Mar 31, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Pilot Sees ‘Tic Tac’ UFO Over Mexico While Orbs Appear Over Washington State and Russia

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t caused UFOs to stay home and that’s good news for those going stir-crazy in areas where their businesses and schools are closed and just want to go outside for some fresh air and a look upward. There's been an increased number of UFO encounters of the orb kind, whose numbers have been fewer lately because of the infatuation with the Tic Tac UFOs. These recent sightings are literally all over the globe and figuratively all over the map when it comes to descriptions.

The first comes from Seattle in Washington State where YouTube user Denispin captured three orbs moving, changing positions and changing colors as they crossed the sky on March 20th, eventually being joined by a fourth. The UFOs started out as white orbs, then changed to red before going white again over the three minute phone video. (Watch the video here.)

As some commenters pointed out, this was just three days after another similar sighting over El Paso, Texas. Those seemed to stay in the same relative position in the sky. El Paso is home to the enormous Fort Bliss U.S. Army base and those orbs were most likely flares. Similarly, Seattle and sister city Tacoma are home to a number of U.S. military bases, including a couple of Air Force bases, and is a strategic West Coast defense location. While these orbs could be military planes or helicopters, their slow movement suggests drones (especially with the changing colors) or flares. However, they’re still open for speculation since there have been no official explanations as of this writing.

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Another cause of UFO sightings

"Airline Pilot with 29 years service filmed a 'Tic Tac' UFO over Mexico"

A UFO sighting that might have a connection to the El Paso sightings just by way of proximity is this one over Monterrey in the Northern Mexico state of Nuevo Leon, which is roughly equidistant from both El Paso and San Antonio. (Watch it here.) Dated March 28th, most of the YouTube descriptions refer to the pilot's experience and call it a “Tic Tic” UFO, although what appears to be the pilot’s description doesn’t make that connection.

"I have never in my life been witness to such phenomena however my first officer and i were in complete awe. i have multiple still photos and 4 videos that i would love to share with your network and with the world. forgive a slight delay in the submission as i had my doubts about reporting such occurrences but have no doubts as to what was witnessed. forgive some of the chatter and expletives but this was other worldly. i have still photos as well."

Unfortunately, the identity of the pilot is not revealed so his claimed experience can't be checked. Pilot sightings are generally given more credence that those ground-based, especially since they can better identify UFOs (which this one couldn’t) and pick them up on radar (which this one didn’t), leading the pilot to call it “an unidentified flying object, bro.” Based on the video and the comments, this doesn’t appear to be a ‘Tic Tac’ of the Nimitz kind since it’s not zipping around at unbelievable speeds and doesn’t appear on radar. Without any more to go on, this one is still an open-and-not-shut case of unidentified flying object … bro.

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None of these UFO sightings appear to be lens flares like this one

The final video was alleged to have been taken on the evening of March 25 of one UFO flying over St. Petersburg in western Russia which then seemed to drop three more. (Watch it here.) The dropped orbs makes this appear to be a drone or plane dropping flares, and indeed those three objects eventually fall to the ground. At that point, the witness zooms in on the single orb and it appears to be three lights, which suggests it could be a triangular plane, although its slow movement still points to a drone. With St. Petersburg being such a strategic location in Western Russia, some military cause of these orbs is highly likely.

While the coronavirus shutdowns are obviously driving people outdoors to look at the sky, increasing their chances of seeing UFOs, are these orb sightings an indication of militaries stepping up their defenses (or offenses) in anticipation of things getting worse on an international scale?

Who knows … bro?

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