When most people are asked to imagine what an alien looks like the first image that may pop into one's head is the classic "grey alien." You know the one one, small, thin, grey skin, a big head with almond shaped black eyes. For whatever reasons this is by far the most common conception of an alien being by the mainstream. Yet, there are so many alien encounter reports that describe something wholly different and altogether outlandish. Here I have compiled a few reports of some of the weirder alien reports out there, and there are no greys to be seen.

Our first weird case comes from 1973, in the U.S. state of Alabama near the small town of Falkville. On October 17, 1973, a panicked woman called into police to report that she had seen a UFO land in a field right outside of town, and an incredulous police officer named Jeff Greenhaw went off to investigate, no doubt thinking that he was dealing with some nutcase. He arrived at the scene at around 10 PM, not really expecting to find much, and at first he didn’t. The field held no spaceship, nor any sign of one, but the lady who had called was frantically insisting that not only had a UFO really landed, but that there was an alien running around out there in the woods.

Greenhaw thought that at the very least there might be in intruder prowling about, so he did a sweep of the area. Little did he know that this intruder would be far stranger than anything he had imagined. As he peered into the darkness and shone his flashlight about, he noticed someone standing off the side of the road, but when he looked in its direction he saw that this was no normal man. The figure seemed to be completely covered with some shiny substance that looked somewhat like tin foil, with an antenna on its head, and Greenhaw would even take a photo of it. He would say of the creature:

It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together... he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass; different angles give different lighting. I don't believe it was aluminum foil.

jeff greenshaw   1973 tinfoil alien   photostat
Alleged photo of the "Tinfoil Man"

This figure seemed to move in a rather disjointed, mechanical way, giving the impression that it was almost robotic in nature, and wanting to see it in better light, Greenhaw trained his vehicle’s headlights on it. This apparently set the entity into a panic, and it ran off at great speed, after which Greehaw started up his car and pursued it right through a field. The officer went as fast as the terrain could allow, but the creature he had seen and was chasing was reportedly amazingly fast, far faster than any human, and he eventually lost it when it bolted off into some trees. In the days after his encounter, Greenhaw would come forward with his account, which would make him a laughing stock, the object of ridicule, and cost him his job.

Was this some sort of alien robot, perhaps used as a probe by its inscrutable handlers? It reminds me of a similar case of seemingly robotic aliens that is made all the odder in that it predates it by over 50 years. The bizarro case supposedly occurred in 1924, in Pasco County, in the state of Florida, and which was related in 1974 by an elderly witness named Evelyn Wendt, who claimed that this had happened to her when she was a girl. She said that she had been playing outside on the grounds of St. Joseph school when she had noticed an egg shaped object nearby that glowed so intensely and brightly that she had to cover her eyes at first, but it then supposedly suddenly dimmed to reveal some sort of saucer shaped metal craft. As she stood there staring wide-eyed at the strange sight, a small door suddenly opened to disgorge a procession of rather bizarre creatures, and Wendt would say of them thus:

Little people emerged. I think they were robots. I tried to count them, but they changed about so. They were smaller than I was and resembled animated flowers with faces where the bud would be.

These truly bizarre “robotic sunflowers” were apparently hoisting a sinister looking machine of some sort, which Wendt instinctively sensed was a weapon of some kind, and which they also seemed to be setting up to aim towards the school’s science building. It was at about this time that the witness claimed the entities communicated with her telepathically, telling her that they intended to destroy the science building because there were dangerous experiments going on in there behind closed doors. Bizarrely, they then suddenly changed their minds, and began to file back into the craft as they invited their human companion to come along. She refused, but they supposedly promised to come back for her in later years. Wendt would say of what happened:

They promised to come back for me in 35 years, but that was a long time ago and nothing happened that I know of. All I can remember now is that the saucer was leaden-looking and very pockmarked. Then, when it started up, its molecules expanded and it turned silvery bright. The UFO then went straight up, hovered a minute, and disappeared from sight.

UFO researchers in later years sought to bring out any other details through hypnosis, but Wendt proved impossible to hypnotize. Bizarrely, the science building of the school at one point was destroyed by unspecified means, leading one to think that maybe the robo-flowers had come back to finish the job. What in the world was going on here? Is this just a made-up delusion or is it at all real in any sense? If it really did happen, then what were these robotic flowers and why on earth did they want to blow up a junior high school’s science building? Who knows?

From the same year as Greenhaw’s account and also quite unusual is the encounter reported by two men named Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, who on October 11, 1973, were fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. As they cast their lines out they suddenly began to hear a series of strange hissing, whirring noises coming from behind them. When they turned around to look, they apparently came face to face with an egg-shaped spacecraft hovering over the river not far away, and a door then opened to regurgitate forth baffling creatures that really defy any easy classification. There standing in the doorway of the craft were three 6-foot tall beings with grey leathery, wrinkled skin and thin, carrot-like protrusions jutting out of their heads. The hands and feet were said to be fused into pinchers, and the eyes and mouths were just slits.

Just as they were reeling from the shock of seeing such a thing, the men realized that they had been somehow paralyzed by an unseen force, which kept them glued to where they were. Stuck as they were, the two witnesses made easy pickings for the bizarre aliens, who plucked them up and dragged them aboard their unearthly vessel. Hickson would later claim that he was brought aboard the ship and brought to a room with a blinding light, in which he was subjected to an examination by an oval shaped robotic probe of some sort. After around 20 minutes, the two were deposited back onto the bank of the river and the mysterious craft floated off. Hickson then claimed that he had found Parker on the riverbank as well in a rather disheveled state, crying and praying to God.

The two went back to their car and sat there in shock for an undetermined amount of time, before heading home. They would later contact the Kessler Air Force Base and the local sheriff with their bizarre tale, which went about as well as you would expect. No one really took the eyebrow-raising story seriously, but the whole case inevitably became splashed about local newspapers soon after. Hickson in particular went on to entertain questions on the matter and even help publish a book about the whole incident called UFO Contact at Pascagoula, while Parker ducked out of the limelight, and eventually moved out of state to avoid the constant media attention. For is part, Parker claimed that he had passed out at the beginning of the ordeal and only come to after it was over, only recalling bits and pieces under hypnosis.

The case was picked apart by some of the most eminent UFO researchers at the time, who for the most part agreed that the men at least really believed that what they had seen was real. The case of the Pascagoula aliens has since been met with a good amount of skepticism. It has been called everything from a shared hallucination to a flat-out lie, which has only been made more complicated by the fact that Hickson’s account only seemed to get more and more bizarre and complex as time went on. It has been suggested that they had a shared imaginary experience, that they were drinking, or even that they were just tripping balls on LSD at the time, but no one really knows what happened except the two witnesses themselves.

Our next very strange case comes from December 6, 1978, when a night security guard by the name of Pier Zanfretta was doing his normal rounds in the small town of Torriglia, Italy, when he claims that his car suddenly died and would not start again. It was then that he noticed some strange lights piercing through the darkness around a nearby house, and his first thought was that these were trespassers. He grabbed his flashlight and sidearm and exited the vehicle to go investigate, creeping along a path towards the property, and as he made his way along he suddenly felt something fall upon his shoulder. The startled patrolman whipped around and this is where it would get very weird very fast.

There looking over him in the beam of his flashlight was a hideous, hulking humanoid creature standing at least 10 feet tall, with “undulating skin, as though he were very fat or dressed in a loose, grey tunic,” with two more of the beings standing out in the gloom behind it. They were described as having green skin, horns protruding from the sides of their faces, visible throbbing red veins in their foreheads, and yellow eyes, with each of the creatures wearing some sort of faintly glowing breathing apparatus over the mouth. Zanfretta did what most people would do in this situation, and ran as fast as he could the other way, back towards his car, where he then saw an enormous triangular UFO that blinded him with a very bright light and nearly knocked him over with a blast of hot air as it passed overhead. When others came to answer his panicked calls for back up there were found some odd horseshoe shapes embedded into the earth nearby that suggested something very heavy had rested there, and there would be numerous UFO reports from the village over the next few weeks.

Moving along, in 1989, a strange series of events unfolded in the wilds near Voronezh, Russia, beginning with numerous sightings by frightened locals who described a massive, red sphere floating over a park. When witnesses went to see what was going on, the object apparently dropped down to hover right over the ground, after which a hatch opened to disgorge several very bizarre entities. These creatures were purportedly 9 feet tall, dressed in silver outfits and most notable with neckless, domed heads holding three glowing eyes and a bright red device that spun around “like a radar.” These aliens reportedly swiveled their heads about to look around, and along with the aliens was a “box-like robot” that walked around with jerky movements and upon which the aliens occasionally adjusted instruments on its chest. These creatures were bizarrely described as walking around the park collecting soil samples and occasionally projecting multi-colored beams from disc like structures in their chests, and strangest of all they reportedly zapped a teenager who got to close with a tube-like weapon of some sort, which “dematerialized” the poor boy. Luckily the boy reappeared when the beings boarded their craft and left. What was going on here?

Even more recent, and perhaps even wilder and more spectacular than any of these we have looked at so far apparently happened in a rural area of the country of Brazil in 1996. On January 20, 1996, the fire department at the town of Varginha received several calls from distraught residents claiming that a “strange creature” was lurking about frightening people. Authorities thought it might just be some pranksters messing around, and went to check it out. When they arrived, they amazingly were able to quickly find the creature in question, which was described as being in some sort of a dazed state. The creature itself purportedly had short, stumpy legs, very long arms, oversized feet, and three stalks upon its head, and it also had set within its misshappen  head set of glowing red eyes. The bizarre entity was apparently easily captured with a net, which elicited a buzzing sound from it, and it whisked off to who knows where.

Later that same day there was apparently another of the creatures seen, this time by three girls named Lilliane Fatima, Valquira Fatima, and Andrade Xavier as they were waking through a wooded area. It apparently looked exactly like the one that had been captured and left footprints and an obnoxious ammonia like stench in its wake. The creature or creatures were apparently sighted numerous times over the coming week, and another was supposedly captured. This specimen was apparently taken to the University of Campinas, and amazingly two more were also captured and brought to the University of Sao Paulo, where at least one of them died. There were allegedly many photographs taken of the autopsy, yet none have ever been made publicly available, if they even exist at all. Oddly, several of the people involved with capturing the creatures mysterious fell ill, exhibiting symptoms that could not be explained, with at least one of these people dying from their sickness.

The story created quite a stir at the time, with the Brazilian media reporting on it heavily, yet both the authorities and the universities that supposedly had harbored the “aliens” denied any knowledge of such creatures. The only hint that something might really be going on was a doctor allegedly involved with the autopsy of the dead creature, who simultaneously denied having any thing to do with it while also hinting that there was more to say on the matter that he was unable to release just yet. Considering that this all happened during a major UFO sightings flap in the region the public supposed that these might have been the occupants of these mysterious craft, but considering that no real evidence has come forward this will probably remain just another unverified enigmatic report that seems destined to be buried.

What is happening with cases like these? How are such numerous completely strange entities seen by so many? Are these aliens, interdimensional interlopers, the imagination, or something else altogether? Reports such as these and many more like them only serve to muddy the waters of UFO and alien encounters, because they are so completely surreal and typically describe entities that were only seen a single time or on very few occasions and never again, slipping off into whatever unknown weird realm they sprang from. It is not sure what these cases could represent, unclear as to their origins, but what is most certainly clear is that they represent some of the bizarre of the bizarre.

Brent Swancer
Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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