Mar 20, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Half of Brits Surveyed are Ready to Battle Extraterrestrials

We may not have been ready to fight the coronavirus invasion, but half of Great Britain is ready to take up arms and do battle with an extraterrestrial invasion – even though most don’t think we will win. Why are the British so afraid of attacks from outer space? Do ETs want their tea? Are they mad about Harry and Megan leaving too?

“To mark FOX tv’s new series, ‘War of the Worlds’, the network commissioned the polling company OnePoll to do a research study of 2,000 adults in the UK. The results show that half of Britons believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and even expect an alien visitation before the year 2068. Londoners, the Welsh and those in the south west of England were the biggest believers in extraterrestrial life.”

Ah, War of the Worlds … the 1897 H.G. Wells sci-fi classic that continues to influence our thinking and stoke our fears over 100 years later. It’s still pertinent today, (spoiler alert!) especially with the demise of the Martian invaders due to a pathogen infection. Exonews covers the latest version of the novel – a new TV series – and a recent survey taken by OnePoll which found that 46% of those polled said they would join a resistance force to fight against malevolent ETs no matter where they came from. However, only 23% think they would be standing over the bodies of dead aliens at the end and over half thought it would be the end of humanity. Even worse, they believe they’d get little help from their (or any other) government.

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Would you join the resistance?

“The study also found nearly three quarters of Brits believe that world governments know more about alien life than they’re letting on and are hiding information from the public. If these world leaders were aware of an impending attack, 58% think they would keep information secret to avoid panic. 67% polled think that our leaders need a plan for first contact with other life forms.”

Panic? Governments hiding information? The survey also found that 71% of those polled think that Earth has already been visited by ETs, either on scientific missions or to steal our natural resources. Where are the British getting these wild ideas? Someone who knows from the inside is Nick Pope, who was interviewed by The Sun for his views on the survey. The former member of the Ministry of Defence said, as he has many times before, that he has firsthand knowledge of authorities hiding information about UFOs. Pope also agrees with his fellow Brits that aliens aren’t our greatest threat. Is it the coronavirus?

“In the event of an alien invasion, a whopping 71% of Brits expected more danger still from their fellow humans.”

Yep. When we meet the enemy, he will be us. In the meantime, Pope doesn’t think governments are doing enough to prepare for an invasion, while 17% of those polled think we’ll see benevolent ETs sent to help us from killing ourselves with guns or greenhouse gases.

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The last man?

What would you do if ETs invaded Earth? Would you go all gung-ho Will-Smith-in-Independence-Day on them … even if you didn’t have a fighter jet? Would you loot the possessions of the dead like The Narrator in the original “War of the World” novel, then go into hiding, hoping the coronavirus or something worse kills them before they or the virus kills us? Would you wait for government help? Would you not? Would you join an underground resistance like brave citizens around the world have in previous invasions, fighting even when they knew they couldn’t win?

Would you survive?

Would we?

Paul Seaburn

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