Of all of the weird UFO encounters there are out there, some of the more frightening and mysterious are those that have left the victim suffering some kind of negative physical symptoms. This sometimes is a sickness that seems to come from nowhere to consume the victim, at other times a more direct attack that seems to be aimed at them, but it is always bizarre and unexplained. Here we will look at a selection of very strange cases in which the witnesses were affected or even attacked by UFOs.

The earliest report we will look at here supposedly went down in 1975, at Fargo, North Dakota, in the United States. On August 26 of that year a woman by the name of Sandy Larson was on her way to Bismarck, North Dakota, along with her 15-year-old daughter, Jackie, and Jackie's boyfriend, Terry O’Leary. In the early morning hours, at around 4 AM, the group was driving along Interstate 94 with no other cars in sight when they allegedly were startled by a deep rumbling noise, followed by a bright flash in the sky. It would only get weirder when an estimated 8 to 10 glowing orbs appeared, described as having some sort of mist or smoke ringing them. This was all rather alarming as it was, but it would soon pick up in intensity.

These objects were reported as descending to hover above a nearby stand of trees, and this was when the witnesses would feel an odd sensation as if something were paralyzing them or otherwise disrupting their bodies, just as half of the orbs shot off into the night. The strange sensation would subsist, and looking around the car showed that they were not only not sitting in the same seats they had been just moments before, but that the clock showed an hour had gone by which they could not account for. Sandy and Jackie would later undergo hypnosis, and would come forward with identical terrifying tales of being paralyzed by the UFOs and then subjected to a series of rude, painful medical procedures by what they described as some sort of mechanical being. Sandy herself would struggle with bouts of severe migraine headaches and nausea for years after the mysterious ordeal.

A more direct aggression that was supposedly aimed at human beings by UFOs purportedly occurred in 1977, when an investigation known as Operation Saucer was launched to look into a series of incidents reported from the Brazilian city of Colares. Locals of the area claimed that there were numerous instances of bright objects of varying sizes and colors that were buzzing low over the tops of trees and shooting beams of bright light upon helpless people on the ground. These beams of light were reported to inflict a good amount of damage on those on the receiving end, including puncture marks, burns, and lesions, and those who claimed to have been struck by the mysterious weapons reported that being hit by the light felt like a heavy weight roughly pushed against their chest. The beams of light were described as being around seven or eight centimeters in diameter and pure white in color, and it was said that when they hit the victims would try to scream but that no sound would come out. The beams were described as feeling very intensely hot, like a cigarette being pressed into the flesh. Many of the victims of these light beam attacks were said to experience intense reddening of the skin akin to radiation injuries, and were said to lose their hair and exhibit an increasing blackening of the skin over time.

These rampaging flying saucers were known to the locals as the “chupa-chupa,” or “sucker sucker,” and panic began to mount, with many people moving away from the area altogether in order to escape the otherworldly onslaught. In some cases, the occupants of the UFOs were actually seen, and they were described as being diminutive creatures around 3 to 4 feet in height. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) was called in to investigate just what was going on, and Operation Saucer was instigated. The investigation would allegedly culminate in a 2,000 page report featuring eyewitness testimony, around 500 photographs, and 16 hours of footage purportedly documenting the phenomenon. Over the course of the investigation, it is claimed that several military personnel had nervous breakdowns or displayed a variety of mental issues. The whole investigation was apparently kept top secret until some pages were released in 2004.

Despite all of this, the military was hesitant to attribute the phenomenon to aliens or UFOs, leading to a large amount of speculation. Some seem to think that this was a case of an area being used as a test ground for experimental aircraft, but others remain adamant that it was indeed aliens or some other non-human entities. One of the doctors who examined many of the patients suffering from the “alien attacks,” a Dr Carvalho, later claimed that she had been strongly encouraged by officials to downplay the injuries and chalk it all up to hallucinations. She even claims that she saw one of the UFOs herself, describing it as being a bright, cone-shaped or cylindrical object.

It would later become apparent from accounts by none other than Captain Uyrangê Bolivar Soares Nogueira de Hollanda Lima, the commander of the whole operation, that many of the men on the case had gone insane or been overcome with a thick, uncontrollable fear. He also revealed that some eyewitnesses reported coming face to face with the beings, which wore some form of protective clothing and shot colored beams. There were many reports that also spoke of UFOs emerging from the depths of the sea during the time, perhaps suggesting they were based underwater. Captain Hollanda would allegedly be found dead in his home under mysterious circumstances not long after making these claims. Was Brazil the scene of an attack from another world? Just what is going on here? Other than the sheer movie-like quality of the whole thing, some elements seem rather odd, such as the fact that it seems strange that if these attacks were indeed the result of advanced technology that they should only burn the skin or cause other non life threatening injuries. Why wouldn’t such advanced weaponry do more damage? Nevertheless just what was going on will probably remain a mystery.

Similarly harrowing, in the area of Livingston, West Lothian. In 1979, a forester named Robert Taylor was at a place called Dechmont Woods, near the M8 motorway, when a “flying dome” appeared over the tree line, so close that Taylor would be able to make out that it was made of a metallic black material. He would then allegedly smell a burning odor, after which two smaller objects dropped from the main craft. At this point the two smaller objects fired a pair of metal rods at him, which attached to his hips, after which Taylor was overcome with the unsettling sensation that he was being pulled towards the strange object.

Shortly after this he awoke on the forest floor and the menacing objects were gone. Disoriented and not knowing whether he had dreamed it all or not, he was soon convinced that something was very wrong when he noticed that his clothes were torn and that he was covered with bruises, as if he had been attacked by someone, but he could not remember anything after that pulling sensation he had felt. He would find that his car would not start, and so he was forced to walk all the way back home, where he would tell of what happened and claim that a UFO had attacked him. Police would go to investigate the scene, and although they did not find any further evidence the torn clothes and Taylor’s general standing as an honest person and reliable witness have made sure that his story has been discussed and debated up to this day, with many holding it up as a genuine case of alien abduction, and the West Lothian area has been a hot spot of UFO activity ever since.

Robert Taylor

The following year in 1980 there was a perhaps more well-known case that took place in the remote wilds of the Piney Woods of Texas. On December 29, 1980, a Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum, and Vickie's seven-year-old grandson Colby were all driving along a rural expanse of lonely highway when they spied what they would describe as an immense object similar in shape to a diamond hovering over the road in front of them. The bizarre object was apparently glowing and shooting off noticeable sparks and flames from its main body. As the witnesses got closer they say that they could feel the heat absolutely pouring off of it, and this caused them to stop their car and get out to investigate, despite the forbidding rising temperatures. Opening the car’s door was described as like opening an over door, with an intense wave of unbearable heat washing over them, to the point that Sandy would claim that when she rested her hand against the dashboard it left a handprint embedded within the soft, nearly melted plastic, and the door handles were almost too hot to touch, forcing them to use blankets to open them.

Just as they felt that they were being burned alive and could not handle it anymore, the outlandish craft then belched forth one last spectacular blast of flame and insufferable heat to go lifting off into the starry sky. They would also claim that just a few minutes later the sky came alive with the sound of helicopters, and that they could observe a group of unmarked military helicopters closing in around the UFO, a detail that would later be confirmed by a police officer who had seen the same thing. The witnesses began driving away from there even as the helicopters seemed to be chasing the bizarre object, until finally they lost sight of the whole strange scene, but things would get even weirder.

When they returned home, every single one of them promptly fell horrifically ill with a whole slew of odd symptoms. They experienced nausea, headaches, diarrhea, and skin that seemed to have been seriously sunburned, as well as inexplicable rashes and blisters all over their bodies, and Betty Cash also showed signs of hair loss and muscle weakness, to the point that she found she could barely walk. When they were brought into a hospital for examination it was found, much to the doctor’s surprise, that they were experiencing what looked to be extreme radiation sickness, although it was a puzzle as to what had caused it. The witnesses knew, though, and although they have searched for answers and even tried to sue the military for what had happened, but the government has denied any helicopters being in the area and have mostly dismissed their story, as have the courts. All three of them, especially Betty Cash, have been plagued with recurring health problems ever since, and what has become known as the Cash-Landrum encounter or the Piney Woods Incident remains a curious unsolved mystery.

That very same year we have a rather spooky encounter that supposedly happened in the vicinity of Rosedale, in Victoria, Australia. On September 30, 1980, shortly after midnight a cattle rancher at the White-Acre farm was woken from his slumber by the sound of panicked cattle and a screeching, “whistle-like” noise, and when he went outside to investigate he allegedly saw an enormous “domed disc-shaped” object flashing orange and blue lights hovering around 10 feet over the ground not far away. The craft would supposedly ascend to place itself over a large water tank, before wandering about overhead, and the rancher decided to get a closer look. He got dressed, hopped aboard his motorbike, and ventured out towards this strange object, but as he got closer things would take a turn for the terrifying.

He could already see that the cattle themselves were in a complete frenzy, bellowing and frothing at the mouth, obviously completely terrified, and he would join them when there was a sudden “awful scream” as a black, tube-like object could be seen to extend from the unearthly craft, which was now sitting on the ground near a cattle paddock. The rancher then said that his body had become “like jelly on a plate,” becoming completely unresponsive to any commends he gave it to leave him feeling quite helpless as a whistling, screeching noise become almost unbearable. He could see the craft ascend and then begin dropping out of it what appeared to be various stones, branches, leaves, and other There was then a sudden rush of superheated air and a resounding boom as the object sped away.

The rancher found sensation returning to his limbs, and he bravely decided to go check out where the object had landed. He found there a large ring of flattened, blackened grass measuring around 30 feet in diameter, and making it odder still was that the water tank, which had a capacity of 10,000 gallons, was completely drained dry, and his watch had also apparently stopped at the time of when he had fist sighted the thing. He would experience headaches and nausea throughout the night, and when he returned in the morning he could still see that blackened ring of grass, and noted that all flowers that had been there before were gone. There were also some strange “spoke marks” and scattered pile of the various things the craft had dropped from that black tube, which he was starting to think was a kind of suction device. In the meantime, the rancher was very ill for nearly a week after this, with symptoms similar to radiation poisoning, to the point that he could barely operate, and a similar blackened ring was found the following December at Bundalaguah, not far from Rosedale. It would later be found that a truck driver had also seen the craft and that a nearby reservoir was also missing a large amount of water. Just what was going on here?

Such cases really make one wonder what could have been happening. Whereas some of these seem to have been merely side effects of being to close to these objects, others seem to have been more direct attacks against the witnesses. Were these UFOs possibly displaying hostile behavior, or is this all misundertandings or even hoaxes? There is no way to know, and such accounts merely make the whole UFO phenomenon even weirder than it already is.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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