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Some Intense and Frightening Police Encounters with UFOs

Among the many witnesses of UFO phenomena, some of them really stand out, and some of the most remarkable of these are when the men or women of law enforcement report their encounters with these otherworldly forces. These are people out doing their job to serve and protect, yet sometimes it seems that they come across things that nothing in their experience or training has prepared them for. Here we will look at a few of some of the most terrifying UFO encounters that police officers have reported, in which the outcome was truly bizarre and frightening.

For our first case we go back to the 1960s. On September 3, 1965 a Deputy Sheriff Bob Goode was out on patrol along Highway 35, just outside of Damon, Texas, joined by another officer, Chief McCoy. At around 11PM they allegedly noticed a purple light off in the distance. As they stared at it wondering just what they were looking at, another smaller light reportedly detached from the main body, after which both seemed to hover. The curious officers began taking a series of dark backroads that would take them closer to the strange phenomena, which they estimated was around 5 or 6 miles away. They got about as close as the roads would take them and stopped the patrol car to marvel once again at those eerie hovering lights, and as they did they were startled when the two objects came rushing right towards them with breathtaking speed, covering several miles within seconds. The objects then seemed to position themselves directly overhead, bathing the entire landscape in bright purple light, like day time on some alien world, and they could feel heat emanating from them. McCoy would say the larger object was “as big as a football field,” and later say of the frightening experience:

The bulk of the object was plainly visible at this time and appeared to be triangular shaped with a bright purple light on the left end and the smaller, less bright, blue light on the right end. The bulk of the object appeared to be dark gray in color with no other distinguishing features. It appeared to be about 200 feet wide and 40-50 feet thick in the middle, tapering off toward both ends. There was no noise or any trail. The bright purple light illuminated the ground directly underneath it and the area in front of it, including the highway and the interior of our patrol car. The tall grass under the object did not appear to be disturbed. There was a bright moon out and it cast a shadow of the object on the ground immediately below it in the grass.

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Image by Steve Baxter

The two men tore out of there, and after a few moments of hovering the lights shot off back to their original position. The two officers stopped once more to observe them, but the chances of a repeat of what had happened scared them into leaving. They would later be interviewed by a Major Laurence Leach, Jr., of Ellington Air Force Base, who deemed them to be very sincere and of sound judgement, stating, “There is no doubt in my mind that they definitely saw some unusual object or phenomenon.”

A couple of years later, in 1967 we have the account of patrolman Herb Schirmer, who was a police officer in Ashland, Nebraska. On the evening of December 3 of that year he was on his usual patrol and things were pretty routine until he noticed two red lights over Highway 63, which he at first took to be the lights of a big rig truck at first. Still, something felt off about it, and so he drove off towards the lights to investigate, soon realizing that this was no truck. According to Schirmer, the red lights were in fact emanating from what looked to be the portholes of a metallic, semi-spherical object hovering just over the highway in front of him. As he got closer he could see that it had a sort of walkway around it and some kind of landing gear dangling from the bottom. The object would then float upwards and speed off into the distance, and this is where things would get bizarre.

Although nothing else seemed to have happened at the time, a look at the clock showed that it was nearly 3 AM, which was odd because he had only just started approaching the object around 10 minutes before. As he drove back to the station that bewildering sense of lost time intruded upon his thoughts, and he also began to feel physically ill. Something was itchy on his neck, and he reached around to feel a large welt there that he could not explain. Schirmer would report the whole crazy encounter, and this caught the attention of a UFO research organization called the Condon Commission, who believed that he had possibly been abducted.

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Image by Steve Baxter

A hypnosis session was organized, during which Schirmer described being rendered paralyzed and unable to remove his sidearm shortly after stopping his vehicle. He was then apparently beamed aboard the craft and telepathically communicated with by humanoid beings in uniforms bearing winged serpent insignias, who claimed to draw power from electrical lines and to be from the planet Venus. Schirmer would go on to quit the force several months later due to post traumatic stress from his experience and recurring physical problems. In the meantime, he was apparently the object of ridicule within the community and his wife eventually left him because he could not stop talking about the UFO he had seen.

From the 1970s we have the frightening encounter relayed by an officer Manuel Amparano, of Kerman, California. It was a little after 3:30 AM on May 13, 1978 when Amparano was on a routine patrol and noticed a “a circular-type thing, similar to a round fireball or a setting sun, about 100 to 150 feet off the ground.” Thinking that this was maybe a fire, he got closer to investigate and what he took to be a tree on fire suddenly lifted off of the ground. The amazed officer quickly trained his searchlight on the object, and was met with a bright blue flash, after which whatever it was sped off. That flash soon turned out to have been perhaps some sort of weapon, as officer Amparano claims he was left with burns on his face and chest, of which he would say:

It was like a sunburn when you fall asleep at the pool. There were white blisters on the parts of my body facing that light. I also had trouble with sunlight. It was like right after you have your eyes checked and they are sensitive to light. That lasted about a week.

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Image by Steve Baxter

When doctors examined him, they came to the conclusion that these particular burns seemed to have been caused by microwaves, although no one could figure out how it had happened. An investigation of the area of the purported encounter would turn up a circle of dead vegetation, where it is claimed nothing would grow for years after, although now it is apparently an almond orchard. What happened here? Who knows?

The following year we have a somewhat similar type of encounter, reported by a Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson, of Marshall County, Minnesota. On August 27, 1979, Johnson was on patrol near the North Dakota border when he saw a strange light apparently off in the wilderness. As he took a side road to get closer, the light apparently began to approach his car at an amazing rate of speed. It seemed to almost be on a collision course, and Johnson lost consciousness after being blinded by a bright flash to the sound of breaking glass. When he came to he was still sitting in his stalled car, happy to be alive but alarmed that he could not see anything. Oddly, his car had travelled some distance from where the object had engaged him, and he would say of his bizarre experience:

I noticed a very bright, brilliant light, 8 to 12 inches in diameter, 3 to 4 feet off the ground. The edges were very defined. I thought perhaps at first that it could be an aircraft in trouble, as it appeared to be a landing light from an aircraft. I proceeded south on #220. I proceeded about a mile and three tenths or a mile and four tenths when the light intercepted my vehicle causing damage to a headlight, putting a dent in the hood, breaking the windshield and bending antennas on top of the vehicle.


At this point, at the interception of the light, I was rendered either unconscious, neutralized or unknowing for a period of approximately 39 minutes. From the point of intersection, my Police vehicle proceeded south in a straight line 854 feet, at which point the brakes were engaged by forces unknown to myself, as I do not remember doing this, and I left about approximately 99 feet of black marks on the highway before coming to rest sideways in the road with the grille of my hood facing in an easterly direction. At 2:19 a.m., I radioed a 10-88 (Officer Needs Assistance) to my dispatcher in Warren.

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Image by Steve Baxter

The officer called on his radio for help, and he was rushed to the hospital with what looked like burns on his face and irritation of the eyes. Meanwhile, the patrol car he had been in was found to have a smashed in right side headlight, a crack in the windshield on the driver’s side, an unusual circular dent on the hood, also on the driver's side, and a roof antenna that was bent over at a 60-degree angle. The windshield was particularly weird, as it seemed to have sustained “inward and outward forces acting almost simultaneously.” All of the damage was on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The interior clock was also found to be 14 minutes slow, and oddly Johnson’s wristwatch had the same anomaly. Experts who examined the vehicle would be unable to explain the peculiar damage it had incurred, and it did not seem to be any normal collision, with the official explanation being “mechanical forces of unknown origin.” Luckily his eyes would heal and he would regain his eyesight.

These have just been a few of the more remarkable and harrowing encounters that officers of the law have faced, although there are more where this came from. It is interesting to note that these are seasoned professionals out on patrol not looking for the mysterious and certainly more or less considered to be more reliable witnesses than most. We are left to wonder just what would cause them to risk their reputations and standing to come forward to report these things, and if they were simply tall tales why they would do such a thing. Considering the police pedigree of these cases, it certainly lends them a bit of added weight, and truly plunges them into the bizarre.


A special thanks to Steve Baxter for all of the amazing artwork he provided for this article.

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