly candid in his answers.

“From my perspective we have an obligation to make sure the airspace is clear, whether it's UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), this is part of the air space.”


That may be comforting to the UFO-fearing, Independence Day watching general public, but it probably caused some concern at the Space Force headquarters, since that’s supposed to be THEIR new job. When it comes to close encounters of the Tic Tac kind, Captain Clark doesn’t seem to care whose department it falls under – he’s going to protect the public and his country.

“It adds another level of... from a pilot's point of view, to see and avoid, and also our radar systems looking for things like that too, just to make sure everybody's safe.”

At that point, Captain Clark ended this line of questioning. The Daily Mail brought in everyone’s favorite UFO expert, Nick Pope, who was surprised that Captain Clark would make these statements himself, rather than referring them to a military spokesperson, but was not surprised that Clark would encounter first and ask questions later. That’s especially true in light of the fact that information about the 2004 Tic Tac engagement and video continues to leak out despite Pentagon efforts to stop it or at least downplay the evidence.

“What's being downplayed by everyone is the staggering fact that the US government still doesn't know what these objects are.”

While even Nick Pope says it, there’s a large number of people who refuse to believe that the US government doesn’t know what the Tic Tac UFOs– whether they’re alien or secret aircraft being tested by the US or another country – and think it’s part of a massive cover-up.

Does Captain Clark? He seems to have gone back to “Loose lips sink ships” mode without revealing whether he knows the answer. Or perhaps he’s thinking about how he’ll be portrayed in the movie based on the next encounter and doesn’t want to reveal what he’ll say at the end when the smoke clears. Captain Hiller’s will be tough to top:

"Welcome to Earth."

Paul Seaburn

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